How to Use Umbral Rift Ability in Lords of the Fallen

How to Use Umbral Rift Ability in Lords of the Fallen

Don't know how to use the Umbral Rift ability in Lords of the Fallen? Learn how to use it in just one step below!

The Umbral Rift stands as a central hallmark within Lords of the Fallen. It serves as your gateway to the mysterious realm of the dead, a place brimming with shortcuts, uncharted landscapes, alternative routes, concealed enigmas, and valuable treasures. Yet, when you first step into the Umbral Rift, you’ll notice that half of your health withers away. This necessitates your immediate attention to restore it. You can achieve this by engaging foes in combat or utilizing your healing spells and flasks, though be cautious, for a single blow can eradicate the entire withered portion of your health bar.

How to Use Umbral Rift Ability in Lords of the Fallen

The Umbral Rift ability is at your fingertips, quite literally. To activate it, follow these controls:

  • Xbox: LT + X
  • PlayStation: L2 + ◻
  • PC: Left Ctrl + Q

Once you’ve triggered the Umbral Rift, you’ll enter a mystical realm of possibilities. Here’s what you need to know:

Exploring the Umbral Rift

  1. Land of the Dead: The Umbral Rift serves as a portal to the Land of the Dead. Here, you’ll discover shortcuts, uncharted territories, hidden paths, well-kept secrets, and valuable loot. But, there’s a catch.
  2. Health Withering: When you step into the Umbral Rift for the first time, half of your health will wither away. To regain it, you’ll need to take action. You can restore your health by attacking enemies or using healing spells and flasks. Be cautious, as a single hit can strip away all your withered health.

Tips for Umbral Rift

  • Exploration: Using the Umbral Rift Ability opens up new areas to explore. Keep an eye out for hidden loot, as this realm often conceals valuable treasures.
  • Alternative Paths: Sometimes, the Umbral Rift can reveal alternate paths that were previously inaccessible. These paths may lead to unexpected rewards or shortcuts, so always be on the lookout.
  • Exiting the Umbral Rift: To return to the mortal realm, you’ll need to locate a Vestige to “resurrect” yourself. Make sure you remember this crucial step, as being stuck in the Umbral Rift can be perilous.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the Umbral Rift ability in Lords of the Fallen. So, dive into the Land of the Dead, explore its secrets, and make the most of this powerful tool at your disposal. Happy gaming

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