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In this content, you can find My Cute Roommate Walkthrough, endings and all the scenes. You can read the guides of the sections you are stuck on. You can use the “CTRL+F” combination to find the section you are looking for in the My Cute Roommate guide faster. This will take you to the section of the Walkthrough you want.

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September 24, 2023: My Cute Roommate Walkthrough updated!

My Cute Roommate Walkthrough

To start you need to unencumber tasks, so visit each place available (College, Library, Store..) and speak with each NPC yo find (your roommate, Emily, Dean, Anna…).

My Cute Roommate Walkthrough
My Cute Roommate Walkthrough

Try to be polite, don’t fear an excessive amount of approximately hearts however be careful (smooth your bathroom, don’t awaken your roommate at night…), and awareness on unlocking new events (like we’re going to provide an explanation for you) with every character. But soak up thoughts that each one the characters paths are associated and you need to development via they all on the equal time.

My Cute Roommate FAQ

  • Jamal: he will give you all the pills, the ratcatcher and the massage oil. To find him > donate (doctor) on the floor > walk at evening (city) > fight and find Jamal.
  • Dick laptop password: 1234
  • Screwdriver: progress through shopkeeper’s path
  • Health certificate: You will get it in the late game, so don’t worry too much about it and progress through the character’s paths

Roommate Guide

  • Talk with her every time you have a chance (20:00 kitchen, 22:00 her room…), ask her about books & clothes and buy everything she wants.
  • Drone: Buy it and use it when you wake up to spy on her window
  • When she goes to the shower is better not to click on her robe
  • Shower: Peek on her once you have the oil for the door and the screwdriver
  • Drone: After her shower use the drone again (her window)
  • When you get the stretching clothes wake up & enter her room (don’t knock)
  • Give her the Satin clothes
  • Drone: use it again when she comes home (19:00)
  • TV (requires 1 heart): Buy the 4 DVDs (store) and askher to watchcollegegirl4 (evening)
  • Photoshoot: after 2 photoshoots with Emily (check her path), watch TV with your roommate to unlock the first photoshoot with her. But if you give her the camera she will break it (up to you). So it’s better make her more photos instead: fix her hair, click on the knot (dress)…
  • Photoshoot II: go to her room at 22:00 for another one
  • Talk with her in the kitchen to unlock her office.

Roommate or Cousin – Sleeping Pills Guide

  • Her room (night – when she is sleep and after you give her satin clothes): Pull up her robe but don’t go for the full scene, now you can ask Jamal for sleeping pills.
  • Coffee: Buy it at the store and give it (with the sleeping pills) to her (kitchen – 20:00)
  • Now you can go to her room and unlock the full scene
  • Dream I: Next day (requires potency = max) go to sleep, if your indicator is up, you will get a dream scene
  • Dream II: Do the same the next (or another) night, and the scene will be better, she will wake you up
  • Better pills: Now you can buy and put s*ex pills into the coffee (kitchen – 20:00)
  • After the last pills, go to her room at 22:00 and ask her if she wants a massage
  • Massage: Massage oil > shoulders > back > legs > buts > turn over > belly > breats > legs > enjoy…
  • Derek (requires library3scene & try to blackmail the director also): Now you can ask derek to search the red folder
  • Pool: Use the massage oil on Barbara > bra > sunscreen > repeat until you unlock it
  • Once you get the red folder, talk to your roommate at her office
  • Then go to talk with the director
  • Get another medical exam (doctor): Requires you have completed the 9 girls task

Roommate or Cousin – Health Certificate Guide

  • After the last medical exam you have unlocked the health certificate, so you can submit the documents (college)
  • Dream III: unlock more dream scenes (same requirements as previous dreams) and a bonus scene (Emily + Roommate) next day
  • Meet Barbara (18:00 – Home)

Emily Walkthrough and Endings

  • You will meet her at home, right after your roommate leaves, you will unlock the 1st Photo shoot, but ask for more photos
  • 2nd Photo Shoot: Buy the photography book, the camera, and all the costumes, then go to her apartment (17:00). Make her photos with the Cowboy, Harley Quinn and Ninja Costume, then make her photos without any costume also
  • Emily + Roommate photo shoot: Complete all the Emily & Roommate individual photo shoots, to unlock the duo photo shoot, them meet Emily again at 17:00 (her apartment)
  • Gym > learn to fight > max strenght and meet Emily again at 17:00 (her apartment), defeat your foe and get her reward
  • Emily’s offer: After she rewards you, if you have already blackmailed the director, she will make you an offer
  • Talk with your roommate about Emily’s offer at home
  • Tak to the director (office) > give her a reason (doctor)
  • Last Photo Shoot: Emily’s apartment at 18:00

