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In Stars And Time All Weapon Locations

Embark on an adventure with Siffrin and her friends, using weapons to face enemies and solve puzzles. Discover the locations of all weapons in Stars And Time with our comprehensive guide!

In this adventure, you need weapons to challenge enemies, solve puzzles and advance. So where can you find all the weapons in this game? Here is the location of all weapons in this In Stars And Time All Weapon Locations guide!

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In Stars And Time All Weapon Locations

Where to find every weapon in the game? This In Stars And Time All Weapon Locations guide will show you weapons locations in the game!

Weapons for: Bonnie

Griddle Pan

All Weapon Locations! (WIP!!) (SPOILERS)

Some time into act 2, you can find the Griddle Pan to equip to Bonnie. The Griddle Pan is located in Dormont, inside the east-most house of the village. The house will be the only one with no flowers outside of it. To get the Griddle Pan, interact with the shelf next to the stove (the same one that Siffrin is facing in this screenshot). If you do not yet have the Griddle Pan, and you don’t receive it this way, you can probably find it here in the next loop. Checking the shelf in subsequent loops has no effect, and does not increase your Weird Points.


The Wok can be found in the kitchen room in the House, [ADD FLOOR].
Interacting with the sink on subsequent loops will result in a time glitch, and grants you one Weird Point. Bonnie will point out the whole potato sitting in the sink instead.

Weapons for: Siffrin

Garden Scissors

Siffrin’s Garden Scissors can be found on any loop from act 2 onward, in the gardening room of the House. Interacting with the cabinet (which Siffrin is facing in this screenshot) will award you with Garden Scissors. Checking the cabinet in subsequent loops will cause a small time glitch, and gives you one Weird Point.


The game guides you on how to obtain this weapon. But, in case you forgot, after obtaining the unsharpened KeyKnife the first time, and asking loop how to sharpen it (whether through Call Loop craft, or by chatting in Dormont under the Favor Tree), you will then need to find the sharpening stone, found in the armory on Floor 1.

When obtaining the KeyKnife again with the sharpening stone in your inventory, you must try to sharpen it. You will fail, and your party will remind you that you always mumble when sharpening or carving. You can loop back to Floor 2, and head to the Trap Building Room (contains all the big boulders). On a table in there, you will find the carving tools to remind you how to sharpen and carve. You may loop back forward, or play normally to Floor 3 to then effectively sharpen your KeyKnife into the KnifeKey.
The KnifeKey will then remain in your inventory after cutting through the King’s hair, but you will need to sharpen it again to have it on subsequent loops. Loop will explain this to you immediately after obtaining the KnifeKey.

Weapons for: Mirabelle

Needle Sword

Mirabelle’s Needle Sword can be obtained on any loop from act 2 onward. There is a sword mounted on the wall of the armory room on Floor 1. Interacting with the mounted sword will prompt dialogue, and eventually Mirabelle will take the sword.
Checking the sword mount in the armory on subsequent loops will result in a time glitch, and will grant you one Weird Point.

Weapons for: Isabeau

Papier-mache Hands

Isabeau’s Papier-mache Hands can be found in the art room on Floor 3. Interacting will the shelf (which Siffrin is facing in this screenshot) will prompt some dialogue, and Isabeau will take the Papier-mache Hands.
Interacting with the shelf on subsequent loops will result in a time glitch, and grant you one Weird Point. There will also be some Tonics in place of the weapon in subsequent loops.

Weapons for: Odile

First Issue

All Weapon Locations! (WIP!!) (SPOILERS)

For First Issue, you need to complete the Castle-Loving One (or “book lover”)’s quest. To do this, you need to find the very last issue of “The Cursing of Chateau Castle” in the House of Change. The proper final issue is issue #87. After looping back with issue #87 as you last-seen issue of the series, talk to this villager to tell them about the issue number. They will ask you how it ended, and you will need to go through the House of Change again, and interact with the issue again, to get the answer for them. When you interact with issue #87 in the House on this loop, point it out to Mirabelle, and she will read the issue and summarize it for you. On your next loop to Dormont, you can tell the villager how it ends, and they will reward you with the First Issue. Telling the villager the ending in subsequent loops will cause a time glitch, but it is unknown if this increases your Weird Points.

Heavy Book

The Heavy book can be found in.

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