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Character Unlocks & Collectibles Characters Thea This is really easy as to save Thea. Chapter 4 […]

Character Unlocks & Collectibles



This is really easy as to save Thea. Chapter 4 get the Crowbar at the storage room where you first entered Arthur’s apartment, after you speak with Thea she is suddenly stuck and is about to drown. Quickly grab the towel and then open the bathroom cabinet to get the key card, go out the room and look for the window then open the window, go to the filter room and smash the window to get in and mess with the filter, the wrench is on the bottom right of the floor.


Mentor-15: This is a little bit complicated because you need to do this specifically by checking the middle monitor from concierge’s room with the Axis Module active after activating Ollie in the concierge’s room in Chapter 5. She will ask if you want to free her, at the cost of some of her energy.

Note: Using Ollie’s energy will result to you getting the bad ending where Nod dies from falling with Mentor.


Unter: Ok so in order to unlock Unter you have to first go up the Royce’s stairs (a tiring 24 story high walk) don’t worry about how to get to him as you get there whatever way because you meet him playing his rock guitar. Once you get the key for the padlock, go back and cut off Unter’s Axis power, after all this you go and take a look through Unter’s window only to see him staring at you with shock, click on him and then your good as golden to unlock him.

That’s all for the characters for now as the other ones are not unlockable until the next coming update.


#1: Type A node

  • Node (Type A): You need to get this one for the story to progress, so I’ll pass this one.

#2: Hades & Logan

  • Hades and Logan: In Chapter 2, check the suns just outside Maya’s apartment.

#3: Androids

  • Androids: In Chapter 3, check the rightmost android head once you break the crate in the cargo elevator.

#4: Axis Domes

  • Axis Domes: Outside of Hopton’s penthouse in Chapter 4, check the Axis dome in the top right corner.

#5: Bygones

  • Bygones: In Chapter 5, if you defeated the Bygone by yourself, check the blue poster by the right side of Royce exit. Check the deactivated Bygone if Ollie hacked it.

#6: Club 703

  • Club 703: When you get access to the PA system in Chapter 5, look for Club 703 in the leftmost cameras in one of them (can’t remember which one right now).

#7: Pengiun

  • Penguins (Pinz): In Chapter 6, turn off Unter’s Axis grid once you get the key and then check the poor shocked penguin by the window.

#8: PA Interface

  • PA Interfaces: In Ollie’s room, check inside the safe.


#1: Irene then and now

  • Irene then and now: In Chapter 1, check the calendar.

#2: Maya’s WIP

  • Maya’s WIP: In Chapter 2, finish off Maya’s painting.

#3: Ghost Schematics

  • Ghost Schematics: In Chapter 3, check the Ghost motorcycle as soon as you reach the cargo elevator.

#4: Royce

  • Royce before the incident: In Chapter 4, check the Floor Plans in the utility room.

#5: Inventory Sketches

  • Inventory sketches: In Chapter 5, check the folder near the monitors at the concierge’s room.

#6: Lost Coin

  • Lot coin: In Chapter 6, check the small coin that falls from the shelf when you knock at the glass for the first time.

#7: Nova at Night

  • Nova at night: In Chapter 7, just reach the top floor…I guess? I honestly don’t remember unlocking this one

There is one piece of artwork in every chapter so the next new coming chapter should always have 1 artworks at least.


‘Banshee’ and ‘Symmetry of Nature’ are already unlocked by default once the user starts the game.

Chapter 1

  • ‘Ah, it’s a maze’ and ‘Acronym’ is unlocked after finishing chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • ‘Waiting on a dream’ It is either unlocked after finishing Chapter 2 or after Nod finishes singing once he fuels the hover car.

Chapter 3

  • ‘Hang On’ this unlocked when you go to the elevator with the Ghost motorcycle.

Chapter 4

  • ‘Breathe’ This should be unlocked once you leave Hopton’s penthouse after dealing with Thea in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5

  • ‘Light It Up’ Unlocked in Chapter 5, when you defeat the Bygone regardless on which attempt.

Chapter 6

  • ‘Cold-hearted’ is unlocked after the flashbacks in Chapter 6 (you need to listen through the whole song don’t skip through).

Unter’s Solo It is unlocked after listening through Unter’s sorrowful solo play for Nod right after Irene sings Cold Hearted

There are no unlockable music in chapter 7.

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