Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs

Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs

Welcome to our Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs Guide. Every mech rated from tier S (Best Rate) to Tier E (Worst Tier) in an upgraded Rate List. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released.

Tier List

Tier S

  • Raven: Light Mech
  • Annihilator: Assault Mechs
  • Cyclops: Assault Mechs

Tier A

  • Spider: Light Mech
  • Kintaro: Medium Mech
  • Shadowhawk: Medium Mech
  • Wolverine: Medium Mech
  • Orion: Heavy Mech
  • Quickdraw: Heavy Mech
  • Marauder: Heavy Mech
  • Grasshopper: Heavy Mech
  • Cataphract: Heavy Mech
  • Nightstar: Assault Mechs
  • Atlas: Assault Mechs
  • Mauler: Assault Mechs
  • Stalker: Assault Mechs
  • Battlemaster: Assault Mechs
  • Banshee: Assault Mechs
  • Highlander: Assault Mechs

Tier B

  • Crab: Medium Mech
  • Hunchback: Medium Mech
  • Centurion: Medium Mech
  • Griffin: Medium Mech
  • Trebuchet: Medium Mech
  • Blackjack: Medium Mech
  • Cicada: Medium Mech
  • Black Knight: Heavy Mech
  • Warhammer: Heavy Mech
  • Thunderbolt: Heavy Mech
  • Catapult: Heavy Mech
  • Rifleman: Heavy Mech
  • Archer: Heavy Mech
  • King Crab: Assault Mechs
  • Awesome: Assault Mechs
  • Victor: Assault Mechs

Tier C

  • Javelin: Light Mech
  • Wolfhound: Light Mech
  • Jener: Light Mech
  • Locust: Light Mech
  • Firestarter: Light Mech
  • Phoenix Hawk: Medium Mech
  • Enforcer: Medium Mech
  • Jager: Heavy Mech
  • Dragon: Heavy Mech
  • Zeus: Assault Mechs

Tier D

  • Panther: Light Mech
  • Vindicator: Medium Mech
  • Assasin: Medium Mech

Tier E

  • Commando: Light Mech
  • Flea: Light Mech
  • Urban: Mech Light Mech

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