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New World Spear Build

The Spear is a versatile weapon in New World. This best New World Spear Build guide […]

The Spear is a versatile weapon in New World. This best New World Spear Build guide covers the best attributes, masteries, and which weapon to pair with it.

The Spear is an exceptionally versatile weapon in Amazon’s new MMO, New World. This best develop guide covers primarily what you’re searching for in PVP, although it can likewise be changed and tweaked to be used for leveling and PVE.

There are a couple of excellent options for weapons to couple with the Spear. We have a look at the most powerful: the Bow and Spear for a strong Thrust-damage build, and the Spear Hatchet Build. This guide has actually been updated to consist of the modifications made throughout the open beta spot, although it does not represent day one changes to New World.

New World Spear Build Best

First up, the Hatchet and Spear build. The Hatchet is arguably one of the very best weapons in New World, mostly thanks to its powerful Berserk ability. Even after tweaks and changes made during the open beta patch, the Hatchet is still viable.

We’ll cover the benefits of the Hatchet below, but first up, the Spear. Here’s a look at the best attributes and masteries for the Spear, as well as which active skills you should pick up.

New World Best Spear Skills

New World Spear Build
New World Spear Build

For this build, we’ve headed deep into the Zoner tree to increase critical hits and scale critical damage via the passives.

  • Sweep – Sweep is a crucial skill for this PVP Spear build. When activated, Sweep will knock your enemy’s legs out from underneath them, disabling them for a short period. This is very effective in PVP.
  • Vault Kick – A powerful PVP CC ability that will also stun your opponents, and allow you to be mobile during the fight.
  • Javelin – When combined with the Hatchet, the Spear has very little range unless you pick up the Javelin. Not only does this give you a chance to get an attack off from distance, but the Javelin will also knock your opponent into a stagger.

The entire purpose of the Spear is to control your enemy. Keep them downed for as long as possible, and then switch to the Hatchet in Berserk to either chase down an opponent or start dealing more damage.

Key things to remember about the Spear:

  • The Spear scales off Dexterity, although does have a secondary stat for Strength.
  • The Spear also has the longest weapon reach of any melee weapon in the game, ideal for keeping your enemies at a distance during a PVP fight.

New World Best Builds

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