Sea of Survivors Best Tactics

Survive and thrive in the Sea of Survivors by employing the best tactics for experience, leveling up, and upgrading your ship. Explore effective strategies with our comprehensive Sea of Survivors Tactics guide!

In the Sea of Survivors, you may need tactics to gain experience, level up and choose upgrades for your ship. In this Sea of Survivors Best Tactics guide you can see the tactics and ways to implement them.

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Sea of Survivors Best Tactics

How to win in a funny way in the game? In this Sea of Survivors Best Tactics guide a funny win tactic we’ve found that relies on a bug (feature?) relating to the armour mechanic, the whirlpool weapon, and some funny voodoo magic.

Step 1

Go to the tavern and find anyone with the ‘Sturdy’ trait, which increases the armour stat.

Winning the funny way.

Alternatively, go to the shipwright and increase the ‘Resilience’ stat to further increase the armour stat. Then, begin your run.

Winning the funny way.

Step 2

First, attempt to maximize the armour stat as you level up throughout the game. According to the game, the armour stat, “blocks all hits below 50%,” armour, the key part that is important to this strategy.

Then, raid the temple and acquire the whirlpool staff, or, alternatively, bring the whirlpool staff as your main starting weapon.

Winning the funny way.

Finally, you will need to randomly acquire the voodoo doll, which is the linchpin of the strategy. This, I find, is best acquired from merchant ships or shipwrecks.

Winning the funny way.

The whirlpool weapon will randomly spawn whirlpools that damage you and nearby enemies, but also will multiply due to the voodoo doll when you are damaged by them. As such, if you have a high armour rating as described above and sit in the whirlpool, they will multiply and you will not take any damage. Pairing this with crits, high damage, or any other ship upgrade essentially guarantees that you win 😉

Step 3


Winning the funny way.

Written by Cpt_QuickSilver

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