Terminator Dark Fate Defiance: Iron Man Mode

Steps on how to enable the "Iron Man" mod in the game.

If you want to learn how to enable the “Iron Man” mode in the game via the config file, you can follow the steps in this guide.

Iron Man Game Mode

This guide will show you how to activate “Iron man” mode in game via config file.


  1. Go to config file:

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Terminator Dark Fate\profiles\8284d3baafe14939e0645b3dc9c7d515\gameoptions.xml)

  1. Open “gameoptions.xml” via any text editor (for example notepad ++ or default notepad in windows)
  2. Find this line in file: false
  3. Edit this line by changing “false” to “true”: true
  4. Launch the game. Ensure that “save game” and “load game” buttons are inactive.

Now you cannot save and load game. You will be able only “continue” the game.

CAUTION: Use on your own risk. Game in current time is not free from some bugs (especially critical bugs) which can interrupt you game walkthrough in middle and call softlock.

Written by stanislav_sh

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