Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU

Welcome to our Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU guide. If you chose to walk the path of Sorceress , you need to know the PvP settings. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the best skill sets for Lost Ark’s Sorceress Advanced Class.

Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU

The Sorceress is your traditional mage class introduced recently into Lost Ark specializing in ranged combat. This class has a good skill ceiling, but can be easy to pick up as well. She has many flexible combo options and can potentially take over a battle with her mobility and low Cooldowns.

This class ranks decently high on the overall PvP tier list for Team Deathmatch (3v3). Although her damage is above average, most of it is tied with hitting skill shots. She is vulnerable when there isn’t enough Identity Gauge for teleports. On top of that, she can be susceptible to aggressive enemies with heavy Push Immunity. The meta build for this class has zero Push Immunity skills, so be cautious.

Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU 1

Sorceress Pros (+)

  • Good Peels ✔
  • High Mobility ✔
  • Good Damage ✔
  • Low Cooldowns ✔

Sorceress Cons (-)

  • ❌Squishy
  • ❌Skillshot Reliant
  • ❌Low Push Immunity
  • ❌Vulnerable Early Game

Sorceress 3v3 PvP Build

Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU 2


  • The Sorceress revolves around good positioning and long range skills. Try to stay close to your teammates early on in the battle as you can struggle without Teleportation.
  • When using Seraphic Hail or Reverse gravity, be ready to Phase jump or Teleportation to counter a Push Immunity engage.
  • Although you have relatively low Cooldowns, be wary of your mana.
  • Look for engage opportunities with Frost’s Call and Lightning Vortex. Be patient with your skills. Leave heavy engagements to your teammates and support them.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Enviska’s Might early on if you need to gain Identity Gauge for Teleportation.
  • Use Teleportation towards the left and right of your screen to abuse Field of Vison (FoV).

Sorceress 1v1 PvP Build

Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU 3

Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Combo

Sorceress Combo 1

  • Engage with Frost’s Call.
  • Follow with Lightning Vortex.
  • Finish with Punishing Strike or Esoteric Reaction. (Note: you can fit in both finishers if you angle Reactor correctly.)

Sorceress Combo 2

  • Catch with Reverse gravity.
  • Finish with Esoteric Reaction, Punishing Strike or Seraphic Hail. (Note you can also fit in Elemental Fusion and Punishing Strike if positioned properly).


  • Stick with your team and focus on keeping each other safe from opponents.
  • Be patient, mana can be an issue with this class with its low Cooldowns.
  • The Sorceress is a flexible class. Many skills can chain into each other for a lot of combo potential.
  • Abuse FoV (Field of Vision) by teleporting and keeping your opponents horizontally from you.

Video Guide Lost Ark Sorceress PvP Build EU

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