Anna Walkthrough

  • Library (she is the librarian) > compliment (eyes) > ask (she looks so bored) > give her all the books she wants (3)
  • Get caught (her mother) and talk to Dean (College)
  • Go to Barbara’s house
  • Drone: Upgrade it and use it at night (pool)
  • Meet Barbara’s mother > talk to Barbara > send Anna home
  • Library > she will help you to translate the book
  • Talk to her about her mother > Barbara to the library
  • Ask Anna to see your ….again > then about a complete scene
  • Give the book from the secretary to Anna
  • Next day buy the lu*be and enjoy
  • Send Barbara to the library > Drone (night – director’s bedroom) > Blackmail Derek
  • Once Barbara agree, go to the library and meet her
  • Get the medical examination from the doctor
  • Library > ask Anna for a scene, but save and try both
  • Her dorm > college customs

Dean Walkthrough

  • College > ask her how to increase intellect and unlock the library
  • Progress through Anna’s path until you bring her home and talk to Dean
  • Progress through Anna’s path until you talk with her about her mother, go to College and use Fear, leave her alone, visit her again and enjoy
  • Submit the documents: Requires 20 intellect and Health certificate
  • Progress through Roommate’s path until you can go to the dorm, refuse it and go to the dorm to check

Shopkeeper Walkthrough

  • Ask her to show you everything
  • Ask her for help, she will tell you she will be at the store at night (23:00), visit her at 23:00, enjoy and get the screwdriver
  • You can only go further once you have the Health certificate, so progress through other paths first

Roommate Jenny (Secretary) Walkthrough

  • Unlock the office (Roommate’s path) and make the photos for the website.
  • Find the red folder (dick’s office) and offer her more photo shoots
  • Progress through Director’s path until you can make some photos in her office, you will get an scene and the Book

Trainer Walkthrough and Endings

  • Watch trainer (gym morning & evening)
  • Massage I: Ask her to teach you fight, buy the massage’s book (store), read it, massage her and learn to fight
  • Massage II: Buy the ero*tic massage book (store), progress through Anna’s path until she helps you to translate it, get the massage oil from Jamal. Use the massage oil and also click on the center of her lower back

Nurse Walkthrough

  • Meet Dick: Stay home (day 2), meet him and you will unlock the doctor
  • Go to the doctor, unlock some tasks and donate, but first time donate on the floor
  • Ask Jamal for S*ex pills, use them before the nurse helps you and unlock more scenes

Director Walkthrough

  •  You will meet the director once you unlock the office (roommate’s path)

Director Ratcatcher & Rats Guide

  • Then progress with Secretary (Jenny) until you make her some photos at 19:00, find out her fear, buy the ratcatcher (store) and catch some rats with Jamal.
  • Ask to the secretary for more photos (morning) and come back at 19:00 again

Director Password Guide

  • Free the rat, go to Dick’s office, use the password: 1234 and use his laptop
  • Drone: use it in Director’s bedroom
  • Ask to the secretary for more photos (morning) and come back at 19:00 again
  • Talk to the Director about the photos (avoid police)
  • Progress through Anna’s path until the Library3scene and talk to Derek (Barbara’s place). He will be busy, and you can go to the pool and use the Massage oil on barbara

Director Documents Guide

  • Give the folder to your roommate (office) and then show the red folder to the Director

My Cute Roommate Roommate Barbara Walkthrough

Barbara doesn’t have her own path, but if you want to unlock all the scenes with her progress through Your roommate’s path, Anna’s path and director’s path.

My Cute Roommate Walkthrough
My Cute Roommate Walkthrough

My Cute Roommate Walkthrough Characters

  • Main Character: Male. You can set the name at game start.
  • Roommate (RM): Female. You can set the name at game start. She likes coffee.
  • Emily: RM’s friend. Likes to cosplay and be photographed.
  • Dean: Runs the college.
  • Librarian (Anna): Study here to raise intellect. Anna can translate the 2nd massage book. She likes sweets.
  • Salesgirl: Runs the shop. Has the screwdriver.
  • Di_ck: RM’s work colleague.
  • Doctor: Explains your medical situation. Provides the medical cert.
  • Nurse: Will help you with your sperm donations if you ejaculate on the floor the first time.
  • Trainer: Will sell you a gym membership which is cheaper if you first agree to work there. Will later train you to fight.
  • Director: RM’s boss.
  • Secretary (Jenny): Do photoshoots with her to advance the story. Provides the last book for Anna. She likes sweets.
  • Jamal: Sells the sleeping pills, s*x pills and massage oil.
  • Barbara: Anna’s friend.

