Missed Messages – Endings & Achievements

A guide for all endings and achievements for Missed Messages.

Endings and Achievements

This guide should get you all of the endings and achievements for Missed Messages. There seem to be multiple ways to get most of the endings, so I’m just including the dialogue options that worked for me. Please feel free to comment if I’ve missed anything, messed anything up, or you have something else to add.

NOTE: Achievements unlock when you exit the game.

Missed Ending

Click on your laptop.
Accept the message. (Continue to hit accept on all her messages after this.)
“Send meme back.”
“Working but can’t focus.”
“Let’s see the makeup.”
“You’re the cutest.”
Close your laptop.
“Let time pass.”
Click on your phone.
Click on the door.

Either open the door or call the police, your choice. If you open the door it’s not particularly gory, but it’s not pleasant either.


Forgive Ending

To get this achievement, follow the same instructions as the “Missed” ending above on your second playthrough.


Hope Ending

Click on your laptop.
Accept the message.
“Go back to work.”
Continue to click on “go back to work” until you hear voices from next door.
Click on the door. (The one facing you.)
Go back to your laptop, and click on “go back to work” until it gets quiet behind the door.
Knock on the door.
“Hang out.”
“Take a break.”
“How are you?”
“What do you mean?”
“Things you enjoy.”
“I’ll help you.”
“Let time pass.”
Go to the bathroom by clicking on the door to the hallway.
Click on May.
“Are you really okay?”
Either option.


Survivor Ending

Follow the same instructions as for the “Hope” ending above, but during the scene in the bathroom, click on “Ok” when May says she has to go. When the option to text her or ignore her pops up, click on “text”.

ACHIEVEMENT: survivor.

7 thoughts on “Missed Messages – Endings & Achievements”

  1. I have been trying to get the hope ending forever! This told me how without a stupid youtube video!! Thank you for telling me how!

    HINT: When the Missed Messages screen fills your computer screen and you can’t view this page, take a pic of the ending you want with another device and follow it on that device.

  2. I’m trying to get the hope ending for my first run and I think I’m doing something wrong I keep clicking go back to work like it says but I haven’t heard any voices yet this is like the second day in game at least according to the time and idk if it’s supposed to take that long or if I’m doing something wronf

  3. Oh my god this was the most well drawn and most inspiring game i have ever played. This game connected to me on a physical and spiritual level so much, i actually cried. Thank you so much!!

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