Lost Ark Salt Giant Location

Welcome to our Lost Ark Salt Giant Location guide. Salt Giant is a boss found in one of the first areas of Lost Ark. Although it is a level 19 boss, this is a hard opponent, so you will struggle to fight it without help from others.

Lost Ark Salt Giant Location

This guide explains where you can find the Salt Giant spawn location, the possible Salt Giant drops – and of course, a strategy to take it down.

Salt Giant Location and Spawns

Salt Giant is level 19 world employer in Lost Ark that can be found in Saland Hill, an area in Yudia.

Particularly, Salt Giant generates in the center location of Aregal Salt Plains. The closest teleport to get there is the tripod in Nomad Camp.

The Salt Giant generates every 30 minutes. It is essential to know that Lost Ark has a great number of channels for each location, which work as various instances.

In case you remain in the right location, however Salt Giant hasn’t spawned yet, you can change to another channel and see if it is up there. You will know Salt Giant is near because of a red mark on the ground showing the location it remains in.

How to beat the Salt Giant

This fight is quite easy, however you must focus on positioning in order to avoid Salt Giant’s attack. As usual in Lost Ark, the one in charge will not keep assaulting the exact same character throughout the entire battle, given that its aggro is random.

From time to time, it will alter. In case you are not playing with a tankier class and it is picked as the one in charge’ next target, just run for some time up until it chooses another one.

How to beat the Salt Giant
How to beat the Salt Giant

During the majority of the battle, Salt Giant utilizes basic attacks, punching players, or a semi-circular blast attack. In charge’ most unsafe attack is a circular charging AoE around it.

Even though it is telegraphed by a red circle and the one in charge movement of lifting its arms, it can be tricky to avoid it if you are not taking note, considering that it happens significantly quick.

In case you are playing a melee class, like a martial artist, you might wish to conserve your dash for when Salt Giant utilizes this attack.

Salt Giant Drops and Rewards

As soon as the fight is done, you are going to make some legendary pieces of gear, and a legendary chest.

From opening, you can get more equipment, cards to equip, consumables, maps for secret places. However, this chest drops just after your first kill.

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