Omniheroes Tier List

Welcome to our Omniheroes Tier List guide. What you should aim for? This guide will show you! The Best Heroes Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D).

Omniheroes Tier List

What you should aim for? This guide will show you! The Best Heroes Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D).

Omniheroes Tier List
Omniheroes Tier List

Best Heroes Ranked

Try to aim for Tier S+, they are very easy to get, and at worst some Tier D, which are also pretty good.

  • 1 Tier S+: Tier S+ the best Heroes of the game, really OP
  • 2 Tier S: Tier S are in Top 3 of the best Heroes of the game
  • 3 Tier A: Tier A are quite good Heroes in Kaizen, not the best but almost
  • 4 Tier B: Tier B are average Heroes, choose them if you like them
  • 5 Tier C: Tier C are below the average Heroes, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot
  • 6 Tier D: Tier D are the worst Heroes, try to avoid them

Tier List About

Prepare for the ultimate battle against evil by searching the five major factions for the Valkyries who have inherited Eve’s soul and power, gathering legendary artifacts, engaging in strategic battles, and enjoying rewarding idle gameplay in Palmarius.

Dive Into a Mystical and Dark World

Enter a world of religion and gods, immortals and a never-ending conflict, the supernatural and the odd, corruption and purifying. Carve your exploits into legend as you participate in a conflict between the godly and the evil in this high magic, medieval world where swords and sorcery dominate.

Amass a League of Beautiful Heroes.

Assemble a team of legendary figures from all five factions. Watch and marvel as your heroes display amazing skills in stylish 2D graphics created by skilled graphic designers to immerse you in the wonder and majesty of the scene.

Release Your Heroes’ Full Potential

Play and plan your route to success in a variety of game types! Play smart, not hard. To breeze through the stages and earn the most unexpected rewards, change up your team’s composition from 5 different factions for each encounter.

Experience distinct campaigns for every hero, engage in combat on hundreds of 5v5 arenas, PVP fights, and roguelike labyrinths, and rule the Legend Archive where you can collect legendary hero shards to combine weaker heroes into stronger ones!

Single-Item Bosses Epic Relics usage

To take on great bosses, gather epic Relics. Every Relic is different in some way. Feel free to delve into the Labyrinth mode and partake in rogue-like style gameplay. It is intricately designed and made to strategically synergize with your heroes. Who knows, perhaps one of your Relics will be the difference between success and failure.

Learn Blackjack to Collect Priceless Treasures

Play a round of 21? Feed the Flowers of Evil in the Gloomwoods by rolling the dice. If you do this correctly, you can even see your flowers change color as your jewels get more and more rare. Or maybe you’d prefer something more practical. As you fight hard, plunder the Flowers of Evil and revel in the raid’s success with your allies.

Even While Idling, You Can Reap a Rain of Diamonds

When you’re worn out, give yourself a break and let the machine take over. By pressing a button, you can speed up your earnings and riches while destroying innumerable enemies.

As long as you log in daily, you’re sure to earn a deluge of diamonds! And should you feel that luck is with you, let fortune take the wheel as you draw ten heroes or items at a time! Eventually, everyone wins.

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