Lords of the Fallen Fake Items Guide

Avoid the pitfalls of fake items in Lords of the Fallen. Navigate the deception with our comprehensive guide. Secure your gameplay now!

Hello from our Lords of the Fallen Fake Items Guide. Taking one of the deceptive items can lead you to the Umbral kingdom or result in instant death, depending on your current kingdom and health status. In this guide, we will show you how to detect counterfeit products and move forward.

Lords of the Fallen Fake Items Guide

In Lords of the Fallen, counterfeit items pose a significant threat. Collecting one of these deceptive items can either transport you to the Umbral realm or result in immediate death, depending on your current realm and health status. What makes this situation particularly challenging is that these fake items aren’t concealed in chests or other containers, meaning you can’t simply interact with them and hope for a favorable outcome.

How to Detect Fake Items

The presence of these item mimics becomes evident only after you’ve ignited the first beacon in the game, and afterward, they seem to be scattered abundantly throughout the world. To make matters worse, they exhibit the ability to shift locations between your rests, even cunningly disguising themselves where genuine items would typically be found, adhering to the logic of video game environments.

Guide to Fake Items in Lords of the Fallen

This can be an exasperating experience that might initially seem inescapable. Nevertheless, there exists a method to identify them, provided you maintain an extraordinarily keen eye. We’re talking about meticulous attention. The sole giveaway is the faint line positioned above the item. With regular items, this line typically runs straight, ascending directly upwards. However, in the case of these fake items, the line takes on a sinuous, often “S”-shaped appearance. This simple visual cue is your best ally in spotting these mimics, so exercise caution and keep an eye out for this telltale sign to avoid them effectively from this point onward.

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