Lost Ark Haberk to the Ship

Welcome to our Lost Ark Haberk to the Ship guide. Keep reading our Haberk to the […]

Welcome to our Lost Ark Haberk to the Ship guide. Keep reading our Haberk to the Ship, Leave Shipwreck guide to find out how to leave the shipwreck.

Lost Ark Haberk to the Ship

While Lost Ark is, usually, an extremely comfortable video game to play with a really intuitive user interface, often, for one reason or another, a specific section surface that is challenging to do. The “Haberk to the Ship” is one such mission. During this quest, you will need to leave the shipwreck. However, many players will fight with this? So, what’s the problem here– is the quest bugged? Or is it something else entirely?

How to Leave Shipwreck Lost Ark Haberk to the Ship

The description for the “Haberk to the Ship” mission doesn’t provide a lot of information about what to do. It checks out: “Bastian from Arthetine wants me to meet the sailor Haberk. The hearty Umar is a skilled adventurer who invested numerous hours at sea. I wonder what experiences we might have while taking a trip to Vern.” At a specific point in this mission, you will be shipwrecked. This is the point that is offering players problem. You will discover yourselves on top of the sinking hull of the ship. The video game does not give you any hints about what you’re expected to do to leave. Some gamers have reported that they have actually spent over half an hour aimlessly wandering around prior to they found out what they needed to do.

To save you this valuable time, we will directly inform you what’s required here. The only method you can leave this location is by playing the Song of Escape. A really easy service that wasn’t explained to the gamer extremely well. So, when you find yourselves in this scenario, to leave the shipwreck, merely press “F2”, select this song, play it, and you will then leave the shipwreck.

Video Guide

This video guide shows you how to complete: Haberk to the Ship in Lost Ark.

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