Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code – Preston’s Shop

Unlock secrets at Preston's Store in Pet Simulator 99! Find the Super Secret Code and locate the shop with our comprehensive guide, answering all your questions.

When he finds Preston’s Store, if you interact with Preston, he’ll ask you to enter a code. And what is this secret code? How will you find Preston’s Store? Here you can find answers to all your questions using the information in this Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code – Preston’s Shop guide!

Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code – Preston’s Shop

Are you on the hunt for the elusive Super Secret Code to access Preston’s hidden location in Pet Simulator 99? Look no further! Our guide has got you covered with detailed instructions on how to find Preston’s shop and unlock the mysteries within.

Preston’s Location

Preston’s dwelling is a well-guarded secret, accessible only to those who reach Area 35 in Pet Simulator 99. Navigate through the tunnel in the solution of the partition, revealing a hole in the wall leading to Preston’s domain. Upon interaction, players will be prompted to enter the exclusive Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret Code.

Super Secret Code Preston’s Shop

Redeem Super Secret Code - Preston's Shop

In Pet Simulator 99, Preston’s Store is nestled in the 35th area, found within the Safari section. Take a right turn and explore the alleyway on the left side of Area 36 to unveil Preston’s House.

Tips and Warnings:

Exercise caution when seeking the Super Secret Code; there are impostors claiming to have the correct information. Be wary of photoshopped images circulating on the internet trust only verified sources.

Video Guide

Our team is tirelessly working to uncover the correct code, and we’ll update this section as soon as we have the accurate information. Until then, proceed with caution and happy hunting in Pet Simulator 99!

Unlocking Preston’s secret location adds a thrilling dimension to your Pet Simulator 99 experience. Follow our guide for precise instructions, and stay tuned for updates on the elusive Super Secret Code.

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