Noch Walkthrough and Achievements

Hello everyone from our Noch Walkthrough and Achievements guide! It should be noted that there are many items in the Noch world, with many combinations of items that you can craft. This walkthrough is structured by presenting you with a list of all the items in the current section, in the order in which you are most likely to find them. Some items can interact with (A), some items are locked (L).

Noch Walkthrough and Achievements

Welcome to our Noch Walkthrough and Achievements guide. A 100% Walkthrough for Noch containing the best way to complete every chapter, every achievement and every item that can be obtained in the game as well as their use.

Chapter 1 – Part 1

Items present in this area:

Car interior (right side of your car):

  • Glove box
  • Lisa’s Picture (Document)
  • Engagement Ring
  • Driver’s Glove
  • Measuring Tape
  • Rag
  • Soda can
  • Decoration

Leaking Oil (front of your car on the ground)

  • Puddle of oil (A) [+ Rag, +Towel = Oily Fabric]

Back of the car area (at the back of your car)

  • Trunk (L) [Unlocked with: Keys from the Car]
  • Old Jeans
  • Left Pocket (L) [Unlocked with: Nail Clippers]
  • Note to Myself (Document)
  • Right Pocket
  • Small Pocket
  • Nail Clippers
  • Diethyl ether (A) [+Syringe: Ether Syringe]
  • Bat (Weapon)
  • Emergency tire
  • Towel

Metal Container (under the lit up billboard)

  • Lower section (L) [Unlockable with: Oily Fabric]
  • Rusty Nail
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)
  • Upper section
  • Notes of Repair Guys (Document)
  • Dead Bird
  • Screwdriver
  • Wooden Stick (Weapon)

Bus Stop (burning bin next to bus stop)

  • Bin (A) [+ Soda Can, +Bottle of Water = Puts out fire by 50%]
  • Syringe
  • Tin Can
  • Can Opener
  • Cigarette Butt

Downed Animal (middle of road in front of your car)

  • Wounded Deer (A) [Killed with: Shotgun, Ether Syringe]
  • Note from Lisa (Document)
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)

At the Gutter (drainage grate next to the deer)

  • Drain grille
  • Keys from the Car (A) [Obtainable with: Fishing Line with a Hook]

Dead Man (on the side of the road to the right of the deer, light flashing in the area)

  • Vest Pocket
  • Fishing Line with a Hook
  • Pants Pocket
  • Note of the Hunter (Document)
  • Pack of Cigarettes
  • Hunting Bag
  • Tin Container (L) [Unlocked with: Screwdriver]
  • Flare x2 (Ammo)
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)
  • Newspaper (Document)
  • Shotgun (Weapon)
  • Bottle of Water
  • Wolf Tooth
  • Bandana

Gift (driver side of your car, after the first combat encounter)

  • Box (L) [Unlocked with: Can Opener]
  • Note from ? (Document)
  • Flare Gun (Weapon)
  • First aid Kit (Healing)


  • After the introduction sequence, resurrect yourself and then take a while to acquaint yourself with the controls.
  • Once ready, take Lisa’s Picture and the rag from the passenger side.


