ManaSoul Spells, Elements and Schools

In Manasoul, you take on the role of a wizard in the world of Valeira! So do you have any information about these spells, the elements you need in spells, the schools that are interested in spells? Here this ManaSoul Spells, Elements and Schools guide contains many details about four different magic schools, four different elements and spells.

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ManaSoul Spells, Elements and Schools

This ManaSoul Spells, Elements and Schools guide will cover various basics about the Spirit of Mana, such as Elements, Magic Schools, and various Spells. The game is updated very often, so the Spell list may become outdated, we will update this guide accordingly when we learn about new additions and/or changes.

The Four Elements

You will be permanently locked into the Element you select so please make sure to choose your favorite.
(There may be a way to change Elements in the future, however, it will be extremely expensive.)

Before I explain the different Elements to you, I’ll just let you know right here:

Mages of any Element can play as any role they would like to!! Every Element has access to Spells that will allow them to deal damage to enemies, tank for the party, or heal their friends.
Each Element just changes how you do these things, like different flavors.

That being said, if an Element is exceptionally useful in a particular School of Magicks then I will note it here. The game is constantly undergoing balance changes and so please take the “Excels at” section with a grain of salt.

  • Fire

    Fire is the symbol of death and rebirth, an unparalleled source of destruction that paves the way for new life. Volatile and wild Magicks.Fire Magicks on average have medium cast times, high power, and slow cooldowns.
    Very high potential damage output at the expense of accuracy.
    Favors Damage-Over-Time and Heal-Over-Time effects, such as burning the enemy over a duration rather than delivering all of the damage up front.Excels at: Any School. Enchantment is notably strong right now.Fire Mages are often Outgoing, Extroverted, Passionate, and Emotional.

  • Water

    Water is a gentle force of renewal and life, but also a terrifying force of destruction. Calm and serene Magicks.Water Magicks on average have medium cast times, medium power, and medium cooldowns.
    Control the battlefield at the expense of raw damage output.
    Favors supportive or disabling effects (Pull, Sleep, Blind) that can turn the tide of battle for themselves or allies whilst also maintaining strong damage.Excels at: Any School. Elementalism is notably strong right now.Water Mages are often Easygoing, Selfless, Empathetic, and Sincere.

  • Earth

    Earth represents the stalwart and the stoic, and harnesses the very heart of Valeyra itself. Strong and stable Magicks.Earth Magicks on average have high cast times, medium power, and fast cooldowns.
    Many defensive effects as well as halting the movement of enemies (Stuns).
    Favors taunting Spells and shielding effects, deflecting damage that they, or their allies, would have taken.Excels at: Martial (as a Tank) and Enchantment (Performs as a Shielder rather than a traditional Healer).Earth Mages are often Stoic, Honest, Hardworking, and Brave.

  • Wind

    Wind is the essence of freedom and speed, with Mages following wherever the wind blows. Pure and free Magicks.Wind Magicks on average have fast cast times, low power, and fast cooldowns.
    Impressive speed, with many Wind Spells having much lower casting times.
    Favors imbuing movement speed or allowing the player to dash frequently in and out of danger.Excels at: Any School. Martial was notably strong last time I checked.Wind Mages are often Laid Back, Agreeable, Friendly, and Curious.

The Four Schools

These different Schools of Magicks are what you spend your level up Stat points on. These Stats don’t actually increase your Health or Mana or anything like that. Instead, what these Stats do is determine which Spells you can learn & use, how effective the effects of those Spells are, and also the Basic Attack damage scaling depending on which weapon you’re currently wielding.

Here’s an explanation of each of the four Schools:

  • The Martial School of Magicks

    Swordsmen, Warriors, Spellblades, Tanks and Assassins.
    This Stat is what you’ll want to go with if any of those play styles sound like fun to you.
    Martial Spells tend to be close range. They typically deal a good amount of damage and include things such as taunts and warp strikes.Some Martial Spells are more defensive such as shields for the user or restoring your own HP.

  • The Evocation School of Magicks

    Traditional Mages, Offensive Magick Casters, Area of Effect Specialists.
    This Stat tends to be related to Spells with a longer cast time that deal heavy burst damage, sometimes in a wide area to multiple targets.Command the raw power of various natural disasters!

  • The Enchantment School of Magicks

    Healers, Supports, Shielders, Debuffers.
    This Stat is mostly related to the various healing Spells. It also includes some Spells that inflict negative effects to your opponents such as crowd control.
    Each Element has access to one attack Spell right now known as Smite.It deals some damage however you’ll find that Enchantment is typically for those seeking to help their allies rather than hurt their enemies.

  • The Elementalism School of Magicks

    Jack of All Trades and Utility Mages.
    This Stat is a bit more complicated than the others due to one major factor: each Element is very unique. Elementalism Spells focus on harnessing the specific strengths and weaknesses of each Elemental Affinity to their maximum.Some examples:
    Fire Elementalism spells will feature a lot of Burning damage over time effects, high damage output and likely high mana costs.
    Water Elementalism spells will mostly focus on slowing effects, healing, etc.
    Earth Elementalism Spells tend to apply stuns and shields.

You can reset your Stat points! Head on over to the General Store in Gemshine City and purchase a Mindmelt Tincture for 500 Gold if you want to respec.

The Spells

You can only know a maximum of 8 Spells at a time aside from the required two Spells (Meditation and Recall).


