Lords of the Fallen Weapons Upgrade Guide

Elevate your combat prowess in Lords of the Fallen. Learn the ins and outs of weapon upgrades with our expert guide. Dominate your foes!

Hello from our Lords of the Fallen Weapons Upgrade Guide. If you’re looking to enhance your weapons in Lords of the Fallen, you’ve come to the right place. While it’s apparent that weapon upgrades are possible in this Soulslike game, the process isn’t immediately clear. To complicate matters further, it’s all too easy to overlook the blacksmith you need to rescue in order to unlock this capability. Fortunately, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

Lords of the Fallen Weapons Upgrade Guide

Welcome to our Lords of the Fallen Weapons Upgrade Guide. Weapons in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) are central to the journey of the lampbearer, significantly influencing the protagonist’s combat prowess. The strength of your weapon directly impacts your chances of overcoming adversaries. The upgrade system in Lords of the Fallen closely follows the conventions of weapon enhancement seen in Dark Souls titles, making it familiar for Souls veterans. The level of a weapon’s upgrade is denoted by its total plus or + value. For instance, a weapon with seven levels of upgrades will be labeled as Weapon +7, with higher plus values signifying greater weapon strength.

How to Upgrade your Weapons

  • Reach the Hub Area: After defeating the first true boss, Pieta, you’ll find yourself navigating along a cliff face, weaving in and out of the terrain. Continue until you reach the Vestige of Blind Agatha, located in a spot known as the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom.
  • Unlock the Shortcut: Further along the path, you’ll come across a lift that ascends to the Vestige of Blind Agatha. Once you’ve activated this shortcut, go back down the lift.
  • Defeat the Mages: Take care of the mages in the vicinity before dropping down onto a cage below.
  • Rescue the Blacksmith: Inside the cage, you’ll find the blacksmith and their hostage. To release them, you’ll need to obtain the key held by the enemy with a shield nearby. Defeat this enemy and their dogs, and then speak to the blacksmith.
  • Access the Hub: The blacksmith will now return to the hub area, allowing you to warp back and commence upgrading your weapons, provided you have the required vigor and materials.

Upgrade your weapons wisely and become a formidable force in the world of Lords of the Fallen!

Where To Get Deralium Ores

Acquiring Deralium Ores is crucial for weapon upgrades in LOTF, and tracking down these precious resources can be quite challenging. There are several potential sources for obtaining Deralium Ores. Players can obtain Deralium Ores as rewards from NPC quests, through enemy loot drops, or by looting chests scattered throughout the land of Mornstead. They might also be found as regular loot, hidden in hard-to-reach locations. So, remain vigilant and keep a keen eye out for these valuable materials.

Unlock The Blacksmith

We understand that weapon upgrades are crucial for overall progress, but the question remains: how can you upgrade your weapons? It all begins with locating Gerlinde, a Blacksmith imprisoned in Pilgrim’s Perch. When you reach this level, starting from the Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom Vestige, head towards the nearest lift, which will take you to the lower levels. As you exit the lift, take a sharp left turn and you’ll notice a large cell in the area below you. Be cautious, as the cell is guarded by a sentry armed with a shield and a mace. Dealing with this enemy should not pose too many difficulties if he is alone.

However, this encounter comes with a twist, as his dog-like minions will join the battle. It is advisable to eliminate his companions before taking on the sentry. After defeating the sentry, he will drop a Prison Cell Key. Once you have the key, approach Gerlinde’s cell and set her free. Return to Skyrest Bridge and head to the location of Stomund. In the area where Stomund is situated, follow the corridor, and you will soon discover that Gerlinde has established a workshop for you to access. From this point onward, you can purchase valuable items from her and upgrade your weapons. Keep in mind that upgrading your weapons requires both Vigor and Uranium Ores. It’s worth noting that the higher the level of upgrades, the more Vigor is needed for the enhancement. Additionally, as you progress through different upgrade levels, you may require various types of Uranium Ores.

Weapon Stat Scaling

In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, an essential aspect to consider is weapon upgrades and the concept of Weapon Scaling. To maximize your damage output, it’s crucial to direct your attention towards the scaling statistic that aligns with the specific weapon you’re wielding. In cases where a weapon exhibits multiple scaling statistics, your primary focus should be on elevating the statistics that yield the most substantial damage increase per attribute point invested.

Lords of the Fallen employs a system of letter grades to denote the quality of scaling, with ‘S’ representing the highest tier, followed by ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and so on, with ‘E’ ranking as the lowest. Each of these letters corresponds to a defined range of percentage enhancements in relation to the associated attribute.

What Are Runes?

In Lords of the Fallen, players have the flexibility to harness the power of weapon upgrades, but there’s another element that can significantly enhance these upgrades: the introduction of Runes. Runes Usage is a returning feature from the previous title, and it plays a pivotal role in bolstering the effectiveness of weapons by introducing additional stats, thereby making them more potent and efficient. Lampbearers can acquire Runes while navigating the realm of Mournstead, much like gathering other essential materials required for enhancing their weapons.

Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

In the world of Lords of the Fallen (LotF), there exists a category of extraordinary weaponry known as Boss Weapons. These are distinct equipment sets that players can obtain by exchanging a special type of material called Umbral Scouring, acquired from vanquished bosses. In contrast to ordinary weapons, Boss Weapons typically boast unique abilities, superior stats, and one-of-a-kind designs. These weapons are often the most formidable choices for players embarking on their epic journey.

To secure a Boss Weapon, players must present a Bowl of Memory to Molhu at Skyrest Bridge. Providing Molhu with the Bowl of Memory unlocks the Boss Remembrance Trading, allowing players to exchange Umbral Scourings for these exceptional and powerful Boss Weapons.

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