Nightingale: How to Upgrade Gear Power

Detailed guide about how to upgrade your gear in Nightingale.

The way to deal with dangers and survive in Nightingale is to have a strong navy. In this guide, we explained in detail how to upgrade your gear.

Upgrade Your Gear Power

Embarking on the adventure-filled realms of Nightingale requires not only courage but also the right gear to fend off the myriad dangers lurking within. To withstand the challenges, mastering the art of upgrading gear power is essential. This guide unveils the secrets to boosting your gear score and ascending to new heights in Nightingale.

Gear Score Calculation

In Nightingale, your gear score is determined by the collective strength of the equipment you wield. This encompasses:

  1. Main weapon/tool
  2. Headgear
  3. Coat/gear
  4. Backpack/cloak/poncho
  5. Shirt
  6. Pants
  7. Gloves
  8. Boots

Each of these items contributes to your overall gear score, underscoring the importance of enhancing every piece to its fullest potential.

Increase Gear Score

  1. Acquire the Simple Upgrade Bench Blueprint: The journey to augmenting your gear begins with obtaining the Simple Upgrade Bench blueprint. This blueprint is purchasable from the Essence Traders, heralding a pivotal milestone in your gear enhancement endeavors.
  2. Crafting the Simple Upgrade Bench: Once in possession of the blueprint, gather the requisite materials—four Lumber, two Ingot, and three Twine—to construct the Simple Upgrade Bench. Place it strategically within your base, ensuring easy access for future upgrades.
  3. Initiating Gear Enhancements: Interact with the Simple Upgrade Bench to access its menu, presenting an array of gear items available for enhancement. Select the desired item you wish to fortify, prepared to invest Essence for significant improvements.
  4. Utilizing Essence for Enhancements: Enhancing gear demands the expenditure of Essence, the lifeblood of augmentative prowess. Depending on the item’s rarity and desired attributes, varying amounts of Essence will be required. Embrace this vital resource to infuse your gear with unparalleled strength.
  5. Unlocking Infusion Slots: As you ascend through the tiers of gear rarity, unlocking infusion slots becomes paramount. These slots facilitate the incorporation of potent buffs, further elevating your gear’s capabilities to unprecedented levels.

By persistently crafting and enhancing your gear, you embark on an odyssey of perpetual growth. As your gear score escalates, daunting challenges and uncharted quests beckon, unveiling the boundless expanse of Nightingale’s world.

Prepare yourself, adventurer, for the path to greatness is paved with the relentless pursuit of gear mastery. Arm yourself with knowledge, hone your skills, and let the radiance of your enhanced gear illuminate the darkest corners of Nightingale’s realms.

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