Mordhau – Frontline Archer

How to Frontline Archer? Get a recurve bow and dodge, fight in the front right behind […]

How to Frontline Archer?

Get a recurve bow and dodge, fight in the front right behind your allies



  • Recurve Bow


  • Huntsman
    This will help you fight off other pesky archers, time to kill is important for us considering we’d be at a disadvantage (exposed), try to hide behind your teammates if you’re targeted (archers are hated anyways, what’s another little bit?).
  • Friendly
    Since you’re gonna be on the front make sure to take this, after some getting used to you’ll miss quite a bit less, but still take it unless you wanna get ganged up on by your team too.
  • Dodge
    Bread and butter of our build, if anyone closes in on you in a skirmish just dash out of the way. You should be able to out-duel other archers unless you’re at a great distance. To get maximum distance out of your backwards dodge, make sure your bow isn’t currently drawn as the distance will be shortened (Try to make the most of this.).
  • Ranger
    Allows you to move quicker while aiming, no brainer.

Target Priority

  • Immediate Threats
    For obvious reasons, we need to get rid of these first. If you’ve got no allies around you try to use your environment to your advantage, perhaps forcing enemies to use stabs in close quarters?
  • Archers
    These will be your main focus since they are your biggest threat, try to stay behind your teammates or dodge those slow projectiles
  • People currently swinging
    No reason not to take advantage of their defenseless state. As with all things, timing is important since they can swing your arrows away too, this’ll mainly come from trial and error so just practice.
  • People who aren’t about to parry anything
    Hopefully they don’t have their eyes set on you, it’s not too hard to parry an arrow you know is coming.
  • Everyone else

Notes and Tips

  • Since you’re gonna be in the front make sure you shoot your arrows soon after a parry, your attacks will be parried too if they time one of your bud’s attacks. You can also use this to your advantage and force a parry from an annoyed enemy for them to be struck by your ally.
  • Every dodge consumes 10 stamina. I’d keep at least 30 stamina left at all times, go rest your bow arm for a sec unless you’re feeling risky.
  • Git gud at missing your allies before you try this out.
  • Learn some parkour here
  • Don’t look at me if more people on your team become archers and you lose

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