Mordhau – Horde Mode Survival Guide

Horde Mode Survival Guide This guide offers simple, practical tips for improving your chances of survival […]

Horde Mode Survival Guide

This guide offers simple, practical tips for improving your chances of survival in Mordhau’s Horde Mode.


Buy a ranged weapon ASAP.
Find a tower accessible only by ladder.
Kill enemies from the safety of your tower.
Climb down and buy arrows when you run out.
Spend disposable income on healing items, better armour and more powerful ranged weapons.


Horde Mode is a co-op mode where a team of human players face waves of bots. These waves grow in difficulty over time, offering more enemy variety.

As you defeat waves of enemies, you earn more coins. You can spend these to upgrade your gear and improve your chances of survival. Different gear is scattered all across the map.

You regenerate lost health when your team successfully defeats a wave. Other than that, you do not have any health regeneration (outside of consumable medical supplies).

If you die, you will come back to life at the end of the round, as long as at least one of your allies survives the wave.

There are 21 waves to beat.

Early Game

You should focus on saving up for a decent ranged weapon ASAP. A recurve bow costs 100 coins, so that is your first saving goal.

To make early game farming more efficient, get a cheap melee weapon with decent range. I recommend buying a hoe, which costs 15 coins. You start the game with 20 coins, so you can afford a hoe right away.

The first few waves of enemies are fairly forgiving. Even so, try to stick together. More importantly, try not to get yourself killed. Practice kiting the opponents, avoid getting cornered or surrounded.

Do not over-commit to honourable duels in this mode. Striking and retreating is safer. Target switching seems to be effective as well.

If you are having trouble with opponents that hide behind shields, try kicks followed by overhead strikes.

Mid Game

Once you have a ranged weapon, find a tower that can only be climbed using a ladder. Bots can’t climb ladders, giving you a massive advantage. Shoot them from the relative safety of your tower. Aim for the eyes if you can, or the centre of mass if you can’t.

Be careful and avoid enemy ranged attacks.

When you run out of arrows, climb down and run to buy more arrows. Then return to the top of your tower. Rinse and repeat.

Late Game

Your late game strategy will be similar to your mid-game strategy.

As you find yourself with more and more disposable income, you should invest in better armour, harder hitting ranged weapons and healing items.

If you stick to the plan and don’t play too recklessly, you should prevail.

4 thoughts on “Mordhau – Horde Mode Survival Guide”

  1. Not a Cheat

    You’re basically saying “exploit a flaw in the game and cheat your way to winning”

    Why even write a guide?

  2. Lol it seems you really only did that boring archer-run-away-tactic. Otherwise you would have known that a melee kill regenerates HP.

  3. Lord Wunderfrog

    I was immensely disappointed by this guide.
    Very misleading title, too.
    The whole ‘Survival Guide’ was just basically “Go where the enemies can’t get you and cheat”

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