Lost Ark Gunslinger Build PvP & PvE

Welcome to our Lost Ark Gunslinger Build guide. On this guide we’ll give an introduction of the Gunslinger’s abilities, levelling guide, and which benefit class and inscriptions to choose when you reach the endgame.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

What is the very best Lost Ark Gunslinger Build? The Gunslinger is among Lost Ark’s finest character classes, coming right at the top of our tier list, and is a strong competitor for the best PvE DPS class in the video game.

Gunslingers wield three guns, and with their boosted crit rates and incredibly high motion speeds, they’re one of the nimblest classes in the video game. Taken together, when built right, it’s a very lethal combination.

Gunslinger PvE Build

SkillWeaponSkill Level (/10)Rune I IIIII
Quick StepPistols4Life AbsorptionN/AN/A
Spiral TrackerPistols4Exposed VitalN/AN/A
EquilibriumPistols4Exposed VitalN/AN/A
Dexterous ShotPistols4Quick HandsN/AN/A
PeacekeeperPistols4Excellent MobilityN/AN/A
Shotgun Rapid FireShotgun10In a Tight SpotEnhanced ShotSpecial Bullet
Last RequestShotgun4Quick PreparationN/AN/A
Dual BuckshotShotgun10In A Tight SpotEnhanced FireFinal Blow
SharpshooterShotgun10Special BulletIn a Tight SpotSwift Preparation
CatastropheSniper4Quick AimN/AN/A
Perfect ShotSniper7Stable StancePerfect AimN/A
Focused ShotSniper10Quick AimDouble TapFinal Blow
Target DownSniper10Quick aimLarge MagazineSteady Aim

Gunslinger PvP Build

SkillWeaponSkill Level (/10)Rune I IIIII
Quick StepPistols7Excellent MobilityTenacityN/A
AT02 GrenadePistols7Wide ExplosionFreeze GrenadeN/A
Spiral TrackerPistols4Exposed VitalN/AN/A
Somersault ShotPistols10Magic ControlMaster of EvasionSuper Armor
Death FirePistols10TenacityChain ThrowInfiltrate Decimation
Dexterous ShotPistols7Agile MovementExcellent MobilityN/A
PeacekeeperPistols4Excellent MobilityN/AN/A
Flurry of BulletsPistols4Wide ShotN/AN/A
Last RequestShotgun4Ice ShotN/AN/A
Dual BuckshotShotgun7Approaching DeathTenacityN/A
Precise AimSniper4Quick HandsN/AN/A
CatastropheSniper10TenacityDefenceless TargetCarpet Bombing
Perfect ShotSniper10Stable StancePerfect AimEnhanced Shot
Focused ShotSniper10Quick AimEnhanced BulletQuick Finish

Overview – Lost Ark Gunslinger Build PvP & PvE

At the core of any Lost Ark build is the class’s Identity Skill: for the Gunslinger, that implies her three weapons, which are established on her Identity Gauge where you can rotate through them. Knowing when and why to switch between weapons is an important part of getting to grips with this class:

  • The double handguns are the Gunslinger’s utility weapon. While wielding these she can perform enthusiasts and debuffs, and make the most of her high movement stats.
  • The shotgun is the Gunslinger’s burst attack, and excels at dealing close-range damage. But do bear in mind that if you choose the Time to Hunt engraving for your endgame specialisation, its use will be prohibited completely.
  • The rifle is a powerful weapon used for dealing damage at long-range. The Peacemaker engraving adds a double dose of additional functions to this specific weapon.

The Gunslinger’s benefits are her speed, mobility, and high damage. The disadvantages to selecting this class are her relatively low HP and defence stats. Her controls can likewise take a little getting used to: while her required positioning is far from the fiddliest among Lost Ark classes, it may take you a little bit of time to get utilized to establishing her ideal variety while likewise keeping an eye on cooldowns and handling weapon rotations.

Skills and Levelling

Unsurprisingly, much of the Gunslinger’s regular abilities involve maximizing the mini-arsenal she keeps her individual, with a variety of alternatives readily available to enhance her marksmanship. Her top-tier motion speed likewise comes in for a couple of improvements with time, and there’s the choice to supplement her already-impressive loadout with the addition of skill-based grenades.

There’s a limitation to how much you can personalize any Lost Ark character build until they reach Level 50 and you get to endgame Engravings and Awakening abilities (see below). Till that point, the course each class takes will be relatively direct, though you can begin to set up a develop that’s to your liking by picking where to focus their skill progression.

Lost Ark characters start out with a decent suite of early-game capabilities, and new skills unlock fairly frequently as you advance through the very first 20 or two character levels. Acquiring XP and levelling up provides you ability points that you can spend on improving skill levels and opening “tripods”. Tripods are augments to skills that appear at skill levels 4, 7, and 10; using one considers that skill a new secondary function. Every tripod has three options for you to pick from.

