Lords of the Fallen Tips and Tricks

Conquer Lords of the Fallen with our invaluable Tips and Tricks. Sharpen your strategy, enhance your skills, and achieve victory now!

Hello from our Lords of the Fallen Tips and Tricks guide. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of Soulslike games or just exploring this unique take on the genre, these tips will not only help you find your footing but also serve as a helpful reminder when you encounter difficult situations.

Lords of the Fallen Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Lords of the Fallen Tips and Tricks guide. Here, we have some valuable tips and strategies for Lords of the Fallen to assist you in navigating the challenging dual-worlds of the game.

Master the Art of Parrying

While not as intricate and all-encompassing as in Sekiro, Lords of the Fallen offers a competent parry system. Timing your blocks correctly allows you to not only evade damage but also move closer to staggering your opponent with a charged attack, potentially opening them up for a devastating counterattack. It might take some practice to learn the timing for various enemies, but it’s often a worthwhile skill when facing formidable foes and bosses. Keep in mind that parrying doesn’t work against all attacks, so don’t be discouraged by the occasional failed attempt.

Regenerate Health with Ranged Attacks

In the Umbral realm, blocking an enemy’s attack results in gray health, which can be replenished by striking an enemy before you take damage. It can be challenging to get in close for melee attacks without being swarmed by multiple foes, but ranged attacks can achieve the same effect. Even if you don’t have a bow, crossbow, or spells, simply throwing knives or rocks at enemies will help restore your health. Keep this in mind as a valuable tactic to stay alive in the game.

Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Lords of the Fallen has a penchant for inundating you with numerous enemies simultaneously. This is particularly true in the Umbral, where foes can seemingly materialize out of thin air. Even in Axium, it can be a challenge to avoid being surrounded. When advancing, either have a clear destination in mind as you dash through, or take a methodical approach to dealing with the threats. Taking your time can ultimately save your life.

Consult the Umbral When in Doubt

At various points in the game, you’ll encounter situations where progress seems impossible in Axium. No matter how much you explore, you won’t find a viable path forward. When this occurs, it’s always a good idea to investigate the Umbral. You can fully transition into this state or simply use your lamp to illuminate the surroundings. This tactic works for uncovering hidden items behind gates, reaching distant ledges, and even dealing with obstacles like fire or deep water. You’ll also know when it’s time to enter the Umbral when you notice swarms of butterflies.

Don’t Linger Excessively in the Umbral

While spending time in the Umbral is a skill you’ll need to develop, it’s not advisable to linger there longer than necessary. In addition to encountering more and tougher enemies as you remain in this state, lingering too long will draw the attention of invincible reapers that will relentlessly hunt you down.

Stay Alert for Butterfly Swarms

One of the simplest ways to prevent lengthy detours in the Umbral is to remain vigilant for congregations of butterflies. Gray butterflies tend to gather around concealed pathways, so always be on the lookout for them as they provide valuable cues for when to transition into the realm of the deceased.

Keep Your Shield at the Ready During Exploration

Although using a shield isn’t mandatory in Lords of the Fallen, it undeniably enhances your experience. When you’re cautiously exploring a new area, it’s highly recommended to keep your shield up. The game frequently springs ambushes from various directions, and holding your shield high can help ward off much of the unwanted attention.

Break Every Container

Speaking of ambushes, if you come across a destructible cart, a cluster of boxes, barrels, or anything similar, it’s either concealing an item or an adversary. In either case, it’s in your best interest to shatter it and investigate. Be especially diligent when you’re on precarious walkways, as Lords of the Fallen often attempts to push you to your demise.

Monitor Umbral Seeds Closely

Umbral Seeds are the crucial items required to establish temporary Vestiges, which function as the game’s equivalent of bonfires. You can obtain Umbral Seeds from various sources, such as defeating bosses, discovering them, or even purchasing them from select merchants. Running out of Umbral Seeds means you won’t be able to create new checkpoints. While the game does offer shortcuts in many areas, there are also plenty of locations where such shortcuts are absent. Not having an Umbral Seed on hand can result in a frustrating ten-minute backtrack. Therefore, it’s advisable to always carry a couple of Umbral Seeds as a precaution.

The Umbral Realm Eliminates Water and Fire

Early on, you’re introduced to the concept that the Umbral realm conceals hidden pathways, ladders, and can remove certain walls and gates. However, the game doesn’t explicitly explain that the laws of physics are somewhat different there. Unlike the living world, the Umbral realm lacks both fire and water. So, if you encounter a swamp that needs traversing or a blazing building you wish to navigate, consider transitioning to the Umbral realm to increase your chances of safely passing through.

You Can Possess Only One Seed Vestige at a Time

Seed Vestiges are vital in various parts of the game, serving as temporary checkpoints on your journey through Lords of the Fallen. What may not be immediately evident is that while you can teleport to these checkpoints, you can only have one Seed Vestige at a time. Fortunately, Lords of the Fallen follows a fairly linear level design, but it’s still important to keep this limitation in mind.

Enemies Can Absorb Your Lost Vigor

Upon your demise, your lost vigor remains at the spot of your death, usually acting as a marker for you to retrieve when you pass by. However, certain foes can absorb this lost vigor, necessitating their defeat to recover it. Keep a lookout for adversaries with a faint purple glow to identify those who have absorbed your vigor.

Getting Hit While Using Your Lantern Will Drag You Into The Umbral

Your Umbral Lantern provides a wide range of capabilities, enabling you to temporarily enter the Umbral realm to traverse gates, fires, bridges, and water. However, it comes with a risk. If an enemy from the Umbral realm strikes you while you’re using the lantern, you’ll instantly be transported into the Umbral realm. Therefore, it’s essential to remain vigilant of your surroundings when employing this tool.

Reviving In Co-op Gives Them Back Their Healing Items

Cooperating with others in Lords of the Fallen is a straightforward process, and unlike many Soulslike games, it doesn’t require any special items or impose restrictions on where or how long you can do it. An effective tactic involves using your summoned companion as a “canary in the coal mine.” When they perish, you can revive them if they are not surrounded by enemies. This revival not only brings them back to life but also replenishes all of their healing items. Repeating this process can be a useful strategy for success.

Beware of Fake Items

While they may not be immediately apparent, fake items do exist in Lords of the Fallen. Unlike mimic chests in Dark Souls, these items are more akin to anglerfish-like creatures lying in wait to ambush you. Detecting these deceptive items can be challenging, even when using your lantern to peer into the Umbral realm where these creatures hide. To stay safe, aim to maintain full health and exercise extra caution after defeating the horseman boss.

Your Ammunition Impacts Your Weight

Lords of the Fallen, like many other games, features an encumbrance system. Your agility in dodging is influenced by your weight: the lighter you are, the quicker you can evade. While it’s evident that weapons, shields, and armor play a role in your weight, what’s less apparent is that your ammunition also factors into this equation. If you’re approaching the upper limits of a particular weight category, removing any unnecessary ammunition can mean the difference between wearing superior armor or not.

Always Inspect the Memories Following Major Boss Battles

In Lords of the Fallen, there are varying tiers of bosses. Some bosses yield remembrance items, which grant you access to their spells, weapons, and armor. However, you’ll only receive these items if you employ your soul lash on the memories they leave behind after the battle. Therefore, it’s crucial to consistently search for these memories in the boss arena and ensure that you collect them.

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