Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret

Welcome to our Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret guide. The exact location of the Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard quest secret is on here!

Updated on 02.21.2022

Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret

Throughout the Lost Ark leveling experience, gamers will be tasked with treasure maps and other secrets as they make their method to 60. Throughout the world, there will be concealed websites that take you to secret bosses for fat loot upgrades. These usually can be found in the kind of treasure maps. Meanwhile, some areas are secret areas on the map that bring you outside of the mini-map.

One of these secret locations becomes part of the Lost Ark Dalian secret quest. You can obtain a treasure map in your knapsack that gives you a quest, it then later takes you to an NPC that wants you to find a bench someplace in the Flowing Orchard. Well, it turns out that this secret technically is on your minimap. You need to discover a place that takes you off map.

Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard
Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard

The precise area of the Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard quest trick is on here on the minima. Head to this place and you will find a house at the end of what you believe to be the edge of the map. However, you can walk through the door, and enter your house outside of the ‘legal’ map.

Inside the house, you will find the workbench you need to utilize. Merely approach it and utilize if, and wallah, you have finished the quest. We highly suggest taking a look at sights like that on the planet, regardless of believing they might be concealed areas. We found among the optional dungeons on the world map to have a secret room behind a waterfall with 2 Mokoko seeds.

That task is to check the hidden workbench, and indeed that object is just through the door. Upon interacting with the workbench, the Rambutan Orchard’s Secret quest will be marked as complete, and players can claim the associated rewards at their convenience. For full clarity, here is a list of the rewards that are granted for finishing this Lost Ark quest, and some of them are sure to be of interest:

  • 18,522 XP
  • 720 Roster XP
  • 2,950 Silver
  • 100x Adept Healing Potion
  • Eagle Ring
  • 350x Providence Stone

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