  • Burn Lisa’s Picture in the fire from the bus stop Bin
  • Combine the rag with the oil puddle at the front of the car to obtain Oily fabric.
  • Head to the lit up billboard and grab the screwdriver and the dead bird (You will need the Dead Bird for an Enigma in Part 3) from the metal container and read the Notes of Repair Guys. Also use the Oily fabric to unlock the locked part of the container, and take the ammo from inside.
  • Head down the road towards the deer and make a right towards a little clearing in the woods. A wolf is there but he will back away, allowing you to loot the dead man.
  • Take the wolf tooth, shotgun, the bottle of water and the fishing hook. Open the tin container with the screwdriver and take all the ammo. Also make sure you read the Newspaper and the Note of the Hunter.
  • Return to the road for a scene.
  • Take the trunk keys from the grille with the fishing hook.
  • Open the trunk with the keys and grab the bat. Also use the Nail Clippers to open the Jeans left pocket and read the Note to Myself.
  • Grab the Soda Can from the passenger side
  • Use the Soda Can and the Bottle of Water to put out the fire in the bin next to the bus station
  • Grab the Can Opener and the Syringe from the bin
  • Combine the syringe with the diethyl ether in the trunk to make an ether syringe.
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Shoot the Deer with the shotgun, but reload the game afterwards
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Use the bat on the Deer twice
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Use the ether syringe on the Deer
  • Return to the car for a scene
  • Get ready for a fight. 3 wolves will attack you from the shadows. Use the bat to familiarize yourself with melee combat. (Tip: Swing as soon as they leap and beat them when they’re down.)
  • After taking care of the wolves, head back to the car. A present appeared on the driver side.
  • Open the present with the can opener, read the Note from ? and take the flare gun and the First Aid Kit. (Note: Do not heal if you need to. You will automatically be healed at the beginning of the next chapter)
  • Loot the deer for some extra ammo and the Note from Lisa.
  • ENIGMA: Place the Wolf tooth in the Head of the dead deer (Where the note and ammo was found)
  • ENIGMA: With your back to the car, to the left of the deer, go off the road and you will find a blue tarp on the ground. The enigma should activate at this point. Standing near the tarp, look towards the road and you should see a sewer grate with a wolf inside. Shoot the wolf with the shotgun.
  • ENIGMA PREPARATION: Take the Dead Bird with you. You will need it in part 3.
  • Load the flare gun and shoot it to finish the level.

Welcome to Noch.

My inventory at the end of the chapter consisted of: Dead Bird, Shotgun, Bat, Flare Gun (all fully loaded) and 1 flare, 3 shells and the First Aid Kit. Feel free to take any other item you wish if you’re willing to experiment in future chapters. What I have are only the essentials and what you should take along too.

Chapter 1 – Part 2

Items present in this chapter:


  • Burning Flare (A) [Can turn documents into Burning Paper]

Phone Booth (Appears randomly around the map)

  • Shelf
  • Phone Book on a Chain
  • Chain (A) [Can be broken with: Pliers]
  • Directory pages (A) [Can be taken after removing the Chain]
  • Newspaper (Document)
  • Flare (Ammo)
  • Strange Amulet
  • Phone
  • Key 0 – 9 (A)
  • Coin Acceptor (A)

Gate (lit up area to the left from the starting location)

  • Gate (L) [Unlocked by: Rusty Nail(50%), Hairclip(50%) or Gate Key]

Metal Cabinet (on the other side of the gate)

  • Cardboard Box
  • Tumbler
  • Electrical Tape
  • Glass Fragment
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)
  • Glasses Without Lenses
  • Strange Note (Document)

Altar (to the right of the starting location is a river, follow it upstream to reach this)

  • Altar
  • Strange Note (Document)
  • Page (Document)
  • Scissors
  • Flare (Ammo)
  • Bowl (A) [Can add 4 Burning Paper to make the statue interactable]
  • Burned Book (A) [Will crumble if interacted with]


  • Head of the Statue
  • Stuck Coin x2 [Turn into Coin when interacted with]


  • Warning (Document)
  • Switch Panel (A) [Use the Tumbler on it to make it functional]
  • Broken Wires (A) [Use the Electrical Tape or the Bandage to fix]
  • Shell (Ammo)
  • A Piece of a Construction Helmet

Key (Junk pile next to the rock wall near the billboard)

  • Key

Doctor Things (on the edge of the cliff, where the blood is leading to)