  • [Req: #] means you need to have that number of the associated Stat to learn and use the Spell.
  • Projectile: don’t need a target highlighted to use the Spell.
  • Targeted: need to have a target highlighted to use the Spell.
  • Warp-to-Target: teleport to your highlighted target upon using the Spell.
  • Self-Cast: targets yourself or originates from the player.
  • AoE: applies it’s effects in an area around the target.

Fire Spells

Martial School
  • Emberfist [Req: 2] Close-Range, Damage, Projectile
  • Flame Rush [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Heatblade [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Damage, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Battle Cry [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Taunt, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Flaming Blade [Req: 18] Damage, Buff, Self-Cast
  • Meteor Dive [Req: 24] Mid-Range, Damage, Warp-to-Target
Evocation School
  • Fire Shard [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Projectile
  • Heat Storm [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Damage, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Combust [Req: 12] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted, AoE
  • Flame Burst [Req: 18] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Enflame [Req: 24] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
Enchantment School
  • Fiery Smite [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Cauterize [Req: 2] Long-Range, Heal, Targeted
  • Passion Flare [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Heal, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Embolden [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Buff, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Healing Brand [Req: 18] Long-Range, Heal, Targeted
  • Cleansing Fire [Req: 24] Mid-Range, Heal, Cleanse, Self-Cast, AoE
Elementalism School
  • Ruby Shine [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Fireball [Req: 6] Long-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE
  • Ignite [Req: 12] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Wall of Fire [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE
  • Spitfire [Req: 24] Close-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE

Water Spells

Martial School
  • Frostgrasp [Req: 2] Close-Range, Damage, Projectile
  • Jetpunch [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Damage, Warp-to-Target
  • Blood in Water [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Taunt, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Refresh [Req: 12] Heal, Self-Cast
  • Liquid Whip [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE
  • Trident [Req: 24] Close-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE(?)
Evocation School
  • Water Shard [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Projectile
  • Waterfall [Req: 6] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Geyser [Req: 12] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Targeted
  • Hallig’s Wave [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE
  • Sapphire Rain [Req: 24] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted, AoE
Enchantment School
  • Cascading Smite [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Life Dew [Req: 2] Long-Range, Heal, Targeted
  • Water Blessing [Req: 6] Buff, Self-Cast
  • Bubble Vault [Req: 12] Long-Range, Sleep, Targeted
  • Bubble Shield [Req: 18] Long-Range, Shield, Targeted
  • Font of Life [Req: 24] Close-Range, Heal, Projectile, AoE
Elementalism School
  • Sapphire Shine [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Bubble Shower [Req: 6] Long-Range, Damage, Slowing, Projectile, AoE(?)
  • Healing Springs [Req: 12] Long-Range, Heal, Targeted
  • Current [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Damage, Push, Projectile, AoE
  • Whirlpool [Req: 24] Close-Range, Damage, Pull, Projectile, AoE

Earth Spells

Martial School
  • Stonegrip [Req: 2] Close-Range, Damage, Projectile
  • Provoking Slam [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Damage, Taunt, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Onyx Shield [Req: 12] Shield, Self-Cast
  • Hardened Skin [Req: 18] Invulnerability, Self-Cast
  • Granite Hammer [Req: 24] Close-Range, Damage, Stun, Projectile, AoE
Evocation School
  • Earth Shard [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Projectile,
  • Shatter [Req: 6] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Targeted
  • Upheave [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Damage, Projectile, AoE(?)
  • Quake [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Damage, Stun, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Landslide [Req: 24] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Targeted
Enchantment School
  • Earthen Smite [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Earthen Mend [Req: 2] Long-Range, Heal, Targeted
  • Topaz Shell [Req: 6] Long-Range, Shield, Targeted
  • Stone Coffin [Req: 12] Long-Range, Stun, Targeted
  • Topaz Barrier [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Shield, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Earthslip [Req: 24] Long-Range, Shield, Warp-to-Target
Elementalism School
  • Topaz Shine [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Stoneskin [Req: 6] Shield, Self-Cast
  • Quicksand [Req: 12] Long-Range, Damage, Snare, Targeted
  • Boulder [Req: 18] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Projectile
  • Crush [Req: 24] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Targeted

Wind Spells

Martial School
  • Gustkick [Req: 2] Close-Range, Damage, Projectile
  • Flurry [Req: 6] Close-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Challenge [Req: 12] Long-Range, Taunt, Targeted
  • Swiftstep [Req: 12] Dash
  • Airwisp [Req: 18] Invisibility, Buff, Self-Cast
  • Harpy Slicer [Req: 24] Mid-Range, Damage, Targeted
Evocation School
  • Wind Shard [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Push, Projectile
  • Aero [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Damage, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Gust [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Damage, Push, Stun(?), AoE
  • Razor Wind [Req: 18] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Windshear [Req: 24] Long-Range, Damage, Projectile
Enchantment School
  • Aero Smite [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Soft Winds [Req: 2] Long-Range, Heal, Targeted
  • Wind Blessing [Req: 6] Mid-Range, Buff, Self-Cast, AoE
  • Draft [Req: 12] Long-Range, Slowing, Targeted
  • Rejuvenating Wind [Req: 18] Mid-Range, Heal, Projectile, AoE
  • Wind Song [Req: 24] Mid-Range, Heal, Buff, Self-Cast, AoE
Elementalism School
  • Jade Shine [Req: 2] Long-Range, Damage, Targeted
  • Windwalk [Req: 6] Dash
  • Shockwave [Req: 12] Mid-Range, Damage, Push, Projectile, AoE
  • Clouds [Req: 18] Long-Range, Blind, Slowing, Targeted
  • Twister [Req: 24] Long-Range, Damage, Stun, Targeted
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