My Cute Roommate Hearts

The Hearts reflect the strength of your relationship with each woman and how likely you are to succeed with some actions. Hearts are usually added or subtracted by story-based events. Giving gifts (like sweets or massages) very rarely increase the Hearts. However it will help in preventing Hearts from being lost due to neglecting your RM. This is very important as the RM can lose Hearts very quickly if you don’t give her some attention each day.

It is possible to end the game with 5 Hearts for the RM, which unlocks a bonus s*x scene (missionary position). To do this, it is essential that the RM never loses Hearts.

There are a number of ways you can prevent Hearts being lost for the RM:

  • Give her a compliment either at 11:00 OR at 20:00. You can give compliments outside of these times but they are less effective and only one will work per day.
  • When she is at 2 Hearts or more, touch her bum in the kitchen at 20:00.
  • When you have learned how to give massages, give her a basic massage (no pills or oil) in her room at 22:00.

Try to do at least one of the above every day.

There are some actions that will result in Hearts being lost for the RM. These include:

  • Choosing disrespectful comments.
  • Jerking off in the bathroom (it’s better to sell sperm at the doctor’s instead, plus you get paid for it).
  • Entering the RM’s room without knocking.
  • Entering the RM’s room without first taking a shower.
  • Having s*x without first taking a shower.
  • Not interacting with the RM for a day.
  • Trying some of the actions below without having enough Hearts to succeed.

 The number of Hearts on the RM determines what actions you can succeed at with her. You need this number of Hearts or higher to avoid being rejected.

  • 1 Heart: Can watch DVD3 once.
  • 2 Hearts: Compliment in bedroom: nice a*s, nice t*ts and can ask to see t*ts (she never shows them). Can disrobe her before she goes to the bathroom. Can get caught spying on her in the bathroom. Can touch her bum in the kitchen.
  • 3 Hearts: Can touch her bum and pus_sy in the kitchen. Can wake her up to have s*x (she will refuse but is still happy).
  • 4 Hearts: Can touch her bum and pus_sy and remove her shorts in the kitchen. Can wake her up to have s*x. Can join her in the shower.
  • 5 Hearts: Missionary s*x scene.

My Cute Roommate Cheating

There are various options for cheating in the game. Try not to use them until you need them and you know what value to set them to.

I recommend to try the Intellect and Strength games yourself a few times and then use the cheats.

You may need to meet a breakpoint manually in order for the game to see it. In this case, cheat to one value lower and then do the activity manually to raise it one point.

Breakpoints include:

  • Strength: 5 to get a job in the shop. Max to make the fight training easy.
  • Intellect: 10 to allow Anna to share what she has learned from the books. 20 to get into college.

There is also an option to add a button to the minigames that allows you to skip them and immediately award the bonus.

When enabled and when you are in the Store, you get a new button that allows you to add/remove items to/from your inventory. This can be useful if you bought something by mistake that is preventing you from continuing the story (such as the upgraded drone). To remove an item, click the green Inventory button beside it.

I didn’t use the minigame and store cheats in this walkthrough.

For money, you can either do jobs (gym in the morning, shop warehouse, sell sperm) or cheat to add money.

I find that $6000 is enough for the entire game. You can do this as soon as you get to the Store.

It’s ok to buy most items that are in the shop when you go there, except:

  • Warning: Do not buy the upgraded drone until the game tells you to.
  • Warning: Do not buy the Harley Quinn or Ninja cosplay outfits until after the C*wgirl photoshoot with Emily.

There are reports that buying these items early can break the game. I do not recommend watching any scene in the main menu before it has happened, as it might break the triggers in the game [unconfirmed].

To be on the safe side, avoid watching any scenes until you have finished the game. It can be useful to cheat to take a shower (Clean) or to add/remove an erection, to save time.

My Cute Roommate Saves

Save often, at least every 10 to 20 minutes. This is to avoid a lot of frustration from having made a mistake which is easy to do. If you get 2 or more options on screen then that’s a good time to make a save.

Cycle through the 6 save points on a page – it shouldn’t be necessary to save on multiple pages. On an SSD, a save takes about 4 seconds and a load takes about 7 seconds.

