Lords of the Fallen Soul Siphon Guide

Soul Siphoning in Lords of the Fallen helps you eliminate Umbral Parasites, which can buff foes or debuff you.

Soul Siphoning is one of the Umbral Abilities in Lords of the Fallen. With this highly useful skill, you can eliminate Umbral Parasites in your enemies. Umbral Parasites can apply buffs to your enemies or debuffs to you.

What is Soul Siphoning

Soul Siphoning is an Umbral Ability that can be a game-changer if used effectively. To activate it, simply press and hold the controls: LT/L2/L Ctrl + RB/R1/Mouse1.

This ability allows you to siphon two valuable resources:

  1. Soul Flay Charges: These can be obtained by Soul Siphoning environmental elements found in the Umbral Realm or by using it on enemies. Beware, siphoning from enemies may provoke them and initiate combat.
  2. Vigor (XP): Soul Siphoning also grants you Vigor, which is essentially experience points (XP). This helps you level up and improve your character’s abilities.

Tips for Effective Soul Siphoning

  • Use Soul Siphon strategically to absorb Vigor and Soul Flay Charges.
  • It also reveals hidden Umbral Parasites that enemies may possess.

What is Umbral Parasites?

Umbral Parasites are a significant challenge in the game. These parasites grant enemies powerful buffs and additional defense, making them tougher to defeat.

Identifying Umbral Parasites:

  • Look for a blue bar on the enemy’s health bar. This indicates the presence of an Umbral Parasite.

How to Remove Umbral Parasites?

  1. Soul Siphoning: Use Soul Siphon to unveil the parasite, rendering the enemy vulnerable. Keep in mind that you can only damage the enemy in the Umbral Realm, so be cautious.
  2. Defeat the Parasite: Once the Umbral Parasite is revealed, focus your attacks on it. Defeating the parasite will strip the enemy of its buffs, making them easier to deal with.

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