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Lords of the Fallen Soul Flay Guide

Master Soul Flay in Lords of the Fallen for a game-changing advantage with expert tips and strategies.

Soul Flay, the potent Umbral Ability in the world of Lords of the Fallen, can be a game-changer when wielded with skill and strategy. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the intricacies of Soul Flay, offering invaluable tips and strategies to harness its power effectively.

What is Soul Flay

Soul Flay is a unique Umbral Ability that allows you to extract the souls of your foes. To activate it, lock onto your target and press and hold the controls: LT/L2/ L Ctrl + RT/R2/ R Ctrl. Keep in mind that using Soul Flay against enemies requires a resource known as the Soul Flay Charge (similar to Soul Siphoning), while using it in environmental interactions doesn’t consume this resource.

What is Soul Flay in Lords of the Fallen

Soul Flay’s Abilities

  • Soul Extraction: The primary function of Soul Flay is to draw enemy souls out of their bodies. This not only slows down your adversaries but also enables you to inflict Withered Health damage by attacking their extracted souls. This damage can make defeating enemies significantly easier.
  • Grievous Strike: By continuously attacking an enemy’s extracted soul, you can build up their withered health bar. When the bar is full, you can perform a devastating finishing move known as “Grievous Strike.” This not only defeats the enemy but also forces them to drop unique currencies and items, a rewarding outcome for your efforts.

Tips and Strategies for Soul Flay

  1. Versatility Against Enemies: Soul Flay is effective against all enemy types, but it truly shines when dealing with more formidable opponents.
  2. Managing the Soul Charge: Using Soul Flay consumes the Soul Flay Charge, located under your health/stamina bar. To replenish it, keep an eye out for environmental objects that can be absorbed. Interact with these objects by using Soul Siphon to recharge your Soul Charge. You can also restore it by siphoning energy from defeated enemies, ensuring you have this resource readily available.

What is Withered Health?

Withered Health, a unique concept related to Soul Flay, appears as a gray bar on your health meter. Unlike regular health, filling up this bar won’t result in your character’s death. However, be cautious, as any enemy attack will instantly deplete it, and it also reduces the effectiveness of healing.

To recover and convert withered health into regular health, actively engage in combat. Attacking enemies replenishes your withered health and gradually transforms it back into regular health, much like the healing mechanic in games like Bloodborne.

In conclusion, mastering the art of Soul Flay in Lords of the Fallen can be the key to your success in the game. Utilize these abilities wisely and strategically to triumph over even the most challenging adversaries and bosses. May your journey through the world of Lords of the Fallen be a triumphant one, guided by the power of Soul Flay.

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