  • Medic’s Robe
  • Robe Pocket
  • Hairpin
  • An Empty Bottle
  • Pocket Watch
  • Matches
  • Stethoscope
  • Medic’s Bag
  • Lining (L) [Unlocked with: Scissors]
  • Bandage
  • Pliers
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)
  • Folder with Documents
  • Tests Results (Document)
  • X-ray (Document)
  • Side Section
  • Doctor’s Note (Document)
  • First Aid Kit (Healing)
  • Thermometer

Monster’s Body (after the boss fight)

  • Note from the Sovereign (Document)
  • Gate Key
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)

Behind the Car

  • Trunk (L) [Unlocked with: Hairpin]
    Note from Lisa (Document)
    Note to Myself (Document)
    Strange Bat (Weapon)
    Flare (Ammo)


  • You will start this chapter with a fight against 3 wolves. As long as you keep them in your sights, this should be an easy battle. (Keep in mind you did just learn that you can stun them with the flare gun, but I wouldn’t recommend using ammo in this fight, try to stick to melee.)
  • Something to note: A telephone booth will randomly appear and disappear in different areas of the map. If you do see it, make sure you go inside, read and take the Newspaper and take the Strange Amulet and Flare ammo. Leave the Dead Bird here for now, you will be coming back here in the future.
  • -From the starting location, to the right there is a river. Follow it upstream to an altar. From the altar, read the Page and take the Strange Note .


  • Place the Strange Amulet on the Altar, where the Documents are.
  • Now, you will need 4 pieces of paper in order to start a fire at the altar. We already have the Strange Note and the Newspaper. Leave some items here to make space in your inventory. Don’t worry, you won’t need them yet and this won’t take long.
  • Opposite the altar is a cliff with a blood trail leading to a Doctor’s Bag. We will loot the bag properly in just a bit. For now, read the X-ray and take the Test Results and the Doctor’s Note.
  • Note: While in the forest area near the Doctor Bag cliff, another wolf will spawn. Make sure it doesn’t take you by surprise.
  • Burn all 4 documents with the Burning Flare from the beginning of the level and then use them all in the Altar bowl. [!] Make sure to retrieve your items at this point, shells especially.
  • Once the statue above opens its arms and becomes interactable, take the coins from it.
  • BOSS FIGHT, kinda. Once you take the coins, a battle with a big white wolf begins.


  • During the Boss fight, lure the wolf into the river of blood.
  • Use the shotgun on the wolf for easy damage and once it turns to stone and spawns 2-3 black wolves, switch to melee and take care of them. Repeat 2 more times and the fight is won.


  • You get an achievement for defeating the wolf.
  • If your inventory is full, leave the coins in the Telephone booth.
  • Loot the body of the white wolf. Read the Note from the Sovereign and take the Gate key and the Shells.
  • Return to the gate near the starting location. Use the Gate Key to open the gate. Go inside and take the Ammo, Tumbler and the Electrical Tape from the Metal Cabinet. Also read the Strange Note.


  • Call the Emergency hotline before fixing the billboard. The number you need to call is 7010 8412. You can call it by entering a coin first and then dialing the number.
  • Back on the main road, look for a Billboard with a malfunctioning light. At the base of it is a Switchboard. Interact with it, read the Warning and take the Shells. We’ll fix the billboard anyway so place the Tumbler in the Switch Slot and turn the power off. Fix the cable using the Electrical tape and then switch the power back on.
  • From the billboard, follow the big rock wall to your left around until you find a junk pile you can interact with. Take the Key from it.
  • Go back to the Altar and take the Scissors.
  • Head to the Doctor Bag again. Read the other document inside if you haven’t, take the First Aid Kit, use the scissors to open the locked part of the doctor bag and then take the ammo from it. Also take the hairpin from the coat.


  • Return to the Telephone Booth and call Lisa by entering a coin in the Coin Acceptor and inputting her number. Her number is on the torn Page document found at the Altar: 7010 5956
  • Call the Emergency hotline at 7010 8412 by entering a coin in the Coin Acceptor and inputting the number.
  • Use the Hairpin on the Trunk of the Car to open it. Take the Flare, replace the Bat with the Strange Bat and read the Note from Lisa and the Note to Myself.


