Murderous Pursuits – Tips and Tricks

What kind of numbers did you crunch out? Basically all the numbers you (and sometimes don’t) […]

What kind of numbers did you crunch out?

Basically all the numbers you (and sometimes don’t) need in normal gameplay.
Cooldown of abilities, time it takes to get exposed and the good ole’ sprinting vs fast walking vs walking.


Getting good in a game is more than just having the raw skill. Knowledge is power and only by knowing what you are doing can you git gud.

So why don’t you tell me these numbers already?

Because you’re reading the preface, instead of scrolling down…

Murderous Pursuits Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for surviving in Murderous Pursuits

  1. If you know who your hunter is make sure to stun him so he loses you as a target. This means if you stun every hunter that’s onto you, you don’t have to be afraid of everyone and can move more freely around the premises until you get a new hunter.
  2. Never enter a room alone. If your hunters can’t make out which one of the entering crowd triggered the alarm (aka you), your chances are better of killing them or misleading them into attacking someone else.
  3. Never be in a room alone. If you’re alone in a room then obviously when a hunter finds you he will be 100% sure you’re his target and then there’s no escape.
  4. Always act as a NPC, this game is really unique and the mechanics are rather complex. Please remember that NPCs never get killed or stunned.
  5. Always keep an eye on your exposure gauge, if it’s down to two, head for safety. You don’t want to get exposed and be caught by your hunter or quarry with a symbol hovering above your head that will tell them who you are.
  6. If you are sure your hunter or quarry saw you while being exposed, break the line of sight, hide and walk away.
  7. Learn the level layouts, this is extremely important as you will want to know which rooms are mostly filled if you wan’t to run away from a hunter or catch a Quarry.
  8. You can fast walk in Murderous Pursuits by holding down the space button.

So now I hope you paid attention, will take this advice and try it out. So many of my killers and quarries ran around, hid in a crowd and tried to pass as innocent. The problem is: Players aren’t stupid guards from Assassin’s Creed, they will notice you and act accordingly.

If you have any further suggestions or comments feel free to leave them under the guide.

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