Tails of Iron Bright Fir Forest Expansion Achievements

Discover how to achieve the 6 new accomplishments introduced with the Bright Fir Forest expansion in our comprehensive guide. Unlock success with ease.

You can find details on how to obtain the 6 new achievements added with the Bright Fir Forest expansion in our guide.

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How to get Bright Fir Forest Expansion Achievements

Expansion adds 4 new questlines in three general locations, general since you’d have to travel to another place to take quest most of the time…

  • Bright Fir Forest – helping new allies – squirrels to get their Octoberfest on track, starts in your castle.
  • The Forbidden Crypts – rescuing bards from the usual bard stuff (not romance), starts i your castle.
  • Long Tail Village – assisting miners to get rid of new dangers (yes, all action will take place in The Iron Mines of Turn Tail, only questboard is in village), starts in the village.
  • Moletown – communist moles got new challengers in arena for you (shortest of questlines), starts in Moletown.

There are ofc new weapons, armour and enemies, though weapons somehow mostly inferior to best ones you get at the end of base game. New foes have some nice fresh moves, including shield beetle, which was reducing my self respect as gamer for not being able to deal with some average mob, that blocks all hits, before I recalled there is such a thing as heavy attack in the game…
Also, forgot to mention amount of bosses and mid-bosses here, they are in abundance.

Bright Fir Forest

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

The Bright Fir

  • Travel to Bright Fir Forest and bask in the golden light of the Bright Fir

Obtained after following squirrel quide in Bright Fir Forest through “secret” path, you get it right at the start of questline pretty much.

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

Shield Maiden Yellow Tongue

  • Defeat Shield Maiden Yellow Tongue in Bright Fir Forest

Shield Maiden is final boss of the questline, so just need to follow tasks assigned by squirrels and you’ll get to it. Boss is average hard, more annoying cause of stuff like boomerang that comes back fast enough to not allow you to really get to boss and deal some dmg after blocking its first hit, but not fast enough that you could just quickly block both hits and than dash to boss. Has 2 phases i think, but did not feel like she became much more dangerous further in the fight.

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

The Forbidden Crypts

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

Defeat Croakhis Khan

  • Defeat Croakhis Khan in the depths of the Crypts

Croakis Khan is final boss of the questline, though not final job, he would be located in turtle ferryman hut vicinity (yes, it is still in the crypts). Boss has two phases, with first being kinda harder – he will attack with bow while on top of a lizzard and they both have fast attacks, which only let you get one or two hits most before next or relocation. Second one would only have boss archer who’d become considerably tamer speed-wise.

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

I Remember My First Beer

  • Sit on the Kings chair in the newly constructed pub

After final task for bards done, you get new sweet pub in the castle basement and your personal chair there, sit in it sipping beer and you’ll get the achievement

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

Long Tail Village

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

Defeat the Stalker Queen

  • Defeat the Stalker Queen at the Tram Stop in the Mines

Stalker queen would be last quest here, though she is quite deep in mines – at tram station to Moletown. Surprisingly while being final boss, she is way easier than ones before her like Grub King. Her attacks are big, winded and clearly telegraphed, so easily dodgable and blockable.


Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion

Defeat the Grub Buster

  • Defeat the Grub Buster in the Mole Town Arena

Killing final new challenger in Moletown arena would give you the achievement. As it is shortest among new questlines – there are only 2 fights before him. But, one of them is quit the thing – against Molehammad Moli. Just as his namesake, he is very very fast attacking and countering, you will have to block after each strike you manage to land. The only times two hits were going through for me is after parry of his yellow move. Though there is counterattack right after 2nd hit, so got to parry immediately. Von Dam was way easier, since it uses tail instead of two legs like irl counterpart. Grub Buster itself is average, moveset is mostly from Ironman, changing behavior a bit after you gradually destroy his suit 3 times till just the mole is left.

Achievements for Bright Fir Forest Expansion
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