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The Last Spell Portrait Codes

The Last Spell Portrait Codes

Welcome to our The Last Spell Portrait Codes Guide. Unlock all the portraits with these codes: Zaina, Sandra, Chloe, Serafina, Karola, Wanda, Jess, Lilou, Catalina, Freyja, Kaia, Marion as well as Adrian. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released.


  • Zaina portrait code: 0F491717151101050F6F040E000421
  • Sandra portrait code: 0F0311132107012517770400030821
  • Chloe portrait code: 0F551F290919012109650204010121
  • Serafina portrait code: 0F2D1D17051B010B17050600020521
  • Karola portrait code: 09250F11130D010503690200020821
  • Wanda portrait code: 1129151D211101231505020C040921
  • Jess portrait code: 0B39131B1B190103175F0509000821
  • Lilou portrait code: 0F3D11291F1901130B1F0407020921
  • Catalina portrait code: 0D55111911070125130B0505020421
  • Freyja portrait code: 0B51031F1D110123074B020F010121
  • Kaia portrait code: 0B4D15210319012503730A03070A21
  • Marion portrait code: 030F09191D17012711490C00070521
  • Adrian portrait code: 102C100E1816002C0C4C0505000820 (Bonus Code)

If you know any other portrait code, leave us a remark so we can add it to the checklist.

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