No One Survived: Drilling for Oil

How to use Oil Rig in No One Survived with our essential guide.

Basic Guide for use of the Oil Rig in No One Survived.

How to Use Oil Rig in No One Survived

Welcome to our No One Survived Drilling for Oil guide. Basic Guide for use of the Oil Rig in game.

First Find an Oil Rig

You MUST have a crafted Oil Drill Core in your inventory.

Drilling for Oil
Drilling for Oil

Use Drill Core

  • When you get up to the Drilling Rig WITH the Drill core you crafted in your inventory press F to apply the core and repair the drill. E will now open the Rig’s inventory

Build a Battery Table and Name it

Build your battery tray and load it up with as many batteries as you can find. The yellow Industrial ones are the best.

Drilling for Oil

Build a Power Source

Build a power source and attach link it to the Battery Tray. We used a Gas Generator but you can use Solar even Thermal.

Drilling for Oil

Connect Oil Rig to Battery Tray

After you have given some charge to your battery tray you can go into the oil rig and connect it to the battery tray.

Drilling for Oil

Start it up!

Now that there is power to the oil rig just click the start button in the rig and you will almost intermediately start pumping oil, 5 cans at a time!

Drilling for Oil

About No One Survived

Game introduction:

  • “No One Survived” is a multiplayer survival sandbox game, always pay attention to your character status and those dangerous zombies. You need to explore and collect useful materials and build a shelter in the apocalypse.
  • Learn the necessary knowledge, such as: medicine, electrical chemistry, tailoring, metallurgy, civil engineering, weapons manufacturing, etc.
  • Use this knowledge to build more high-tech equipment to help you survive in this world.


  • More than 400 items, a variety of synthetic formulas, improve the level of technology, you can unlock more powerful formulas.


  • With nearly 150 buildables, design your own house and defend against the zombies’ onslaught. Building load-bearing is based on a unique beam-column system, and you must plan your own beam-column structure reasonably to build a beautiful and beautiful house.

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