My Cute Roommate Controls

  • F1 opens the instructions for the game.
  • Use the mouse wheel or arrow keys to scroll the inventory.
  • Right-click opens the Menu to the Save screen. Right-click returns to the game.
  • Page Up will sometimes return to the previous scene, in case you missed something.
  • Press Tab to skip quickly through scenes, pausing when interaction is needed. Press Tab again to disable that mode. This is useful if you need to reload an old save but it does not always work.
  • There is no button to hide the UI in this game. It should be H or middle mouse button but it doesn’t work.
  • For the strength, fapping and licking “games”, you are told to click the mouse or press the spacebar repeatedly. It is much faster if you do both at the same time.

My Cute Roommate Fighting

You will be forced to lose all fights until you learn how to fight in the Gym. After this, save before doing any fights as the outcome can be random.

My Cute Roommate S*x Scenes

You don’t need to wait for the di_ck meter to fill up – once the head goes red, click on that. However, if there is a pus_sy meter, you should wait for that to fill up as it will award more Hearts to your partner.

There is usually an option to speed up the scene and to watch it from different angles. Sometimes the blue arrow will advance to a new s*x scene. But sometimes it ends the s*x early. It’s never clear which it will do. Save if in doubt.

My Cute Roommate Map Travel

It takes one hour to go to a new location. If you need to be at a location at a certain time then travel there one hour before. Or go there early and advance the time.

The main locations and times are:

  • RM does morning exercises at 08:00, goes for a shower at 09:00, returns to her room at 10:00 and leaves for work at 11:00.
  • RM arrives home at 19:00, enters the kitchen at 20:00, watches TV at 21:00, goes to her room at 22:00 and is asleep at 23:00.
  • Emily is at home at 17:00 and her photoshoots end at 23:00.
  • The office is open from 12:00 to 18:00.
  • The salesgirl is in the back room of the store at 23:00.
  • Jamal is available at night from 23:00 onwards.
  • The upgraded drone should be used between 23:00 and 03:00.

All Gallery photos can be gathered in one playthrough but you will need to save and reload at key moments to see all branches.

  1. Watch your RM in the shower.
  2. Sneak into her room at 08:00 and watch her exercise after you gave her the Stretching clothes.
  3. Use the drone to spy on your RM’s room in the evening (after returning from work).
  4. Use the drone to spy on your RM’s room in the morning (after shower).
  5. Go to sleep with 2 Hearts, high potency and an erection.
  6. Anna in the Library.
  7. Take a sx pill before you ask the Nurse to help you ejaculate.
  8. Press the blue arrow. Get the screwdriver from the Salesgirl.
  9. Watch the trainer in the afternoon.
  10. Watch the trainer in the morning.
  11. Part of the dream sequence when all tasks are completed, have an erection and max potency.
  12. One of the blackmail photos of Anna and Barbara in Barbara’s Pool.
  13. Photoshoot of Emily with no outfit. Photoshoot of Emily in the Cwgirl outfit.
  14. Watch the Collegegirls 4 DVD with RM on 1 Heart or more.
  15. Use Sleeping Pills on RM and sneak into her room at night for sx.
  16. After RM’s photoshoot, go into her room at 22:00.
  17. Use the drone to spy on your RM’s room at 08:00 after she has read both Stretching books and before you give her the Stretching clothes.
  18. One of the blackmail photos of the Director.
  19. The first photoshoot of the Secretary.
  20. Use the massage oil on the Trainer.
  21. Emily’s reward for rescuing her after you learn to fight.
  22. Have sx with the Dean while her arm is trapped.
  23. The 3rd photoshoot with the Secretary.
  24. After Barbara is sent to the Library.
  25. Click the belt on your RM’s robe. Better to do it on 2 Hearts or more.
  26. During RM’s photoshoot, offer to fix her hair but loosen the knot first.
  27. During the Trainer’s massage, click a part of her lower back and then click her breasts when she turns over.
  28. Use the Sx Pills and massage oil on your RM.
  29. Your first blackmail of the Directory fails.
  30. Your first visit to the Doctor.
  31. Ask the Nurse to help you to ejaculate.
  32. Bring Anna’s spider to the Dean.
  33. Check the photos on Di_ck’s laptop.
  34. RM’s photoshoot.
  35. Photoshoot of Emily with the Ninja outfit.
  36. Photoshoot of Emily with the Harley Quinn outfit.
  37. Watch the Collegegirls4 DVD (DVD3) on the TV.
  38. Watch DVD4 on the TV. Watch DVD1 on the TV.
  39. Watch DVD2 on the TV.
  40. Invite your RM to a photoshoot at Emily’s. Force sx on Anna after talking to the Doctor.
  41. Force sx on the Salesgirl after talking to the Doctor.
  42. Use the massage oil on Barbara when she asks you to use suntan oil.
  43. Give the red folder to the Director.
  44. Part of the dream sequence when all tasks are completed, have an erection and max potency.
  45. Part of the dream sequence when all tasks are completed, have an erection and max potency.
  46. After you turn down a place in the Dormitory.
  47. Visit the Dormitory.
  48. On 4 Hearts or more, tell RM in the bathroom that you want a shower.
  49. On 4 Hearts or more, have sx with RM in the shower.
  50. Barbara visits you (after using massage oil on her).
  51. The Dean rewards you for saving her from the spider.
  52. On 4 Hearts or more, fully touch the RM in the kitchen.
  53. Your RM thanks you for saving her job.
  54. When Derek goes to the Dean, select Join.
  55. The things you do to protect your RM’s job.
  56. More things you do to protect your RM’s job.
  57. One of the blackmail photos of Di_ck in Barbara’s Pool.
  58. The Gym photoshoot to thank Jenny for helping your RM.
  59. Missionary sx scene on 5 Hearts. After a night of sx with your RM on 4 Hearts or more.
  60. The Director promotes your RM.
  61. Finish the game.

