Minotaur – Ollie’s Energy Levels

Ollie’s Energy Levels 1) Interact with as many stuff as you can while she’s around, as […]

Ollie’s Energy Levels

1) Interact with as many stuff as you can while she’s around, as this keeps her mind busy so she won’t be working on her project, and since working on that takes more energy than talking to you, this will save her energy. Please for Nod’s sake, it’s not that hard to just sit around and take things slow playing the game T-T.

2) Listen to her hints everytime a new one is available. You’ll know she have something in mind when the light bulb pops up in the icon on the top right corner. Very crucial to always check on Ollie’s interactive Icon as it’s obvious she loves you more than Irene.

OK Now Buckle UP, here comes the big Answers.
Please Note that:
(+) MEANS more Energy for Ollie
(-) MEANS energy consumption

3) Listening to the artwork skits in which Ollie participates gives a permanent bonus to her energy level (i.e. not just for one playthrough). The bonus can be applied at any time before Nod reaches the beginning of the last chapter!

d) Certain actions can also affect her energy levels (indicated by a + or -) by an unknown amount, so I’ll list the ones that I know (with their respective chapters):
+ Turn off the monitor and close the balcony door

Chapter 1

+ Stay in Maya’s car for about a minute after she asks that she expected more

Chapter 2

+ After being defeated by the Bygone the first time, beat Ollie’s puzzle and defeat the Bygone on the second attempt

Chapter 5

– Be defeated by the Bygone more than once (Chapter 5);
– Ask for her help to hack the Bygone. Note that this will happen regardless of your authorization if you lose to the Bygone a third time (Chapter 5);
– Free Mentor-15 in the concierge’s room

+ Interact with Ollie in the monitors before activating the PA interface system, specially with her butt.

+ Check every point of interest revealed by Ollie: Your apartment, Hoptons’ penthouse, Caretaker, Café, Art Gallery, Visions of the Future, Club 703, Cargo elevator, Robot Ad, Rooftop Garden, Maya’s apartment, Axis Generator (There are two, but you can only check one), Parking lot, ‘moving’ shadow, Passenger’s elevator and the Hornet.

+ Check the Irene’s Ad that is not highlighted by Ollie in the cameras (Chapter 5);
Note: Turning off Unter’s Axis Grid does not affect Ollie’s energy level (Chapter 6).

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