  • You get an achievement for picking up the Strange Bat.
  • Make sure you have the Key and Dead Bird in your inventory before finishing the chapter.
  • Interact with the car to finish the chapter.

My inventory at the end of the chapter: Dead Bird, Key, Shell x8, Flare x3, First Aid Kit x2.

Chapter 1 – Part 3

Items that can be found in this chapter:

Burning Car

  • Burning Car
  • Strange Device

Trash Can (to the left of the starting area)

  • Bucket with Bricks (A) [Contains 3 Bricks]
  • Banana Peel
  • Poison for Cockroaches
  • Dog Bone
  • Fire Extinguisher Valve
  • Rusty Straight Razor
  • Old Copper Winding

Container with Ice (on the side of the gas station building)

  • Icebox
  • Melted Water (A)
  • Ice Cream Wrapper
  • Business Card
  • Champagne Bottle

Newspaper Machine (in front of the gas station)

  • Page From the Waiter’s Note (Document)
  • Coin Acceptor (A)
  • Bouncer

Main Gas Station Door

  • Gas Station Door (L)

Gas Station (gas pump)

  • Refueling Hose (A)

Red Box (near the side garage entrance)

  • Door (L) [Unlocked with: Brick]
  • Fire Extinguisher (A) [Can be combined with Fire Extinguisher Valve to become functional]
  • Glass Fragment

Kite (on the roof of the gas station)

  • Child’s Drawing (Document)
  • Broken Kite (A)

Boxes (inside the gas station back room)

  • Box
  • Box
  • Rat Poison
  • Flare
  • Coffee Cup
  • Box
  • Chain
  • Empty Can
  • Laundry Soap Bar
  • Torn Tie
  • The Gap Between the Boxes
  • Wallet
  • Crumpled Note
  • Photo from Wallet
  • Coin
  • Razor Blade
  • Plastic Spatula

Cabinet (inside the gas station back room)

  • Code Lock (A) [Unlocked via code: 451]
  • Door
  • Upper Shelf
  • MaiKu – Bullet
  • Toy Soldier
  • Poster with Fishes
  • Copper String
  • Hunting Magazine
  • Bottom Section
  • Rubber Glove
  • Mop

— Once the Fog has lifted —

Burned Car

  • Burned-Up Car
  • Burnt Mannequin
    Note to Myself (Document)
    Burnt Photo of Lisa (Document)
  • Accessory
  • Cigarette Butt

Back of the Car Area

  • Trunk
  • Package (A) [Opens up into: Mystic Note ([u]Document [/u]), Part of the Key and Piece of Fabric]
  • Shell x2 (Ammo)
  • Emergency Tire
  • Shovel
  • Rope


Well (directly opposite the Gas Station)

  • Beam (A)

Grave (behind the Gas Station)

  • Grave (A) [Opened with: Shovel]
  • Envelope
  • A Note from the Grave (Document)
  • Key
  • Coin
  • Rubber Glove
  • Cat Skull
  • Bowl
  • Collar
  • First aid Kit (Healing)

Vending Machine (with your back to the ice box, head forward)

  • Coin
  • Empty Bottle

— Inside the Gas Station —

Snack Machine

  • Cash Box
  • A Note from a Waiter’s Book (Document)
  • Coin x2
  • Old Receipts


  • Message from Lisa (Document)
  • Switch (A)


ENIGMA: – Head around the back of the building, where you will see a black mural on the wall. Simpy throw a stone at it.

