Lethal Company Stealing Beehives

Master the art of beehive theft in Lethal Company with our comprehensive Stealing Beehives guide. Learn the ins and outs of this strategy!

“The Art of Stealing Beehives” is a strategic advantage in your beehive work at Lethal Company. So how to steal beehives? In this Lethal Company Stealing Beehives guide, you will learn how to steal the beehive in full detail.

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Lethal Company Stealing Beehives

Lethal Company Stealing Beehives has been passed down by generations of hive runners and gives you a strategic advantage in your beehive work. The perfect example of the art of beekeeping, the great thief of the hives, HIVERRUNNING MASTER. Men will want to be you, women will want to be with you. As for the bees, in their world your name may be etched on walls of shame.

Know Your Enemies

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred stings.”
– Sun Tzu, Master Hiverunner

The noble Circuit Bee, every hiverunners timeless foe. Though small in stature, these dangerous insects are not to be taken lightly. I have witnessed many men underestimate the warrior within, and fall victim to these apiary marauders.

The ground-bound nest of the Circuit Bee, an alluring mark for the foolish traveller who may view this as an easy treasure, however there is no such thing as an easy treasure in life, as those who pose a threat to the hive are met with brutal retaliation. Any who move too close are attacked, and anyone who dares to steal the hive will be met with the full unbridled wrath of the Circuit Bees, who will look endlessly for their precious hive.

Like a samurai poised with katana or bow, the Circuit Bee wields its own body as an instrument of war. Its wing beats like the thunderous drums of thunder gods, they conjure forth a violent storm, unleashing their diabolical electricity upon their adversaries. Many believe that their weakness lies in water, however do not be fooled, as water only strengthens them TEN-FOLD!!!!. Only a fool would pursue their hive in the rain, for the heavens’ tears do naught but bolster their fiery dominion.

When hunting for beehives, make sure to check out Assurance as it has the highest observed bee population, some secondary bee hotspots are March and Vow, but bees can spawn pretty much anywhere except for moons with snow on them such as Rend, Dine and Titan, they are cold and bees are

The Art of Stealing Beehives

The Art of Stealing Beehives (Safe-ish Method)

It is well known that hiverunners do not work alone, it is very important that you have a capable and willing team. Many will ignore the beehive, avoiding it at all cost, they forsake the path of daring, forgetting that in life, great spoils are reserved for the bold. To become a hiverunner you must be willing to take great risks but more importantly, you must master our clandestine methods of hive acquisition, thus….


Once you have located the beehive you wish to steal, you and a teammate must position yourselves accordingly, make sure you and your teammate are standing adjacent on both sides of the hives radius. Make sure not to get too close and provoke the bees, if you do, retreat and the bees will concede their assault, they fear straying too far from their hive.

The Art of Stealing Beehives


For the next step, you or your friend must serve as the bait and antagonise the bees by walking into their KILL RADIUS, lure them as far from their hive as you can before leaving their radius.
This may seem a daunting task, but a hiverunners woe’s are many and by accepting the title of a hiverunner you also accept the responsibility that you may be hurt or even die.

The Art of Stealing Beehives


This is where things are most dangerous, the member of your team that is not the bait AKA the hive bearer, must launch a full assault, you mustn’t hesitate, act fast and with lethal precision, let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt. While the Circuit Bees are distracted by your ally, nab the hive.

The Art of Stealing Beehives

Pretty self-explanatory, this applies especially to the hive-bearer, the bees will now chase you for as long as they can see you, hives are light weighing 0 lbs, meaning you can run fast, however don’t underestimate you enemies, they are just as fast as you, run up and around obstacles as to confuse the Circuit Bees, it is difficult to escape them, but not impossible.

The Art of Stealing Beehives

If you are ensnared by the bees at any point while in possession of their hive, DROP IT. If the bees manage to catch you, there is no way you to escape their grasp and they will kill you, the only course of action is to either drop the hive and live to steal again or die right then and there.

If you manage to successfully steal the hive, remain cautious. the bees shall descend into chaos, their fury unbounded, as my master Sun Tzu once said they will be ‘OFF THE PERC”. beware, avoid their path at any cost.

It should be noted that the hiverunner that acts as bait almost always dies in the chaos that ensues… just a warning.

The Art of Stealing Beehives (The solo method)

Although I strongly advise against it, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If you absolutely must or if you just don’t have any friends, you could perform the FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUE for stealing beehives solo. However, this is a forbidden technique for a reason, it is very dangerous and require the utmost precision and mastery of hiverunning…

In this very complex technique, a solo hiverunner assumes the dual mantle of bait and hive-bearer,, they must first lure the Circuit Bees away from their hive and then with maximum efficiency move around the bees and steal the hive. This technique must be performed perfectly, here is no room for error, a single mistake may lead to your undoing.

The Art of Stealing Beehives
Written by ThePigOverLord

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