Omniheroes Tier List 2023 [Update!]

With the global release of Omniheroes, we've built our best heroes and synergy tier list!

Welcome to our Omniheroes Tier List guide. What you should aim for? This guide will show you! The Best Heroes Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D).

Omniheroes Tier List 2023, Best Heroes

Below you can see the most recent Tier List we have prepared for the Omniheroes game:

S+TalanisCelestials, RoyalsMage
SLily & LiaVerdiansSupport
BArkdinaDeviants, RoyalsMage
BAiushthaDeviants, RoyalsSupport
BKarnakCelestials, RoyalsWarrior
CHalliosCelestials, RoyalsWarrior

Omniheroes Heroes & Synergy Tier List

Omniheroes Tier List 2023, Best Heroes & Synergy

Best Heroes Ranked

Try to aim for Tier S+, they are very easy to get, and at worst some Tier D, which are also pretty good.

  • 1 Tier S+: Tier S+ the best Heroes of the game, really OP
  • 2 Tier S: Tier S are in Top 3 of the best Heroes of the game
  • 3 Tier A: Tier A are quite good Heroes in Kaizen, not the best but almost
  • 4 Tier B: Tier B are average Heroes, choose them if you like them
  • 5 Tier C: Tier C are below the average Heroes, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot

Resource Usage

Resources that must be saved:

  1. Diamonds It’s obvious that it has to be saved. However, diamonds should only be used for important things. The problem is, very often new players use diamonds to summon 10x, [it should be noted that summoning 10x using diamonds is not effective], at least we can get 1-3 summon scrolls per day, 1 from the daily quest, 1 from the limited shop for 150 dm, 1 again from 400 friendship points (if any). [Speeding up bounty quest time is ineffective by using diamonds and also speeding up gloomwoods time is also not recommended using diamonds], but several things can be done by spending diamonds. Some things that are recommended to use diamonds:
    • increase arena opportunities (buy 5 additional attack opportunities).
    • Speed up Forgotten Land, story.
    • Increase the chance of Celestial Trial (spend to the limit).
    • Donate guild with 100 diamonds.
    • Green, purple and blue chests of Valykrie Manor
    • All items are discounted with a 50% discount recommendation (Summon scroll II, Asc Ore II, Invoker crystal, Oracle decree (if you can))
    • Invoker crystals from the labyrinth
  2. Coin This coin is very important so that it is used to upgrade items to make them stronger. Often play in the [Forgotten Land-gold fields]. Also use the free Midas, even if it’s just a little.
  3. Invoker Crystal Relic is indeed the biggest power contributor, but it’s a good idea to save the invoker crystal first to use it during the rebate event. The policy is to spend invoker crystals in multiples of 100, for example: 100 (minimum), 200, 300 (maximum). Which offers players a red chest of [ 30 red chest per milestone ].
  4. Summon scroll II As with crystal invokers, summon scroll II should be saved first to be used in rebate events, as for the policy to spend summon scrolls with a minimum multiple of 200 with a maximum of 600, for example: 200,400,600, where each milestone has a successive selector card starting from tier C, B, A.
  5. Bounty Bounties are indeed underestimated, but just remember that the concept gradually becomes a hill. [ The minimum quest taken is a quest shard hero (not a 3 star hero), at least a purple quest shard hero (4 stars) or a diamond quest ]. Later it will help in the mid game because there are lots of heroes to be used as food. Be diligent in bountying, at least at first just take green quests, purple shards, that’s okay, later the tier quests will also be upgraded. Quests will offer even better rewards.
  6. Arena matches & points Now this is really important because we can buy good equipment from here, and also this arena quest is one of the limited quest categories where the quest contains an order to do a [ minimum of 10x arena challenges per day ], if for example later it appears on lq (limited quest), try to create a challenge arena 10x per day, if you’re not there, 5x is enough.
  7. Relic Chest & points It doesn’t really stand out, but there are many advantages if we upgrade relic, especially those with the same synergy as our comp, then [ we can cast 2x relic in one round ], that’s very profitable. And also save the relic points, use the points only for sudden things, like chasing time from GT (Goddess Trial). And also only use points to buy epic shards.
  8. Refinement stone, and the blue stone ygdrassil This is also the biggest contributor to power after relic, try to always play ygdrassil, and try to enter the promote zone, rank 1 is only optional. In fact, the ygdrassil blue stone gives more power than upgrading items using coins.
  9. Ygdrassil Points & Guild Points The second point is very useful because it can be used to buy heroes, make sure you are diligent to always play raid guilds and ygdrassil.
  10. Green and yellow stones for ascend It doesn’t exist in any quests but, try to consistently upgrade your team and buy [ Asc Ore II starting mid game ].

