Lost Ark Origins of Stern Mokoko Guide

Welcome to our Lost Ark Origins of Stern Mokoko guide. This guide will reveal you all the Mokoko seed areas in this place.

Lost Ark Origins of Stern Mokoko

The Origins of Stern is among the cities you can check out in the Arthetine continent. You will find the Municipal District, Neria’s Tavern, and more in this area.

Origin Of Stern Mokoko Seeds

You can find all the locations of Mokoko seeds marked on the map listed below, they are marked with the seed icon.

  • The extremely first seed is on the southern part of the map, south of the Eye of Sceptrum. From here, go west till you see a circular grate on the ground. The Mokoko seed is simply south of this.
  • In the same area, head east this time till you reach the teleporter. Head north and you ought to see an NPC called Press Operator Volk. Go inside the door to go into Neria’s Tavern and the Mokoko seed is on the left staircase by the stage.
Lost Ark Origins Of Stern Mokoko 1
  • Head to the commercial district and you ought to see the Trade Skill Tool Merchant here. The Mokoko seed is near the metal fence on the building to your right.
  • Go to the Hall of Transcendence, head north then turn left where the royal guards are. The Mokoko seed is simply to your right, near the entrance.
  • Head to the northern most part of the map and enter the Town Hall. Head west then north, the Mokoko seed is beside Commander Gedek.
  • Still inside the Townhall, go east till you reach the space where Bastian remains in. The Mokoko seed is next to the candle light to your left, near the painting leaning on the bookshelf.
  • Leave the space and head north then turn left on the next fork. You need to see Assistant Inga in the space and the Mokoko seed is beside the red couch nearAssistant Inga.
  • Go out of the space and keep heading southeast up until you reach the space with Assistant Reben. The Mokoko seed lags the table to your left.
  • Go out and head northeast this time to reach the space with Assistant Raiza. The last Mokoko seed in this area is in between the two red couches to your left.
  • You will discover the next Mokoko seed in the Regulator headquarters. When you enter, turn left and head north till you reach a space. The Mokoko seed is on the rack to your right as quickly as you go into.
  • Go to the Municipal District this time up until you see Regulator Intelligence Agent Wulf. Head down the staircase, keep following the path to the south. When you reach the fork, head southwest and you ought to see the Mokoko seed at the end of the corridor.
  • You will find the next Mokoko seed in business District. From General Merchant, head west up until you see a tree beside the staircase, with the Mokoko seed beside it.
  • Go to Gold Shop and get in the Hoyte News. Turn right and you should see the Mokoko seed right beside the staircase on the bookshelf.
  • For the last Mokoko seed, go inside the Eye of Sceptrum and turn left. You must see the Mokoko seed near the staircase.

There is a total of 14 Mokoko seeds in Origins of Stern so make certain to double check the above info again prior to you state this location cleared!

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