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Living In A Brothel Cash Collectibles Guide

Discover strategies for finding coins and cash collectibles in Living In A Brothel with insights from our comprehensive guide. Maximize your in-game wealth

You can learn how to find coins and cash collectibles in Living In A Brothel from the information in our guide.

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Cash Collectibles List

This is a very simple little guide to finding all the cash collectibles in the game. This is a work in progress, written during the game’s development. At the time of the current writing, I have listed all of the available cash collectibles, which will get you the “Lucky Guy” achievement.

Based on Living In A Brothel v. 0.3.0 (Episodes 1-3)

Cash, huh! What is it good for?

As of version 0.3.0, you need your own cash for two things: buying the Kitty Cosplay and gambling on the slot machines. While you do earn an income from the bar as you play, more money is always better, right? And with this guide you’ll find all $205 that’s just lying around for the taking.

Kitty Cosplay

Buying the Kitty Cosplay is critical if you want to maximize your Living in a Brothel experience. There are several scenes and secrets to be missed if you don’t buy it. And there’s a photoshoot opportunity that you’ll never get. So you’ll want to be sure to get it when the time comes.

The Kitty Cosplay costs a whopping $400, and by the time you need to get it, your earnings from the bar won’t be enough! Thus you’ll need to scrounge around for every dollar you can find. That’s where this guide comes in. You’ll need to have $900 in hand to buy both the Bunny costume (required to move the story forward) and the optional Kitty Cosplay. If you pick up all the cash listed here during your two free roams before your work shift starts on Day 2, you’ll have $1,055 in your inventory. HELLO KITTY COSPLAY!

Slot Machines

The slot machines are actually a skill challenge in Living In A Brothel with several difficulty levels.

And, if you like amassing achievements in addition to cash, you can try to earn the “Jackpot” achievement for getting “777” seven times on each difficulty level. So, once again, mo’ money is always welcome.

Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money…

Okay, so here it is: all of the places where you can find free money!

Replay#Replay NameAmountRoomDescription
3Mastur Bar$5Bea’s RoomLook for a blue piece of paper on the nightstand to the right of Bea’s bed.
3Mastur Bar$20Item ShopSelect the shelf in the foreground. On the bottom row where there are freestanding bags of snacks, look for a blue-green rectangle next to the “FREEZY” bag.
9Second Day$100MC’s RoomGo through the “Anteroom Door” of MC’s room. In the anteroom, you will see some gray shelves on the left. The cash is the pink rectangle found on these shelves.
9Second Day$10Sakura’s RoomSelect the nightstand on the left side of Sakura’s bed. Look for a pink rectangle.
9Second Day$20Veronika’s RoomChange the view so that you are facing the exit. Now look at the desk. You’ll see a blue rectangle of cash near the metal pole on the right.
9Second Day$50Sex ShopSelect the pink table that’s directly behind the cosplay mannequins — the one with all the gift boxes on it. Once you’ve zoomed in, you’ll see the cash, a pink rectangle, sitting on the open space of the table behind the boxes.
Cash Collectibles List in Living In A Brothel
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