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No One Survived: Loot Locations

Discover best loot spots for a strong start in No One Survived with our guide.

This is the guide for the best loot locations for a great start In No One Survived.

Best Loots and Locations in No One Survived

Welcome to our No One Survived Loot Locations guide. There is many different locations in No One Survived, For example there is 7 Locations, 9 Traders, and 1 Hospitals,

Each area has different loot and amount of Z’s there, And I would watch out to them crawlers they is normally 1 each location, I’m not to sure due to I have not explored it all just yet.

  • 7 Looting Locations
  • 9 Traders
  • 1 Hospital’s

Trader’s Location

  • There is 9 trader’s in the whole entire map, Each one sell’s something different,
  • There is a Book Vender which sell’s books to read to learn some new skills, There is Clothes Vendor which you can go to to buy gear. There is a live stock vendor which will sell animals, Not to sure what kind of animals tho.
  • There is a food vendor which will see canned food’s and other sort of food, There is a solar panels/Medical vendor which will sell medical equipment like bandages ect, The Solar Panels are used for the solar panels you build, The best solar panel is the 300KW but they cost a lot and a lot to build.
  • There is a schematic’s vendor but I’m not to sure what it sells.

Material’s Locations

There is a lot of locations to get materials as for the military base, industrial area, the limestone cave and more, Each item and location will be listed below.

  • Industrial area: Solar Panels, Fuel, Eng, Metal, Books.
  • Airfield, Known as “Airport” Guns, Ammo, Clothes.
  • Another industrial area, Solar Panels, Inverters, Oil, Fuel, Plastic.
  • Concrete and ore plant, It’s in the name.
  • City, Mall, Clothes, and electronics, Mall is deadly due to the 2 crawlers and Z’s
  • Miltary Barracks, Guns, Ammo, Clothes, Eng, Books.
  • Truck yard: It’s in the name again.
  • Each one might have crawlers, I know mall
  • and airfield known as “Airport” has crawlers.

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