What is a Balanced Team

An account is said to be balanced if all team heroes reach the maximum account level and all gear reaches their maximum level and the distribution of resources for upgrading gear is also equal, this also applies to the terms of ascending heroes, all must be equal.

What to do with duplicates?

Q: When to stop looking for duplicates of non D/D main comp heroes? A: when the main hero is already 8 stars to aim for the last synergy. If you want to find a duplicate, go ahead.

Q: What’s the reason to stop upgrading at 8 stars just because of that? A: no, we also have to look for duplicates for the D/D heroes that we use, always buy oracle tokens starting from all the main heroes who are 8 stars

How to Increase Power

  1. Buying and selling gear
    So, if for example there is a team that uses less good gear, just sell the dregs of gear and then buy more good ones, you have to know how many arena points you can get too so you don’t miscalculate, if you are in a hurry you can sell the items you use first, if you can according to the purchase price why not right???
  2. VM ( Valykrie Manor ) The number 1 biggest power contributor, you have to be diligent in collecting the resources, give the valkyrie only the items he likes. [ Every 10 levels ]the bonus is really big.
  3. Relic’s Rule This relic is arguably the number 2 biggest power contributor, it should be noted, yes, if the relic can get a big bonus if it is upgraded to 3,5,7,9 stars, it only applies to epic and legendary relics. So don’t worry about upgrading relics, just [ prioritize 3 stars first, but only epic and legendary relics ].
  4. Archives Archive for the biggest contributor to power number 3, play smart here often, up heroes and then reroll, up heroes and then reroll again, just until everything is filled in, just relax because the reroll material is intact. So the hero won’t disappear.
  5. Gloomwoods Now for gloomwods itself, don’t be trivial, the better the quality of gloomwoods, you can farm in fields with a large occupancy. It’s good for up talent, [ try to finish the Glomwoods entry in a day ].
  6. Sage Tome’s Rule Just up the sage tome skill for the main comp first, don’t do the rest.
  7. Forgotten Land’s Rule For newbies, don’t rush to swipe up FL, ushain FL is the last daily mode you play, because [ when FL is level 40 it's really good, you get shard legend resources per day ], so it’s a shame if it’s swept up too fast, just play until it lasts .

About the Tier List

Prepare for the ultimate battle against evil by searching the five major factions for the Valkyries who have inherited Eve’s soul and power, gathering legendary artifacts, engaging in strategic battles, and enjoying rewarding idle gameplay in Palmarius.

Dive Into a Mystical and Dark World

Enter a world of religion and gods, immortals and a never-ending conflict, the supernatural and the odd, corruption and purifying. Carve your exploits into legend as you participate in a conflict between the godly and the evil in this high magic, medieval world where swords and sorcery dominate.

Amass a League of Beautiful Heroes.

Assemble a team of legendary figures from all five factions. Watch and marvel as your heroes display amazing skills in stylish 2D graphics created by skilled graphic designers to immerse you in the wonder and majesty of the scene.

Release Your Heroes’ Full Potential

Play and plan your route to success in a variety of game types! Play smart, not hard. To breeze through the stages and earn the most unexpected rewards, change up your team’s composition from 5 different factions for each encounter.

Experience distinct campaigns for every hero, engage in combat on hundreds of 5v5 arenas, PVP fights, and roguelike labyrinths, and rule the Legend Archive where you can collect legendary hero shards to combine weaker heroes into stronger ones!

Single-Item Bosses Epic Relics usage

To take on great bosses, gather epic Relics. Every Relic is different in some way. Feel free to delve into the Labyrinth mode and partake in rogue-like style gameplay. It is intricately designed and made to strategically synergize with your heroes. Who knows, perhaps one of your Relics will be the difference between success and failure.

Learn Blackjack to Collect Priceless Treasures

Play a round of 21? Feed the Flowers of Evil in the Gloomwoods by rolling the dice. If you do this correctly, you can even see your flowers change color as your jewels get more and more rare. Or maybe you’d prefer something more practical. As you fight hard, plunder the Flowers of Evil and revel in the raid’s success with your allies.

Even While Idling, You Can Reap a Rain of Diamonds

When you’re worn out, give yourself a break and let the machine take over. By pressing a button, you can speed up your earnings and riches while destroying innumerable enemies.

As long as you log in daily, you’re sure to earn a deluge of diamonds! And should you feel that luck is with you, let fortune take the wheel as you draw ten heroes or items at a time! Eventually, everyone wins.

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