NEBULOUS Fleet Command Ocello Guide

Hello from our NEBULOUS Fleet Command Ocello guide! New to Nebby? Confused about what role Ocello is suitable for? If you’re not confused and think you know, you might be wrong. This is a short guide on some dos and don’ts. Check out our guide for details!

NEBULOUS Fleet Command Ocello Guide

Welcome to our NEBULOUS Fleet Command Ocello Guide. This guide will show you every detail you need for Ocello.

What is the Ocello’s [CC] Function?

Every detail you need for Ocello in NEBULOUS Fleet Command
  • It gives the OSP access to most of the ANS’ arsenal.
  • Bring to bear the best hybrid missile defense systems.
  • Counter ANS jamming using the combination of the Parallax radar BRN, floodlight illumination, and bullseye lock.
  • Support OSP ships by protecting them from hybrids, and maintaining tracks for them through enemy EWAR.
  • Provide mediocre fire support using MK66 450mm cannons
  • Survive, the longer you live the more your allies do.
  • Bring Parallax radar for the jamming resistance, powerful BRN and good range. If you are running two CC, giving one the Spyglass is great for added situational awareness.

What is NOT the Ocello’s Role?

Every detail you need for Ocello in NEBULOUS Fleet Command

Bring OSP equipment.

  • You can mount OSP kit on anything, don’t waste the hull cost of the CC by bringing OSP equipment.

Deal a lot of damage.

  • The CC is a support vessel equipped to protect allies. Not that it can’t do a lot of damage, but protection should be your primary focus.

Getting shot.

  • It has Light Cruiser armor and is closer to the Heavy Cruiser in speed. Use the ORBIT command to reduce the rounds you take.

Using the Pinpoint.

  • While more jamming resistant and much cheaper, the Pinpoint has a much shorter range (6500m) compared to the Bullseye (9000m)

“Offensive” EWAR.

  • Space is limited on the Ocello, and while the Blanket jammer has a longer uptime, the Bellbird is more powerful and can be buffed with Actively Cooled Amplifiers. You can stick two on a Shuttle with the ACAs and hide lineships at medium range.

Bringing kinetic PD.

  • OSP lineships can bring to bear sufficient flak and 20mm point defense options on their own, they need your support in the long range defense category. Bring Auroras and Sarissas.

Example Builds

Every detail you need for Ocello in NEBULOUS Fleet Command

Here are two example Ocellos. By all means, make changes that suit you. There are countless builds both similar and dissimilar to these that are viable. For instance, Dragon (a true gamer) spams large DC lockers whereas I typically prefer reinforced. Typically CC are 1450-1550 points. I like the Yard/Whip drive combo for the power generation (large Whiplash) and maneuverability (Yard Drive). Feel free to DM me for the ship files.

Written by Good Nut

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