Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build EU

Welcome to our Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build EU guide. If you chose to walk the path of Shadowhunter, you need to know the PvP settings. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the best skill sets for Lost Ark’s Shadowhunter Advanced Class.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build EU

The Shadowhunter is Lost Ark’s demonic class. Her unique Identity allows her to transform into a demon, giving her access to high damaging skills. She has two different playstyles that can revolve around ranged combat or melee.

In PvP, the Shadowhunter relies on quick catches with her dashes and long range engagements. She’s a hit and run specialist that goes in when the time is right and escapes with ease. Finding the right timing of engagements are crucial to succeed on this class. She ranks high in the PvP tier list for her ability to be an extremely mobile ranged class, that doesn’t sacrifice damage because of her demonic form.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build EU 1

Shadowhunter Pros (+)

  • High Mobility ✔
  • High Damage ✔
  • Strong Carry Potential ✔

Shadowhunter Cons (-)

  • ❌ Skillshot Reliant
  • ❌ No Push Immunity

Shadowhunter 3v3 PvP Build

Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build EU 2


  • Focus on playing near the outskirts of the map and poke around with Grind Chain and Piercing Thorn.
  • Demon Vision is a great peeling and initiation tool. Hitting this skill allows you to go into your Sharpened Cut + Thrust Impact combo. If you find yourself missing with Thrust Impact, get closer or use Rush.
  • When the match starts, you can rush forward with Demonic Slash to gain positional advantage. Try for picks with your long range skills.
  • Use Demonize when you catch an opponent without Stand Up to connect Blood Massacre or any high damage skill.
  • You can use Demonize to get in and start a Demon Form Combo. Be wary that none of your skills have Push Immunity.
  • Your main defensive skill with Paralysis Immunity are Demonic Slash, Demonic Clone and Rising Claw. You are still vulnerable to knock ups and crowd control.

Shadowhunter 1v1 PvP Build

Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build EU 3

Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Combo

Shadowhunter Normal Form Combo

  • Engage with Sharpened Cut or Demon Vision.
  • Follow with Demonic Clone.
  • Briefly walk forward before finishing with Thrust Impact, else it won’t connect. Using Rush also works to connect the skill.
  • Note: If you need to extend a combo when the opponent is on the ground, you can auto attack (LMB) twice, wait for the spin, then auto attack a third time to perform a dashing attack that will lift them up again.

Shadowhunter Demon Form Combo 1

  • Engage with Ruining Rush.
  • Follow with Gore Bleeding

Shadowhunter Demon Form Combo 2

  • Engage with Leaping Blow.
  • Finish with confirms Blood Massacre.


  • Keep your enemies and teammates within vision, Demon Vision and Gate of Eruption are great peeling skills.
  • Use your Demonic Slash to get advantageous positions..
  • Remember your Push Immunity skills and escapes.
  • Abuse FoV (Field of Vision) by and keeping your opponents horizontal from you so you can hit with long range skills.

Deathblade or Shadowhunter? – Lost Ark Shadowhunter PvP Build

Lost Ark’s Deathblade is the more conventional Assassin out of the two Advanced Classes. Slicing her enemies into ribbons and getting out without a scratch, she’s perfect for those who primary rogue-style characters in other video games.

Reliant on quick attacks, she’s not as tanky as her Shadowhunter sister, dealing more burst damage instead of sustained, dragged out fights. This makes her playstyle a little more high danger but is perfect for those who are willing to compromise everything to reduce Arkesia’s enemies.

We advise her for those searching for a more direct design of Assassin, but for those trying to find a bit more of a health buffer, we ‘d suggest you opt for Shadowhunter.

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