League of Pantheons Hero Guide & LineUp

Welcome to our League of Pantheons Hero Guide & LineUp. A small guide to heroes and […]

Welcome to our League of Pantheons Hero Guide & LineUp. A small guide to heroes and how to make a good team for combat.

League of Pantheons Hero Guide & LineUp

Frost Giant-Ymir finally woke up from the frozen ice and re-enter the mortal world after thousands of years.

Unlike other tank heroes, Ymir’s power distinguished her from all element heroes, that has strength on offense because of her ability to ignore multiple enemies’ DEF. At the same time, Ymir can negate incoming non-control debuff with her (Debuff Block) Skill, enabling her to effectively fight against Fire team and Dark Team.

Hero Guide

Who will be the best teammates for Ymir and What should we focus on promoting Ymir? Let’s check it out!

Hero attributes:

  • DMG Reflect
  • Shield
  • Armor Break

Hero skills:

  • Crystal Bash: Ymir holds a shield with the power of frost, dealing 263% PDMG to an enemy in front with a 50% chance to (Freeze) them for 1 turn, and grant self and 1 front row ally a (Crystal Shield) that lasts 2 turns.
  • Polar Warrior: HP +40%, ATK +20%, SPD +30. When HP is below 50%, DEF temporarily increases by 20%, and the DoT received reduces by 20%..
  • Icebreaker Shake: Ymir gathers strange powers and swings a sledgehammer to deliver a blow, dealing 150% PDMG to all enemies with a 60% chance to inflict (Armor Break) on them for 2 turns. The chance for (Armor Break) is increased to 90% against targets affected by (Freeze) and (Slow).
  • Debuff Block: After taking a move, has an 80% chance to gain 1 stack of (Debuff Block). Each stack can negate 1 incoming non-control debuff. Lasts 2 turns.


  • Promotion cost is relatively low. The role of Ymir in battle is similar to that of Gabriel, but Ymir is relatively easier to acquire and cultivate than Gabriel.
  • Ymir is a more balanced tank, since she can provide shields to allies while she can also make some control effects. This allows her to maximize her power whether she team with a mage lineup or a warrior lineup.
  • Ymir can be immune to most debuff damage, and the ability of debuff block enable her to have an excellent performance against teams such as the Dark Curse team and the Fire Team.
  • Ymir change the situation that the natural elements have no AoE armor-breaking hero, and provide an opportunity for a pure output team to dea great damage.


  • Ymir belongs to the water element with the slowest initial speed among all natural elements. Normally, Ymir needs to break the armor first, then output heroes follow to deal damage. If so, we need to adjust the speed of each hero. It may lead to a situation where the whole lineup is slower than the enemies and lose the opportunity to win.
  • Ymir’s Horcrux no longer increases the chance of breaking armor. Therefore, in the case of full-level skills, if the enemy is not frozen, there is only a 60% probability of breaking the armor (compared to 90% in the frozen state). This probability is not too low, but it still makes the situation become more unpredictable.
  • Ymir is not a tank with high level HP. It is recommended to use a warrior such as Fenrir or a tank such as Heimdall to increase the survivability of the whole team.

Talent Recommendation:

  • Hardiness
  • Swift
  • Provocation
  • Restoration
  • Dodge

Divine Gear Recommendation:

  • Speedy set
  • Ward set

Lineup Recommendation:

  • Water Team 1: Ymir, Jormungand, Illsya, Dionysus, Erial/Leviathan
  • Water Team 2: Ymir, Titan, Illsya, Dionysus, Leviathan/Poseidon
  • Fenrir Team: Ymir, Fenrir, Dionysus, Byako, Seshat/Illsya
  • Fire Tank Team: Ymir, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Nezha, Dionysus/Archie

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