Smash and Bash Monsters: Complete Guide

Detailed guide about game mechanics, weapons, equipment and monsters in the game.

In this guide, you can find the game mechanics you need to know, the weapons and equipment you will need, and many other details when killing many monsters in Smash and Bash Monsters.

Smash and Bash Monsters Guide

100% guide to beat Smash and Bash Monsters. This is a game about killing a lot of monsters, and this guide will cover the game mechanics (enemies, stats, weapons, equips, gadgets) and achievements. This is my first guide, I hope it’s helpful for someone.


There are 8 basic types of enemies, and they all drop money when killed. Besides the first one, each new type starts spawning after beating a new boss.

  • Green slime
  • Blue slime
  • Yellow slime
  • White skull
  • Blue skull
  • Purple skull
  • Gnome
  • Mummy

The most important value to measure progress in the game is the kills per second (KPS). It controls which enemies spawn on screen.

After ascension 0, a new tier of enemies start spawning, elite enemies, and can be recognized by their outline and aura colors. You can better see the elites if you equip the Gadget-positioning Tool.

  • Green: enemies inside this aura recover HP over time.
  • Red: enemies inside this aura have more HP.
  • Blue: enemies inside this aura don’t receive damage. It’s important to kill these enemies as fast as they spawn.

Elite enemies aren’t affected by other elite auras. Note that their aura takes a little to disappear after the enemy is killed.


Bosses are bigger and stronger enemies that spawn after you reach a certain KPS. To kill them, you have to damage them before their Escape bar gets full. By Escape bar I mean the change in color of the boss that goes upwards over time. The Damage bar is the change in red color that goes up as the boss is damaged.

Smash and Bash Monsters 100% guide


Understanding the stats is very helpful when trying to beat this game. They change everything in the game, and getting items with better stats helps a lot. They are:

  • Raw Damage: the base value for damage in the game. It applies to weapon and gadget damages.
  • Weapon Damage: base value for weapon damage.
  • Attack Speed: base value for weapon and gadget speeds.
  • Weapon Speed: base speed at which the weapon attacks.
  • Gadget Damage: base value for gadget damage.
  • Gadget Speed: base speed at which the gadgets attack.
  • Luck: the chance to drop more items.
  • Barter: the money obtained when items are sold. Does not influence the money obtained with monster kills.
  • Critical Chance: chance of landing a critical hit.
  • Critical Damage: damage of the critical hit.

You can see the stats after purchasing the Equipment Stats at the Misc Shop.


There are 8 weapons in the game. You can buy them (and their Size Up upgrades) at the Weapon Shop. They are:

  • Dagger ($10) – Size Up: $5000
  • Staff ($200) – Size Up: $2000
  • Sword ($1200) – Size Up: $3000
  • Spear ($6500) – Size Up: $40000
  • Bow ($17000) – Size Up: $60000
  • Mace ($36500) – Size Up: $105000
  • Scimitar ($90500) – Size Up: $115000
  • Scythe ($180000) – Size Up: $135000

Each weapon has its own unique way to play: faster, slower, needing more or less clicks. It’s a lot about personal preference.

My preference: I really like the Spear and think this is a very good weapon that can be obtained relatively early in game (usually before the third boss) and used until the end. The Scimitar and Scythe are also very good and cause a lot of damage, but it’s very time consuming to gather the money to buy them.

Equips and Gadgets

Equips are basically different slots for items with stats. They are:

  • Helmet
  • Necklace
  • Breastplate
  • Shoulderplate
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Boots
  • 5 different rings

Gadgets do the same thing, but also help in game and have upgrades. There are 5 slots for gadgets, and they can be repositioned on screen using the Gadged-positioning Tool. Besides the first one, they have to be bought at the Gadget shop. They are:

  • Ballista (always unlocked): shoots an arrow upwards.
  • Ballistas size up ($5000): they get bigger, and so the area of the arrow.
  • Shots pierce ($8000): arrows go through enemies, causing one instance of damage to each enemy in the way.
  • Biohazard Barrel ($200): releases a virus that causes damage and infects nearby enemies.
  • Duration ($15000): damages the enemies more times.
  • Tick speed ($15000): damages the enemies faster.
  • Spread iterations ($15000): viruses spread more times.
  • Spread quantity ($15000): viruses spread to more enemies each time.
  • Mine Generator ($1200): spawns mines that explode and cause area damage.
  • Bigger mines ($25000): mines and explosions will be bigger.
  • Biggest mines (50000): mines and explosions will be huge.
  • Delay down (15000): mines activate faster after spawning.
  • Instant boom (20000): mines activate almost instantly after spawning.
  • Sucker ($6500): sucks nearby enemies to group them very close to each other. Releases the enemies shortly after sucking them.
  • Non-stop ($50000): it doesn’t release enemies anymore.
  • Spike ball ($17000): a ball that bounces up and down, damaging enemies
  • Growing ($80000): the ball grows and shrinks as it goes.
  • Tesla Tower ($36500): allows you to position two towers which gives damage to everything in between them.
  • Range up ($100000): allows to position the towers from a greater distance to each other.
  • Shuriken ($90500): Ninja star that spins randomly causing damage to all enemies in the way. You can hold this gadget with the Gadged-positioning Tool and use it as a weapon.
  • Size up ($115000): it gets bigger.
  • Bullet Hose ($180000): gadget that shoots bullets randomly to all directions.
  • Tracking ($35000): the hose targets a random enemy on its range.
  • Piercing ($80000): bullets go through enemies, causing one instance of damage to each enemy in the way, but the damage is smaller.