More Skills and Levelling

By the time you reach Level 50 you need to have built up about 250 points, which is enough to assemble an ability construct like the one listed below:

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Bullet RainVital Point Shot: Increases Crit rate by 20%.Rapid Fire: Bullet Rain’s duration is increased by 3 seconds, and comes with a damage boost of 60%.Quick Prep: For every enemy hit, grants a 30% chance that the skill cooldown will end instantly.
EquilibriumWeakness Exposure: Affected enemies get -10% Crit resistance to attacks from all party members for 12 seconds.Enemy Raid: Equilibrium becomes a 360-degree attack, from which enemies at Challenge difficulty or below take 100% more damage.Vital Point Shot: Increases Crit rate by 60%.
Focused ShotQuick Aim: Reduces aim time.Flash: Every third hit stuns the affected enemy for 3 seconds.Quick Finish: Inflict Kill Confirmation after aiming to increase damage by 150%.
AT02 GrenadeWide Explosion: Increases the AoE radius of the grenade by 20%.Freeze Grenade: Reduces outgoing damage by 75% but freezes enemies in place, making follow-up attacks easier.n/a
Spiral FlameQuick Aim: Increases aim speed by 50%.Kill Confirmation: Crit rate increased by 60% against foes with less than 50% HP.n/a
Dextrous ShotAgile Movement: Increases attack speed by 10%.n/an/a
Spiral TrackerWeakness Exposure: Affected enemies get -10% Crit resistance to attacks from all party members for 12 seconds.n/an/a

Engravings – Lost Ark Gunslinger Build PvP & PvE

As Soon As a Lost Ark character reaches Level 50, you can use Engravings to them. Engravings belong to Lost Ark’s endgame material, and permit you to apply a range of enthusiasts and increases to personalize your character’s kit a little bit more. Along with generic engravings readily available to all characters, every class has 2 “class perk” inscriptions special to them. Successfully, these let you select a subclass for them to specialise in.

The Engravings for the Gunslinger class are Peacemaker and Time to Hunt. Both are solid options for PvE Gunslinger constructs, so it all comes down to which play style sounds more appealing to you:

  • Peacemaker increases attack speed in Handgun Stance by as much as 16%, Crit rate in Shotgun Stance by as much as 25%, and gives a damage boost of up to 10% when in Rifle Stance. In addition, strikes to enemies with lower than 50% HP when in Rifle Stance will stack on an additional damage bonus of as much as 30%.
  • Time to Hunt raises the Crit rate for Handgun and Rifle skills by as much as 30%, but disallows making use of the Shotgun Stance.

Compromising your shotgun for the Time to Hunt specialism might sound pretty uninviting, but aside from this both class perk engravings for the Gunslinger are rather great, and there’s no genuine requirement to construct them significantly differently.

More Engravings

The variety of inscriptions you can equip varies, and depends on the inscribing slots you have readily available. Class-specific bonus offer engravings require Learned Engraving slots, which you open by checking out books you accumulate throughout your experiences in Arkesia.

On the other hand, the two “generic” inscription types that can be geared up by all classes (damage boosts and utility enthusiasts) are geared up according to how many engraving points you have offered. Your variety of inscribing points is based upon a combination of your character’s equipped devices (such as lockets, earrings, rings, and so on) and their Ability stones, all of which can be picked up as loot or from merchants throughout the video game. Shuffle your loadout up until you’ve maxed out your engravings points to 35 and you should have the ability to gear up about three generic engravings in addition to your class bonus.

The following engravings are especially great when it concerns Gunslinger develops:

  • Grudge increases damage by approximately 20% when fighting Boss level or higher monsters, while lowering inbound damage from them by the same amount. Whichever class benefit you choose, Grudge is the top choice for any PvE Gunslinger develop.
  • Cursed Doll increases attack power by as much as 16%, however lowers inbound recovery by -25% (not including natural passive health recovery).
  • Keep Weapon Blunt increases Crit chance by up to 50%, but brings a threat that a routine attack will deal 20% less damage than it should. (Also, please do not ask me how you’re indicated to keep your guns blunt.).

Awakening Skills

Like Engravings, Awakening Skills appear once a Lost Ark character has actually reached Level 50. Once again, there are two alternatives to select from, and unlike with Engravings it’s not an either/or proposal: you can unlock both Awakening Skills if you ‘d like, although you can only gear up one at a time.

The Awakening skills for the Gunslinger are:.

  • Eye of Twilight: Debuffs relocation and attack speeds for a short time, however when activated it deals damage to opponents within radius along with inflicting both Stagger and Weak impacts on them. All debuffs disappear once the ability times out.
  • High-Calibre HE Bullet: The Gunslinger jumps in reverse while dealing an AoE attack, causing Stagger and dealing significant damage to opponents captured in the burst radius.

Just like a lot of Lost Ark character options, there are no really bad options; but the High-Calibre HE Bullet does emerge as the preferred Awakening skill for the Gunslinger, thanks to its absence of self-inflicted debuffs and the truth that it’s just really pleasing. This is absolutely the one to keep geared up until you have a particular need for the Eye of Twilight.

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