  • Go to the ladder, marked by yellow stripes. Jump and melee attack the ladder to drop it. Climb on the roof, and drop down through the hatch to enter the building.
  • Unlock the side door by interacting with the latch.
  • Search the boxes and take the Flare and the Coin. Also read the Crumpled Note and the Photo from Wallet.
  • Use the Coin on the Newspaper Machine. Read the Newspaper and the Page From the Waiter’s Note.
  • Take a look on the side of the Gas Station for the Street Number – 451. Open the Cabinet in the Back Room with this code. Take the Shells.
  • Take a brick from the bucket in the Trash. Use the brick to open the red box. Backtrack to the trash and take the Fire Extinguisher Valve and combine it with the Fire Extinguisher in the Red Box. Take it with you.
  • Use the Fire Extinguisher on the burning car to retrieve the device. Some of the fog has lifted. Now you also have the hand device that allows you to read and make sense of the various alien writings around the map. These are optional, as this guide will cover what you have to do.
  • Interact with the Driver Seat and read the Note to Myself and the Burnt Photo of Lisa


  • Reading these notes, provided you read all previous ones, should give you an achievement.
  • Open the trunk of the car, open the package and read the Mystic Note. Take the shovel.
  • Go to the grave behind the gas station and use the shovel to dig it open. Careful, a wolf will attack you after you do.


  • Finally, you can get rid of the dead bird. Place it in the grave alongside the cat items.
  • Take the Gas Station key from the Grave envelope. Use it to open the Gas Station shutter and go inside.


  • Use the key from Part 2 to open the Cash Register. Take the two coins from inside.
  • Go outside to the trash. Empty the brick bucket and take the bucket. Fill it up with water at the Ice box. Use the Bucket to water the plant on the diner table inside the Gas Station.
  • You can use the switcher to take you back to the past. Take a look at the clock when you do. Return to the present, interact with the clock and set the time to 10:05.
  • Use a coin on the Jukebox to unlock it. You can also use the other coin on the vending machine to get an item (possibly random, for me it was a Flare).
  • Take the MaiKu – Bullet record and the Copper String from the Back Room Cabinet. Use the Copper String on the Kite on the roof of the building, stuck in the big letters.
  • Place the record in the Jukebox and press the fourth button to play it.


  • After this point I will not be listing the documents anymore as no other achievements seem to be linked to them. They are not too hard to find with a bit of exploration. This is also around the point I stopped updating the “Items found” segment, as there were simply too many things to list.
  • Start building the molotov: Get the champagne bottle from the ice box and use it on the Gas Pump. Get the fabric from the trunk after opening the package and use it on the bottle at the gas pump. Now we need a light..
  • Grab the rope from the trunk, the rubber glove from the cabinet (or grave) and head towards the well, directly opposite the gas station, on the other side of the road. Follow the lamps. Use the rope on the well and head down.
  • Use the gloves to retrieve the spear (I removed the flare gun and the flares as I was not using them) and prepare for a fight, as you will be attacked by a spirit(?).
  • Interact with the puddle next to where you found the spear and take the lighter.
  • Leave this area to return to the Gas Station.
  • Use the lighter with the Bottle at the Gas Pump to finally build your Molotov Cocktail.
  • Leave the bat somewhere, preferably Trunk of the car, to make space for the Molotov. Pick up the Molotov. Also pick up the Part of the Key while you are at the trunk.
  • Make your way towards the gates, where you will fight another spirit. Then, interact with the gate and place the key Parts in the Gate Lock and use your Spear on it when ready.
  • BOSS FIGHT. Dodge her ball attacks and then knock back her balls to deplete her shield.


  • Throw the molotov at her when she’s down.
  • Do this two more times, throwing the spear at her when she’s down and you will finish the fight.
  • Pick up the Cockroach poison from the trash. Use this on the flesh on the gate to unlock the 3 holes. Pick up the Sewing Kit from the third hole.
  • Return to the Kite on the Roof. Be careful, as a spirit will be waiting for you. Fix the Kite with the Sewing Kit. Take the kite with you.
  • Place the Kite on the spear, at the gate. Back away and go to your car as you will need to hurry up and escape once the gate is blown up.
Written by Andr3wWw

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