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If the longsword is the queen of weapons, meet the king.

Best Weapons Guide

General Info

Long range, versatility, high damage. These words describe the halberd and make it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Do you like being a safe distance from enemies and be able to poke them down if they make a mistake? Do you like catching opponents off guard and dealing massive damage with a headshot? Do you like polearms?! Then you’ll like the halberd.


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Weapons Gamemode Viability


Situational awareness is king on Frontline. Your distance to your enemies and teammates should dictate how you proceed. Your choice of weapons and armor gives you a margin of error. The halberd lets you hang back a little bit; you’re able to pick off wounded enemies or pressure the enemy line from afar, safer from the shorter weapons. Don’t mistake the halberd as a crutch however. If you lose situational awareness you can be rushed down and cut off without much trouble. However, if used effectively you can easily handle being pressured yourself at closer distance as long as you carefully manage your footwork and do not panic.


I do not play Horde often. However, to my understanding, ranged weapons and safespotting is the way to go here. Though it retains the strengths and weaknesses I touched on in the Frontline section, you’re better off picking up some sort of bow to better utilize safespots.

Battle Royale

Usually you’ll go with whatever weapon you have in BR. Nevertheless, if you manage to find the halberd it is able to easily 1vX seeing as you’ll usually outrange either enemy and you can utilize riposte target switching.


Retains strengths and weaknesses from Frontline. Situational awareness is more emphasized here as enemies and teammates respawn continuously on a smaller map.


Same as Frontline/Skirmish however you may be overwhelmed due to a lack of teammates to reduce pressure on yourself if outnumbered. Play distance in any encounters to set up your counterattacks.

Team Deathmatch

Same as Frontline/Skirmish.

Matchup Tips


  • Against shorter weapons you can safely pressure with stabs to whittle down enemy stamina
  • Against same length or longer utilize footwork to force a miss and capitalize with a stab and start a combo
  • Switching to alt-grip is a good way to change timings enough to get a hit in on enemies that didn’t notice the grip switch
  • Against shields if you’re keeping proper halberd range most shield players will stab. Do not go for the chamber as it costs 20 stamina and they can easily block it out stam you in the long run. Instead try to matrix to squeeze a stab in or parry it to get in a riposte. Make sure you don’t tunnel vision and keep an eye out for any more enemies or teammates.
  • Against other halberds watch out for the grip switch. Otherwise treat it like other same length or longer weapons
  • Against fists/facehuggers don’t panic parry. Riposte into a kick or chamber to regain initiative and reset distance.


  • Remember that the halberd in either grip is a sharp weapon. Riposte target switching may let you hit multiple targets if spaced close enough. HOWEVER, If any shields are mixed in they can stop your follow through just by holding block. (HOWEVER)^2, shields are easy stab chambers as mentioned in the 1v1 section and you can drag this chamber to a nearby opponent for quick damage.
  • Keeping enemies in your FOV is crucial. You can’t parry a hit you can’t see.
  • In the best of situations you can easily kill or dissuade 3-4 attackers, but not all situations will play in your favor. Don’t take risks and you might just survive long enough for backup to arrive.
  • Backpedaling places you on the defensive and makes it easy for enemies to get past your optimal distance. You may be able to reset distance by throwing quick stabs or feinting.


  • The halberd as a wide horizontal swing range. If engaged in a team fight rely on overheads or stabs.
  • Remember that if the enemies have sharp weapons don’t rely on your teammates to parry. If they get hit the follow through will hit you.
  • Your stab has a very long reach. Use it to capitalize on enemies attacking your teammates from a safe distance.

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