Little Witch Nobeta – Treasure Hunter Achievement Walkthrough

Little Witch Nobeta Treasure Hunter Achievement This is a comprehensive guide for all the chests location […]

Little Witch Nobeta Treasure Hunter Achievement

This is a comprehensive guide for all the chests location in the modern development stage, and I’ll be updating this guide for future updates as well. Since the chest isn’t hidden away that much, this guide may also have semi-walkthrough as well.

Okun Shrine (Tutorial Area, 3 Chests)

Progress the game till you run beyond the lightning hallway.

1. The first chest can be at the higher floor, guarding via a monster. This chest contains a Primary Life Crystal.

2. After the primary chest stroll out to the proper and the chest might be on a single platform, you will want to do an Air Attack (Jump > Double attack) to attain this platform. This chest contains an Expansion Bag.

3. Proceed further and you will run into a cutescene, defeat all the enemies and saved the kitty, then walk to the upper ground and visit the other site(Don’t go up the steps yet), the chest will be at the stop of the pathway(You can see the chest in the back of the gate while you 1st entered the room). This chest consists of a Primary Defense Crystal.

Little Witch Nobeta Underground Cave (6 Chests)

You will attain here after you defeated the first boss.

4. After the cutscene you will discover your self inside the Underground Cave, turn round and the 4th chest might be on the quit. This chest carries WIND , calls for to progress.

5. Proceed thru the chasm, and the end of it you’ll come upon a rock slide, flip around to get the fifth chest. This chest consists of a Primary Life Crystal.

6. Progress further into the cave, walk up the wood platform and you must see 2 crimson eye spitters on the opposite, keep going till you discover a small direction to your proper that leads to them. The 6th chest could be guarded by 2 spitters and 2 mannequin. This chest contains a Primary Defense Crystal.

7. Keep going till you attain a stone walkway, for this seventh chest, you want to do some trick bounce to reach the other platform,beginning from the mini platform, you need to Run>Jump>Double Attack>Jump>Double Attack , you should be able to attain the area in case you do it right. This chest contains ARCANE.

8. After establishing the 7th chest, soar down underneath and you should discover yourself the eighth chest. This chest carries ICE , requires to progress the game.

9. After strolling past the hearth corridor, run up the spiral staircase, the ninth chest must be on the quit of the route. This chest carries Primary Mysterious Crystal.

Little Witch Nobeta Lava Ruins (10 Chests)

After you attain Lava Ruins, head out of doors and you should find yourself in a crossroad. This crossroad will be the main ‘home base’ as you could head to three distinct approaches from right here.

10. From the crossroad, head to the left, defeat the maid and the crimson eye ghost, stroll to the cease and the 10th chest must be to your left, leap to attain it. This chest carries an Intermediate Life Crystal.

11. From the crossroad, head straight, the eleventh chest in on the 2d degree of the timber rack, soar on top the fence then double soar to reach it. This chest contains a Primary Life Crystal.

12. Head in addition in and you’ll locate your self in a open place, and you could see the twelfth chest on the opposite platform. To reach it, look below the lava when you input the region, you ought to see a small platform, crumple and bounce to it, then simply head up and you’ll discover the chest. This chest consists of COUNTER MAGIC.

13. Progress the region and you have to discover a massive gap, leap over it and head outdoor. Before walking up to interrupt the crimson crystal, leap all the way down to the ledge at the building, then head to the stop of it to get the thirteenth chest. This chest contains an Expansion Bag.

14. Starting from the crossroad again, head to the right after you unlocked the direction, earlier than heading up the staircase, visit the left and spoil a faux wall, defeat a laser capturing ghost and a purple eye ghost, then proceed similarly down and smash another fake wall in the back of the ghost, pass down and you must locate the 14th chest. This chest includes WIND.

15. After you fell down the entice and defeated the Scissors Girl, continue on and watch a cutscene. Walk across the bridge and you may discover a model and a laser shooting ghost. Jump around the platform and you should locate the fifteenth chest. This chest carries Intermediate Sacred Crystal.

16. Proceed further and you will discover a Blue Crystal, the 16th chest is on the end. This chest contains FIRE , requires to development the game.

17. Head into the ruins(don’t take the shortcut for your right), proceed till you spot a large staircase beside you, leap to it and run up, the 17th chest is at the pinnacle. This chest incorporates Primary Defense Crystal.

18. This is a problematic one, you must begin from the Monika side, begin the transferring platform and leap to the shape to your left, run up the structure and get to the pinnacle, from there soar to the top of the shifting platform, then bounce to the higher platform on the proper structure, the 18th chest is there. This chest includes ARCANE.

19. After you defeat Monika, head towards the kitty location and flip left(don’t go up the staircase), the 18th chest is guarded with the aid of 2 maids. This chest consists of ICE.

Little Witch Nobeta Secret Passage (5 Chests)

This is the location at the Center Hall you may get entry to when you defeated Monika, open the blocked route by destroying the pink crystal.

20. Jump down the rectangular hole, flip round and stroll down the pathway, earlier than leaping down to break the purple crystal, turn around and damage the fake wall and you ought to discover a ghost guarding the twentieth chest. This chest incorporates COUNTER MAGIC.

21. Proceed on and you’ll discover a massive gap, leap throughout it and flip around, you have to see the 21th chest in the middle. This chest contains WIND.

22. Drop down into the dark room, take out the enemies and you’ll have 2 faux walls within the room, the one to the left has an enemy, while the one on the right has the twenty second chest. This chest contains ICE.

23. Progress further till you spot the Goddess Statue, cross up the staircase(don’t enter the room with the Statue) and walk till you attain a drop down, the 23nd chest is right underneath you. This chest includes FIRE.

24. As for the final chest, progress on and breaks the pink crystal, then cross into the blocked course and fight Deranged Specter Armor. After defeating him the final chest could be awaiting you at the upper floor. This chest contains LIGHTNING.

The maximum upgrades you can get in one NG cycle is:

  • Expansion Bag x2
  • ARCANE Lv 3
  • WIND Lv 3
  • ICE Lv 3
  • FIRE Lv 2

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