ADVANCED – Dialog Edits

It’s possible to modify some of the dialog in the game, which may be useful if you want to replay the game but have a different experience.

This has been moved to a separate guide as it’s not relevant for a walkthrough:
My Cute Roommate – Changing the Dialog

I have also provided a guide for a new story dialog but this should only be attempted after you have completed the main game at least once as it requires a good familiarity with the game events, triggers and mechanics:
New Dialog: MPS

ADVANCED – Speed Run – My Cute Roommate Walkthrough

While editing and play-testing various dialog changes I have completed the game a few more times and have found that, while the path taken in the above walkthrough works, it is not very efficient. There are a number of ways of doing things quicker and squeezing more actions into each day.

The biggest improvement was when I discovered that I could visit Emily any time up to 22:00 for a photo shoot. And I usually start by finding Jamal on the very first night.

My current “fastest” run is 20 days. That’s to get the 5-star missionary scene and end the next morning. Somehow I lost a heart on the nurse (Lucy) and the salesgirl (Vanessa) which I recovered but also lost 2 hearts on Jenny which I couldn’t recover from. This game is very strange about how hearts are lost.

How to Edit the Dialog

Game files are provided as text .rpy files.
When the game starts, these files are compiled and converted into binary .rpyc files.
At game start, the dialog files are read and the dialog strings are stored within the game.
It is possible to modify these stored dialog strings during the game start, by creating a patch .rpy file within the game directory.

Do not make changes while the game is running. Exit the game fully.
Create a new .rpy file (example MCR-dialog-patch.rpy) in your Steam library in directory:
..\steamapps\common\My Cute Roommate\game

Paste in the contents of the MCR sample file below and save.

The patch file contains a list of some of the stored strings in the game and the new strings that you want to use.
All lines are in the format:
“x” : “y”,
Where x is the current stored dialog string and y is the new dialog string you want to use.
The last line should have no comma at the end.
You must not use tabs in this file, only spaces.

You should only have one patch .rpy file in your game directory.
When making changes to your dialog patch file, you will need to stop the game fully, delete the patch .rpyc file from the game directory and edit the patch .rpy file with your changes. Then start the game again.

You can clear all your dialog changes by deleting both patch files (.rpy and .rpyc) from the game directory and starting the game until you get to the main menu. This resets the game to the original dialog.

The value of string x can be found by looking in the .rpy files in directory:

..\steamapps\common\My Cute Roommate\game\tl\english
assuming you are using the English language. For other languages, use the appropriate tl directory.
These language .rpy files contain sets of 2 strings – always copy the second string.
Never make changes to these language files unless you know what you are doing. Instructions on how to do so are in the MCR – Tutor – Extended section.

Some strings contain references to variables or to commands. The ones I know are:

  • [kk]: your RM’s name
  • [gg]: your main character’s name
  • {w=1.0}: wait 1 second
  • {p=1.0}: wait 1 second and start a new line

These can be added to the new string even if they were not in the original string.

The sample file should show you very early in the start of a new game whether it is working or not.

If you have made a mistake with formatting, you’ll get an error screen at game start which should help debug the issue. The most common mistakes I have made are:

  • Missing comma
  • Missing double quotes
  • Used a tab

Note that the game often reuses single lines of dialog in multiple parts of the game. When you change the value of a stored string, you are changing it in all places where that string is used. So be careful if you choose to change a very common string.

It’s not an exact science. Sometimes the game ignores my changes or reverts to the original string. This mainly occurs when the dialog is stored in multiple places in the language files and I have copied the wrong one. The files I include below have been tested and should work.

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