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Lethal Company How get Money Fast

To get money fast essential equipment in Lethal Company, explore our Lethal Company How get Money Fast guide on the fastest methods and useful tips for making money.

You need money to buy various equipment and tools at Lethal Company. So how can you make money the fastest way and tips? Here we have explained it for you in this Lethal Company How get Money Fast guide!

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Lethal Company How get Money Fast

In Lethal Company, players will need to generate money in order to purchase equipment and tools, and these can range from simple items such as walkie-talkies and flashlights to jetpacks and teleporters. also money is required to customize and upgrade your ship. In this guide we will show you how to get money fast in Lethal Company!

How to get money?

Note: Scrap items can be sold via the Company headquarters, where a shop counter is located.

So here are some tips for getting money fast:

Survival Is Unavoidable To Maximizing Profits And Securing As Much Scrap As Possible

  • If any player dies in the group, their items will become lost on that particular run unless they have already been stored on the ship. so, it is important for the group to be alive for the duration of a run.

Turn Over Scrap At The Very End Of A Run To Ensure The Company Pays Full Price

  • The best way to maximize the profits of each run is to wait until there are zero days remaining for the quota to be filled. This will ensure that all items have reached their maximum value just before being sold.

Make Use Of Inventory Space Without Being Slowed By Unnecessary Items

  • There are two main types of scrap, categorized by one-handed items and two-handed items. The smaller items can be easily stored in the player’s inventory, allowing you to use other tools while they are being carried. Two-handed items on the other hand are much more valuable but come with a more significant movement penalty.

Reduce Carry Weight By Storing Items In Convenient Locations

  • Given that increased carry weight will slow you down and make you more vulnerable to enemies, while it is important to remain mobile and not become bogged down by hoarding too many items.

Identify Enemies And Valuable Items, As Well The Escape Routes

  • The scanner is one of the most essential tools you have, as it will enable you to identify the location of enemies and scrap items. Also it will show you the locations of the ship and the main entrance in any facility
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