Skullgirls – How to Beat Bloody Marie

How to Beat Bloody Marie Beginning So. If you are here, you have reached a certain […]

How to Beat Bloody Marie


So. If you are here, you have reached a certain level of skill in Skullgirls.
You have your favorite character ready at all times, and you start owning those nightmare-difficulty leveled enemies.

But you know, if you play in nightmare-difficulty in [Arcade] or [Survival] mode, marie will appear as your opponent in the 9th round of arcade/or in the end of survival mode(Yup. There is a end in survival mode.).

This [Bloody Marie], or some say, [Marie 300%] is quite the enemy, and she will totally own you if you are not prepared.

But hey, now there is a way that would make you beat her quite easily!!

First of all, you would need to have 2 or more characters as a team including Cerebella. The other characters can be anything you want, but I strongly recommend [Big band], or [Beowolf] in the team. If you can time your super attacks well enough, there will be no problem whatsoever. But you must bring Cerebella in your team to beat her.


There are some skills that you need to memorize before starting that whole scheme.
[Cerebella] : Diamond Deflecter (RIGHT – DOWN – RIGHT – LP)
[Big Band] : Brass Knuckles[HP] (LEFT[hold] – RIGHT – HP) / Super Sonic Jazz (DOWN – RIGHT – P+P)
[Beowolf] : Gigan Arm Sweep[Without chair] (DOWN – HK) / Gigantic Arm (DOWN – RIGHT – P+P)

Fighting Marie

Now, the hard part

As you might have known, Marie has three phases.
Here are the steps to beat Marie.

First Phase

The First Phase is a chance for you to both charge up your meter and give some heavy damage onto her.

1. As soon as the round starts, Quickly switch to [CEREBELLA].
2. Keep your distance between you and Marie.(Dash backwards. This will make it easier for you to time the deflecting against her attacks)
3. Keep deflecting!!

Marie has four first-phase attacks

[1] Swarm of skulls that she hurls at you.

[2] Giant Swarm of gigan skulls which flies to you horizontly/diagnol direction.

[3] Grab attack (from the ground)

[4] A skeleton popping from the ground (in standing form) which dissapears after a few seconds if not attacked or touched.

Number [1] and [4] are the attacks that you should try reflecting, and [2]/[3] are the ones that you need to avoid getting hit.

Things you need to know

1. If you want to reflect a projectile with Diamond Deflecter, that projectile should be in close range(right in-front of her fingertips when she does the motion.)
2. You dont need to get close to the [4]th attack of Marie`s. If you reflect a skull infront of a skeleton, it will cause a chain reaction and send all the projectiles on screen to be yours instead.
3. There will be times when Marie will pause between the attacks. This is a good time to build up your meter. Keep using the Diamond Deflecter unless you need to block yourself from the [3] : Grab attack.
4. The [2]nd attack can also be deflected, but you will get damaged if you try deflecting it alone.

Second Phase

The hard part ! – Time to use all your meter

1. Change into another character ([Big Band], and [Beowolf] are good examples.)
2. Use your meter between Marie`s attacks.
3. Try blocking her attacks, or simply ignore it!!(if you`re Big Band or Beowolf/or other character that has armored attacks)

Marie has seven Second-phase attacks

[1] Smacking your face – (Shadow)

[2] Smacking from behind – (Shadow)

[3] Uppercut – (Shadow)

[4] Stomping – (Shadow)

[5] Ballerina – (Diagnal[above])

[6] Mafia slasher – (Horizontal)

[7] Mafia shooter – (Diagnal[down])

Marie will mostly use Attack [1] if you are close to her, and sometimes mix others. There are 2~3 seconds of time-space between her attacks, which is a good time for you to use your meter.

Things you need to know

1. If you have 2~3 attack-based armored attacks, use those attacks when she attacks you. If you use Painwheel, This will be freaking easy(most of her attacks are heavy-armored)
2. There will be time when she will mess up your timing and give you heavy damage. Dont be afraid to try again.(Unless you meet her in survival mode. If you are, then good luck.)
3. Marie has a little space above her head that you can hit her with your heavy attacks, if you are precise, attacking here will make marie miss some attacks.

Third Phase

Showdown !! Revenger Cerebella

1. Switch back to [Cerebella]
2. Keep your distance between you and Marie.
3. Do the same thing with the [[First Phase]].

Things you need to know

1. If you got a lot of damage as Cerebella in the [First] or [Second] phase, you have a big chance to fail here. So…… Don`t get hit?
2. Try again and again. You have infinite chances here. (Unless you are in survival mode.)

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