Lost Ark Pirate Coin for Song of Resonance

Welcome to our Lost Ark Pirate Coin for Song of Resonance guide. Make 17.000 Pirate Coins in around 20 minutes just from Quests and buy that expensive Song of Resonance!

Lost Ark Pirate Coin for Song of Resonance

Pirate Coins are a valuable currency that you have to collect to purchase valuable things, like Song of Resonance.

How to get those Pirate Coins Quickly

If you are trying to get Pirate Coins quickly to buy Song of Resonance (16,500 Pirate Coins), then you’re best off doing quests.

I was able to farm up to 17,000 Pirate Coins in 20-30 minutes from doing quests.

The quests on Freedom Isle will reward you with a total of 15,000 Pirate Coins.
To get the remaining coins for Song of Resonance, I went to Giant Mushroom Island, which is nearby. The Quest there rewards you with 2.000 Pirate Coins. So we got a total of 17.000 Coins in less than a half hour.

Locations below on the map…

Lost Ark Pirate Coin for Song of Resonance
Lost Ark Pirate Coin for Song of Resonance

There are also quests that reward Pirate Coins in other Islands, like..

Peyto and Glacier Isle, Runaways Island, Kalthertz, Cradle of the Sea Fermata, Blackfang’s Den, Lullaby Island, and others..

When you’re running low on coins, just head to one of these islands.

Exchange other Coins for Pirate Coins

If you have Gienah’s Coin, Sceptrum’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Ancient Coins, or Sun Coins, you can trade them at ports for Pirate Coins.

The Tea and Libra Guild Vessel is docked at all ports. You can approach it on your boat and trade with it. The coins exchange at different rates.

1 Gienah’s Coin: 10 Pirate Coins

1 Sceptrum’s Coin: 12 Pirate Coins

1 Arcturus’s Coin: 15 Pirate Coins

1 Ancient Coin: 17 Pirate Coins

1 Sun Coin: 20 Pirate Coins

If you have any High Seas Coin Chests, which you get as quest rewards from time to time, you can use them to get 100 Sun Coins, and then trade them in for Pirate Coins.

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