Terminator Dark Fate Defiance: Modding & Equipment Values

All the features of the units, equipment and weapons in the game.

In this guide, we have explained the file in which you will find all the features of the units, equipment and weapons in the game, step by step.

Modding and Changing Unit

This guide will show you basic modding, changing unit or equipment values in the game.

I’ll tell you a secret: all the characteristics of units/equipment/weapons are stored in easy-to-read Excel files in the game, you can edit these files and these changes will be applied in the game. IT’S SO SIMPLE!

In the root of the game you need to open the “basis.pak” file using an archiver such as WINRAR. (password: “oKoo$]bnGTKJLMNBA9A”), copy the basis.pak/scripts/species folder to yourself separately, inside the “species” folder you will find all the characteristics of everything that is in the game.

How to Edit

For convenience, change the file extension to .XLS (for example tanks.xml -> tanks.XLS).
Now the file can be easily opened in Excel, for example, find “Fnd_abrams” in the first column and moving along the line to the right, look for the “supply_consumption” column, change “5500” to …. for example “500”, okay, now the daily cost of maintaining the abrams tank is only 500. Similarly, you can change any value, including for cars (cars.xml), helicopters (helicopters.xml), units (squads.xls) and so on.

In the “exp_levels.xml” file you can change the required amount of experience for leveling up units.

How to Save Changes and Add to the Game

After editing the files themselves, you simply save and return the original file extension .xml
BUT! DO NOT ADD CHANGED FILES to “basis.pak” or overwrite the original files.
You need to put the modified files in a similar path to the appropriate subfolder of the game (there is a folder in the root of the game called basis, you need to create the missing subfolders “scripts”\”species”). Modified files in these folders will take precedence over the original files.

P.S: Watch the introductory video CAREFULLY. In the first seconds, sets of numbers appear, try googling them, it will surprise you.

Modding Basic Game Files


  1. Go to where the game is located, it should be here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terminator Dark Fate – Defiance
  2. In this folder is a folder called basis.pak. Right click on it and click rename. Change the folder to basis.zip. This will change the folder to a compressed zip folder.
  3. Use a program to unzip the folder. I use Nanazip. Also, you’ll need the password to the files which is oKoo$]bnGTKJLMNBA9A
  4. Once it is unzipped, go to the scripts folder and see a file called difficulty modes.
  5. Use notepad++ or another program like it to modify the file. You’ll see the code for story mode looks like what is posted below.

<Cell><Data ss:Type=”String”>easy</Data></Cell>
<Cell><Data ss:Type=”Number”>1</Data></Cell>
<Cell><Data ss:Type=”Number”>1</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s67″><Data ss:Type=”String”>0.2</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s67″><Data ss:Type=”String”>0.2</Data></Cell>

  1. Change the 4th and 5th rows to whatever you’d like. If you want an easy time, change it to 0.05. This translates to 5% damage. 0.2 is 20% damage and 1 is 100% damage.
  2. For an even easier time or the lolz, go to the species folder in scripts. You’ll see a folder called shop presents.
  3. Search for: “res_sup_base_0″, ” are not needed. You can put any units, helis, and vehicles in the shop here. This shop is the movement support base after the 4th mission.
  4. To change the prices and supplies of units, go to the following files in the species folder: Tanks, Cars, Squads, and Helicopters. Note: You will also find the names of units in these folders to put in the shop/s like Lgn_HK_aerial is the name for the HK aerial.
  5. Crtl + F will bring up the control function for Notepad++. Search for 1000000 which will bring you near the code to change for unit cost and supply consumption.

This is an example of code for vehicles:

<Cell ss:StyleID=”s79″><Data ss:Type=”Number”>1000</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s79″><Data ss:Type=”Number”>3000</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s79″><Data ss:Type=”Number”>2000</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s75″><Data ss:Type=”String”>1000</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s75″><Data ss:Type=”String”>1000000</Data></Cell>

This is an example of code for infantry:

<Cell><Data ss:Type=”Number”>160</Data></Cell>
<Cell><Data ss:Type=”Number”>150</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s79″><Data ss:Type=”Number”>400</Data></Cell>
<Cell ss:StyleID=”s80″><Data ss:Type=”String”>1000000</Data></Cell>

  1. The top row of the code is the cost of the unit in goodwill points. Change this to make the units cheaper or more expensive. Note that even if you change it to 0, units will still cost goodwill points but they will be significantly cheaper. An example is an Abrams at 0 will cost about 942 goodwill points.
  2. Supply consumption is the second to last row of code. Change this to 0 and your units will take up no supply when moving between towns, etc.


  1. All the unit files tell you what each line of code does. Like CP cost, supply, etc. You will find this towards the beginning of the file. You can use this as a reference point. For example the 7th to 10th line of code of each vehicles affect the following.

<Cell><Data ss:Type=”String”>max_acceleration</Data></Cell> – how fact a car goes to top speed
<Cell><Data ss:Type=”String”>max_deceleration</Data></Cell> – how fact a car stops
<Cell><Data ss:Type=”String”>max_velocity</Data></Cell> – how fast a car is
<Cell><Data ss:Type=”String”>deceleration_factor</Data></Cell> – how fact a car stops

  1. The basis file does not need to be a pak or zip file for the game to work. You can modify the base code and safe it, and for the most part it will not crash or affect how the game runs.
  2. To implement changes in the file/s, you do not have to restart the game or leave it. You must play a level and finish it f to take effect. I would suggest making a save with a unit by a level exit.
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