New World Sole Survivor Quest

New World

Welcome to our New World Sole Survivor Quest guide. The first quest in New World is Sole Survivor. After picking your world and server, you will watch a short cutscene. After, you will choose your character and name.

New World Sole Survivor Quest

First : Sole Survivor

After all that, you will find yourself on the ship’s deck, which is sailing through a storm.

After the storm, you will wake up on the beach.

You are immediately attacked by a Corrupted. This fight will be a quick time event, and onscreen prompts will differ depending on your control scheme.

After this quick time event, walk up to interact with Captain Aldous Thorpe.

After speaking with Captain Thorpe, he will then die and disappear.

You need to make your way up the beach, taking out a few of the enemies along the way.

After defeating a few enemies, your weapon mastery will increase. You can then choose to allocate a skill point in the weapon skill tree.

You can always change your skill tree choices later on if needed. After this, you will want to continue ahead, and walk up the mountain. You will be passing gorgeous, and verdant greenery on your way up.

After reaching the top of the mountain, take in the stunningly grand view of Aeternum.

Welcome to New World.

Head right and drop down into the dark red-orange vein area where you will find the Captain. He is now Corrupted?!

Battle Corrupted Captain Thorpe until he unleashes a strong corruption attack which causes you to be teleported to a new beach

You can pick up Flint on the beach by walking up to interact. You will need Flint later, but best to continue ahead across the beach.

Head up the beach to the Watchtower and speak with the NPC, who will differ depending on where you landed.

After speaking with the Watcher, you will have completed your first main quest.

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