Equips and gadgets drop randomly from enemies. There are six tiers of them, with different number of stats.

  • Common: gray, 1 stat.
  • Uncommon: green, 2 stats.
  • Rare: blue, 3 stats.
  • Exotic: purple, 4 stats.
  • Legendary: yellow, 5 stats.
  • Unique: red, 6 stats. Can only be dropped by bosses.

Each tier has its own stats values, which are better than the previous tier. Each item has one stat from each tier until its own tier. For example, a Rare Helmet will have one Common stat, one Uncommon stat and one Rare stat. The exception is the Unique tier, which have all stats balanced based on the boss who dropped it.

You can Alt+click an item (equip or gadget) to favorite it and avoid selling it accidentally.


Family Jewel

Start a game and receive the Heirloom.
Not much to say, just start a new game.

Armed and Ready

Buy the Dagger.
Sell the Heirloom and buy the Dagger on the Weapons shop.

Now I get it

Kill the bosses. There is one achievement for each boss, eight in total.

My recommendation: keep focusing on a damage build.

You did it!

Beat the game on Ascension 0.
You beat this ascension when you beat the last boss for the first time.

My recommendation: use the spear and to prioritize stats of critical chance, critical damage and raw damage. The Sucker gadget helps a lot to increase KPS.

Not Bad.

Beat the game on Ascension 1.
In ascension 1, you can bring one item from your last complete playthrough to the beginning of the game. There will be elite enemies and the stats from equips and gadgets are 25% better.

My recommendation: bring an item (unique or legendary) with high stats of critical chance, critical damage and/or raw damage, and continue building on these stats. You can actually keep playing after you beat ascension 0 to try to get a better item, if you think the ones you have are not good enough. I personally think the Spear combined with one Sucker is good enough to beat the whole game.

Great Job!

Beat the game on Ascension 2.
Now you can bring 2 items from your last complete playthrough, of any ascension (the last one that you beat the game). In this ascension, the number of elites is doubled, and the stats are 50% better.

My recommendation: the same, bring items with high stats (critical chance, critical damage and raw damage) and continue building on these stats.

Bring the Toys out

Beat the game having bought all gadgets.
Buy all gadgets before killing the last boss. For this one, you will need a total of $331900.

Full Arsenal

Beat the game with all weapons bought.
Buy all weapons before killing the last boss. For this one, you will need a total of $331910.

Money Over Matter

Set every option to be sold in the autosell tab.
You can buy the Autosell tab on the Misc Shop, after purchasing the Sell All button.

My recommendation:I recommend doing this in the early game, while the drops are still not very good.


Kill 100 000 enemies in one match.
You can actually get this achievement if you keep playing after killing the last boss.

My recommendation: it takes a while, but I got this achievement using an upgraded Sucker with a Tesla Tower positioned vertically, that could send mummies into the Sucker. Increasing the number of enemies on the main menu can help, but be aware that this can be very laggy.

Quick one

Beat the game in less than 30 minutes.
You can see the time when you finish or buying the Game Stats upgrade at the Misc shop.

My recommendation: it’s not really hard when you bring a very strong item from another ascension. It also helps to wait on the main menu to spawn enemies before starting the game. Save money for the Spear, and then save to buy gadgets and their upgrades. The upgraded Sucker is really good, but since it doesn’t damage the enemies, it’s not worth having more than one equipped. The Autosell tab is also useful to decrease the time used to manage new drops.

No need for Baby Toys

Beat the game without buying any gadget.
You can actually equip gadgets, just not buy any new one. The first one already comes unlocked, and you can bring more from other ascensions.

My recommendation: bring a Sucker, it really helps a lot with KPS.

Out with the old

Sell a unique item.
Sell a red tier item. You can do this after beating the game or with an item with not so good stats.

Make it rain

Have $1 000 000.
Kill enemies and continue to sell items. The barter stat helps with that. You can get this achievement after beating the last boss.

Idler mode

Beat the game without buying any weapons.
You can’t buy weapons, not even the dagger. For this achievement, any Weapon stat is useless.

My recommendation: Beat this in ascension 1 or 2. Bring a Shuriken and use the Gadget-positioning Tool to hold the Shuriken and use it as a weapon. Focus on unlocking the Sucker, and keep holding the Shuriken over the Sucker to get kills fast. I really don’t know if it’s possible to beat the game actually doing idler mode.

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