Limbus Company Characters Guide

The Limbus Company is a unique game with a great storyline that captivates players, and there are plenty of adventure activities as well. The point that makes the adventure even more interesting is the Limbus Campany characters. Still, our focus here is on the Limbus Company characters.There are many Limbus Company characters for you in our guide, so start reading the information you need about the characters without wasting your time!

The game is newer and we will update our character guide as new information is added.

Limbus Company Characters Guide

Welcome to our Limbus Company Characters Guide. There are many Limbus Company characters for you in our guide, so start reading the information you need about the characters without wasting your time!

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Limbus Company game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Limbus Company guide.

Characters List in Limbus Company

Limbus Company CharactersSpecial SkillsIntroduction
Yi SangDeep thinking about things. The wing has a young researcher named Yi Sang who possesses the highest intelligence among the members. Unlike the others, Yi Sang is a quiet individual who frequently delves deep into his thoughts since it is his specialty.
GregorRepulsive Gregor, when compared to other sinners, has an easy-going personality that is simple to manage. Once you become accustomed to him, you will have no trouble understanding and collaborating with him.
Don QuixoteOver passionate about things. Don Quixote is a passionate character who is unrivaled in her ardor among the sinners. She refers to herself as a “fixer” and is fond of all things related to fixing.
Emil SinclairOverdependantEmil is a sinner who has no previous experience in actual combat, making him vulnerable and fearful. However, with time and training, he has the potential to grow into a mighty sinner with great power.
FaustChronic Lassitude, InsufferableFaust is a sinner who developed the bus engine that is managed by the Limbus Company. She is extremely knowledgeable and claims to possess the greatest wisdom of anyone. However, her arrogance and rude attitude make it advisable to agree with her rather than argue.
OutisStrategicOutis is the best sinner to approach for advice, as she is an expert in creating tactics for all types of missions. She also has exceptional technical knowledge that can be useful in certain situations.
MeursaultKeep no space for judgmentIn contrast to other sinners, this particular sinner has a unique and straightforward personality. He prefers to work according to clear and precise commands and will complete his work without question.
IshmaelSuffers from obsessive compulsive neurosis.Another sinner who is efficient in completing missions without complaining is Ishmael. She is skilled at advising and giving reasonable judgments on various matters. However, it is important to be cautious when interacting with her as she can become angry for an extended period if she is not treated with care.
RyōshūChain smoker, Asesthetical Ryōshū is a chain-smoking character with a keen sense of aesthetics, and she is exceptionally useful in battles. However, her rough background makes her challenging to handle, so it’s essential to exercise caution when working with her.
RodionGambler, Materialistic Coming from a backstreet upbringing, Ryōshū can display disrespectful behavior at times. Her primary passions are gambling and betting, as she values money more than anything else. Even as a manager, it is necessary to remind her occasionally that you are in charge.
HeathcliffUncontrollable anger, Ruffian Heathcliff is an impatient character who prefers to take action immediately. His thoughts are easily readable from his expressions, and he doesn’t attempt to conceal them. Despite appearing simple-minded, it takes time to recognize his true nature.
Hong LuBachelorThis character was wealthy before becoming a member of the Limbus Company, and his opinions on certain matters may annoy other sinners. However, he is not being sarcastic in his approach.

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