Rage 2 – Mutant Spores

Mutant Spores

What is a mutant spore?

Mutant Spores is a resource that can be sold in the MBTV store. For each unit you will receive approx. 500 tokens. Thanks to this, you can buy things in MBTV store without wasting time on fighting in the arena.

How to get mutant spores?

This raw material can be obtained in several ways. In most cases you will get it by performing other actions. So you don’y have to focus only on gathering spores.

Mutant spores are often hidden in the Ark’s chest. If you open them you can get a large amount of this raw material. Akr chests are easiest to find in Arks and ECOPODS.

If you want to get locations of all ECOPODS check out our Eco-Pods section of our guide.

You can also get spores from chests and containers falling from balloons. Remember, however, that these cases can also spawn mutants. So be careful when collecting this raw material.

This raw material sometimes falls out of killed mutants, so it can happen that you get it by simply eliminating a bunch of opponents.

This product can also be purchased. It costs only $10.

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