KonoSuba God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World: Megumin Ending

Detailed route for how to get the good Megumin ending in the game

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! One of the routes you need to complete in Love For These Clothes Of Desire is Megumin. In this guide we have shown the steps for the good Megumin ending.

How to get Good Megumin Ending

This guide will show you detailed route for how to get the good Megumin ending in the game.

  • Chapter 1: 27 Days Left
    (Kazuma’s Room) Choose: I’m glad you’re here
  • Chapter 1: 1 Day Left
    Create School Invidia.
    Choose: Megumin/Time to Imagine
  • Chapter 2: Create Cute Maiden (Normal version).
    Choose: You’d admit defeat against Megumin?
  • Chapter 2: Create Classic Uniform (Normal version).
    Choose: Go on the offensive
  • Chapter 2: Create: Easygoing Uniform (Normal version)
    Choose: Fashion knowledge is paramount
  • Chapter 2: 7 Days Left or Before
    Create Pure Doll.
    Choose: But it’s white, so…
  • Chapter 2: 1 Day Left
    Create Idol Superbia.
    Choose: Megumin should wear it / I wanna see you explode stuff in it!
  • Chapter 3: Before Making Megumin’s Clothes
    Buy: Black Glasses and Water Goggles
  • Chapter 3: 57 Days Left
    (Church) Choose: It wasn’t that bad
  • Chapter 3: 47 Days Left
    (Living Room) Choose: It’s not that bad
  • Chapter 3: 17 Days Left
    (Blacksmith) Choose: That’d be bad
  • Chapter 3: Create: Cute & Small (Special version)
    Choose: Time to show my fiery sincerity!
  • Chapter 3: Create: Sweet Honey (Normal version)
    Choose: Imagination time!
  • Chapter 3: Create: School Swimsuit (Special version)
    Choose: Water Explosion
  • Chapter 3: 1 Day Left
    Create: Sexy Luxuria
    Choose: Megumin should wear it / Yeah, maybe these aren’t right for you.
  • Chapter 4: Before Making Megumin’s Clothes
    Buy: Energy Drink and Cool Eyepatch
  • Chapter 4: 42 Days Left
    (Living Room) Choose: Apologize profusely
  • Chapter 4: Create: Swimsuit D (Normal version)
    Choose: I’ll ask Yunyun
  • Chapter 4: Create: Tropical Cheer (Special version)
    Choose: Maybe I’ll wear it
  • Chapter 4: Create: Regal Maiden (Normal version)
    Choose: What’s wrong with a strong maid?!
  • Chapter 4: Create: Swimsuit M (Special version)
    Choose: Sexy explosive girl
  • Final Chapter/Ending Choose: All right. Let’s look for her together
  • Final Chapter/Ending Choose: Seriously?! Are you okay?!
  • Final Chapter/Ending Choose: It looks good on you
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