Melody of Seasons Wishlists, Map & Pests

Enhance your farming adventure with our Melody of Seasons Wishlists, Map & Pests guide. Harvest, raise, craft, and progress with ease!

Harvest crops, raise livestock, feed, fish, mine, craft and cook. If you need a guide to help you improve yourself and progress in the game in this adventure where you live a farmer’s life, our Melody of Seasons Wishlists, Map & Pests guide is for you in all its details!

This is the guide hipsterdufus it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Melody of Seasons Wishlists, Map & Pests

You can use this Melody of Seasons Wishlists, Map & Pests guide to clarify and improve things in the game a little more. Check for wishlist, map, collection and pests!

Wishlists and Collections

Since there’s not currently a way to track the wishlists/collections I’ll add them here so you don’t have to write them down. (Subject to change later though!)

The townsfolk wishlists are meant to boost your relationship levels and they are also tallied in your end judgment score.

Townsfolk Wishlists


  • Potato, Milkshake, Cooked Trout, Waffles


  • Sapphire, Fish Taco, Fine Cheese, Pumpkin Pie


  • Jade, Lemon, Clam Chowder, Spaghetti


  • Beet, Custard, Carp, Four Leaf Clover


  • Peach, Cherry Ice Cream, Morel, Cardinal Feather


  • Rainbow Salad, Fine Cheese, Cherry, Four Leaf Clover


  • Coal, Lemon, Corn, Strawberry Ice Cream


  • Milk, Lemon Trout, Spaghetti, Pumpkin Pie


  • Peach, Coconut, Asparagus, Coal


  • Bass, Baked Potato, Wool, Blue Jay Feather


  • Cantaloupe, Lemon, Egg, Bunny Berry


  • Cherry Ice Cream, Cherry, Fine Cheese

Town Hall

The Aquarium

  • 3 Catfish, 3 Trout, 1 Stingray, 3 Tilapia, 1 Squid

Storage Room

  • 20 Wood Boards, 10 Hardwood Boards, 20 Linen, 20 Iron Ingots


  • 20 Glass, 10 Hardwood Boards, 3 Batteries, 2 Silicon


  • 20 Glass, 4 Batteries, 1 Ice Cream Maker, 10 Gold Ingots

Main Lobby

  • 40 Wood Boards, 20 Hardwood Boards, 30 Gold Ingots, 20 Villidium Ingots


This is a very basic and ugly map at this point It gives a little information on the scenes and main points of interest in them. All subject to change!

Currently all NPC houses are located in the Town scene except for Fleur and Jess – they are located in “North Town”.

Developer's Guide & Instruction Manual


Every day there’s a small chance one of these pests can spawn on your crops. Here’s how they work and how to deal with them.


Crows will destroy your crops by the end of the day. However, when you enter you farm you’ll have a chance to scare them off! The amount of time you have is random. Sometimes you don’t have much time at all, so hurry as fast as you can.

You can craft Scarecrows to ensure crows do not touch your crops. Currently, crows will still spawn but they will be scared off by the Scarecrows immediately when you enter the farm. Don’t worry, they still work even if you never enter the farm that day.


Bugs can spawn on your plants every day. Just swat them away by clicking a few times. If you don’t swat them away, they will destroy your plant at the end of the day.

You can craft and place Bat Houses to cut down on bugs.


Just like crows and bugs, weeds can spawn on your plants every day. You should remove weeds by clicking on them and then moving away from the plant until the weed snaps. If you don’t clear the weed, it won’t kill your crop but your crop will not grow further.

There’s currently no automatic way to clear weeds. You’ll just have to work hard…for now.

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